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    Even while the Supreme Court hearing on Mumbai hawkers is going on (next date Jan 30), to remove hawkers from non-hawking zones (especially where there are new encroachments), you could do the following:
- lodge a complaint by phoning 1916
- lodge a complaint online also via (as the Online Complaint link in is difficult to locate)
- lodge a complaint also in writing to the Ward office (Ward addresses are in
The same complaint should be lodged by as many people as possible and preferably by a 'group' e.g. a CHS, ALM, etc.
When a group complains, BMC and the police are more likely to respond quickly and positively.
It is important to note that if such complaints are not resolved by the Ward, the policy states that automatic action will be taken against the Ward Officer.
So we must overcome the feeling that we all have that there is no use of complaining and we must actually flood the system with genuine complaints and helpful suggestions. Only then can complaints percolate to the top in BMC and these officials can then make the system work.
Seriously, make it a practice for a month to lodge a complaint daily via Praja ! 


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