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3 member committee –eastern region: report dated 23rd Jan 2006  


S.C Order

3 member committee observations / remarks / reco

Suggestion / Response

Remarks / explanation



We do not approve of the principle that all major, trunk and arterial roads should automatically be excluded from hawking zones. The committee will also be entitled to examine, on receipt of a proposal whether hawking can be permitted on such roads. If without too much hindrance to vehicular and pedestrian traffic hawking can be permitted, it must be so permitted


where there are footpaths on both sides of the road, or the road is wide enough (?) despite parking and flow of traffic, hawkers can be accommodated without causing hindrance to flow of traffic.


How to ensure that hindrance is not caused?




Holy places

There should be no hawking within 100 meters from any place of worship. However outside places of worship hawkers can be permitted to sell items required by the devotees for offering to the deity or for placing in the place of worship e.g. flowers, sandalwood, candles, agarbattis, coconuts etc.;

Suggests that any type of hawker be permitted within 100 m of temples at Ganesh Mandir Road , Vikhroli east, as there is space available, and only those hawkers selling flowers and worship material be permitted within 50 m of the shrine

The rule is applicable equally to all – cannot have case-wise exemptions / relaxations of rule. If the residents / users of that particular area want and need the hawkers to be there specifically, must integrate them within their premises, and they must be off the public street and footpath.(Basic premise: hawkers desire to be in a particular place must match the users / occupiers need and acceptance of the same.)




There should be no hawking within 100 meters from any hospitals. 

It was observed that hospitals function not on the ground floor but on the first floor upwards. The ground floor of such hospital premises is generally occupied by chemist and other shop-keepers. Committee therefore considered that hospitals should not be given protection by disallowing the hawkers near such hospitals.

- All hospitals function on the ground floor – out-patient department, etc.

- ground floor and entrance area must be free for entrance of vehicles bringing in patients, ambulances, supplies, etc.

- a lot of pedestrian traffic occurs at the ground floor – hence no further congestion desirable

- areas in and around hospitals must be quiet and clean – hence hawkers cannot be permitted in that area.


- Can’t understand this suggestion of the Committee and its rationale

- does it cover all hospitals – government and private, and what about smaller units like nursing homes, clinics, etc?


Educational Institutions

There should be no hawking within 100 meters from  educational institutions

Permission to hawk near schools and colleges after 6:00 pm when the institutions are shut





There should be no hawking within 150 meters from any municipal or other markets

150 m prohibited as specified by SC




Railway stations

There should be no hawking within 150 meters from any railway station.

a) What is to be done about existing licensed stalls who are in the 150 m prohibited area?


b) newspaper vendors – between 6 am and 9 am – have requested that they be permitted in the prohibited area

a) 2 options: remove – they stand in line with others as equal

Rehabilitate – as and where space is available – size will be 1m X 1m only.

b) newspaper vendors are there throughout the day – afternoon and evening papers as well as magazines – each railway station has authorised newspaper kiosks on concourse as well as platforms – hence no need for exemption




4 pitches of 1m X 1m are clustered together and is a 1m gap between 2 clusters of pitches. This provides easy access to the shops behind the pitches.

Since no platform or structure is permitted, the obstruction of view of shops behind is prohibited.




Licence Scheme

- Breach of rules on complaint of citizen will lead to permanent revoking of licence, plus punishment of regulating BMC official.

- proposed scheme will work if  public mind is to be vigilant enough to complain against any breach

- proposed scheme will work if responsibility for ensuring compliance is fixed with a particular MCGM officer.




Specific Suggestions

1. Drains to be covered so that hawker pitches occupy the extreme side of the road.






2. Toilets for hawkers to be constructed to avoid nuisance in the area.

3. Clearing of hawking zones at night and removal of garbage.






4. Suggest that portable stands of 2 feet height be permitted that are removed after 10 pm – to facilitate temporary storage at night, and to keep goods off the floor.

1. Drain covering cannot be undertaken specifically for hawker pitches. Width of road (as existing) should be determining factor in declaring hawking zone and hawking pitches – and the space available should not depend on future / additional work to be done by BMC / any Govt. agency.

2. New toilets cannot be constructed specifically for hawking zones – will need to examine on a case –wise basis.

3. The hawkers of a particular zone will be collectively responsible for the clearing and cleaning up of that area, including removing all goods, waste, etc. BMC will provide community bins for the hawkers and clear the same at specified times.

4. May be permitted, but all stands, goods, storage, waste, remains and debris must be cleared by 10 pm – the areas will be swept and washed clean thereafter.




Roads with heavy traffic are no hawking areas





No footpath means no hawking zone. ( Jawahar Road, N -Ward)





Have given a separate list of 35 road that are no hawking zones

For pitches only, it is assumed, and not for roving?













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