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Hawkers new points in the recommendations: 2-06-06


  1. Temporary Hawking areas: to allow a restricted number of roving hawkers to stop and sell at fixed times and fixed locations in each Ward / local areas such areas are called temporary hawking areas.
  2. Carrying capacity: The number of permitted hawkers in temporary hawking areas, (or other areas such as hawkers plaza, weekly bazaar, etc.) is directly linked to the carrying capacity of that local area.
  3. Implementation and Monitoring through 2-tier broad based Committees: A City Hawker Committee and 24 Ward Hawker Committees will oversee the implementation of the scheme for hawkers. These committees will:
    • draw up detailed specifications for hawkers under the broad guidelines
    • receive and allot licences to hawkers under the stated schemes
    • receive and take action on complaints, suggestions, feedback regarding the implementation of the scheme
    • undertake a yearly review of the scheme and its implementation
  4. Other Mechanisms for hawking: 5 methods (other than on-street hawking in pitches) suggested to accommodate greater number of hawkers:

i)                    hawkers plazas

ii)                   weekly markets

iii)                 theme based markets / khau gallis

iv)                 daily licences

v)                  mobile shops

  1. Licences:  Licence mechanismspecified:

i)                    eligibility for licences

ii)                   conditions of the licence

iii)                 procedure of allotment

  1. Role of the Local Area Citizen Group: LACGs included in the 24 Ward Hawker Committees.
  2. Role of the Hawkers Committees: to involve all stake-holders and enable effective implementation of the scheme
  3. Limiting number of licences and number of on-street hawkers:
  4. Vehicular regulations suggested: In congested areas, (e.g.: outside stations), vehicular regulations also recommended to reduce congestion.
  5. Long Term plans: Apart from the immediate implementation of the scheme for hawkers, several long term plans to be undertaken such as developing markets plots, including areas for hawkers in new developments, etc. 

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