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Hawkers are created maily because of two reasons, irrational economic policies and non-implementation of existing laws. For both the reasons, corrupt politicians and public servants are responsible. In 1985, Mumbai High Court had directed the BMC to regulate hawking and no-hawking but for BMC regulating means to allow more and more hawkers on every space and it continues unabatted. Hawkers underweigh their goods and frequent fights are seen between them and buyers.

Malad has turned Hawkers' Paradise as all govt. agencies have disregarded the Supreme Court Order even on purely no-hawking zones. Only by visiting this place one will realise as to how gravest damage is done to public interests by the corrupt rascals in public service. Huge population/heavy traffic has created chaos as no space is left for pedestrians to walk safely. All concerned govt. depts. have failed in providing good governance. THe main law enforcing agencies, BMC & Police are silent observers to peoples' hardships and on questing them they come out with all irresponsible arguments. This makes people to believe that HAPTAS reach up to the highest level in govt. Public servants do not work with planning as it leaves very little scope for corruption. Not a single civic service is satisfactory in Malad. Assurances of good governance by BMC's Asst. Commissioner in Malad ward office have remained on paper only.

The entire scenerio raises one question as to where Mumbai is heading- to become Shanghai or Mahaslumbai ??? If lawlessness is the progress, why not construct more footover bridges along the railway tracks for more and more hawkers ?

Will all the guardians of Mumbai wake up before it is too late ? If they are helpless, Mumbai must handed over to Military for enforcing discipline.  

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