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Menace of Hawkers in DADAR .Can the Citizens do Nothing? 
        Article by Swati deshpande in TOI

   We the residedents appeal MCGM ,to see the plight of the DADAR residents ,
Our life has been made miserable by the  Hawkers in this area.They are now challenging the Citizens ? As they have "managed" the local BMC & Police officials. our ernest request to you all to bring back Mr. Chandrashekhar Rokde action. We residents are fed up,tired & frusteted,even Shivsena people are now with them,it seems. 
Hope you will something in this hour of CRISIS.
(Madhu Sawant) & others
shivaji Park ,DADAR ,Mumbai.
By Swati Deshpande/TNN

Mumbai: At Dadar, residents and traders alike are apprehensive that the 3,000 hawkers who have encroached the road outside the station are there to stay. Their fear stems from what they say is a shocking suggestion made by the threemember court appointed committee on hawking zones.

The committee headed by retired city court judge Arvind Shah, in its report to the supreme court, sought a relaxation of the 150-metre distance bar from railway stations, educational institutions, hospitals and courts. The relaxation, it said would “help accommodate’’ more hawkers “without causing too much disturbance to vehicular or pedestrian traffic’’. The condition was first imposed by the apex court itself in its landmark verdict on dealing with thousands of hawkers in the city.

The supreme court judgment of December 9, 2003, demarcating hawking zones, has not yet been implemented and the city’s patience is wearing thin. For traders in Dadar, the situation has “already worsened.’’ “We have not even been heard by the committee despite making at least 400 calls to its office,’’ said Sunil Shah, secretary of the Dadar Merchant Association. Damji Savla, another member who has seen the hawkers rise in number each year told TOI: “The police, BMC and the government all lack the will. If a few hawkers are fined Rs 10,000 for release of seized goods as is the legal charge, it would act as a deterrent to others. The hawkers know nothing will happen to them if they grease a few palms.’’

Shah and other merchants, however, are not willing to sit quietly. It’s not just that fewer people are stopping by at their stores, they feel Dadar has lost its charm thanks to the hawkers. “The traffic has gone for a toss and unhygienic conditions
mean people cannot shop leisurely.’’

Sample this, only two roads in the F/north ward has been listed as hawking zones. But the five main roads, which are clearly non-hawking zones, are overrun by hawkers jostling for space and spilling onto and occupying one-third of the roads. At Chabildas Marg under Tilak bridge, hawkers sit in three rows selling flowers and vegetables, on Ranade Road, its clothes, veggies and other knicknacks, D’Silva Road again has vegetable sellers, M C Jawale Road near Kabutar Khana and N C Kelkar Marg are all hawking hangouts.

Meanwhile, the seven-story hawkers plaza built to accommodate around 1,500 hawkers has no takers. Only 10% of hawkers are licensed said Savla and they usually sub-let their stalls to others. And though the residents and traders praise the local ward officer they blame the police and the local politicians for the “hopeless’’ situation they are in.

Sena to the rescue?

The latest move to help hawkers work in a “regulated’’ manner comes from Shiv Sainik Baban Chavan alias Rao, who runs the Shiv Sena-sponsored Dadar Hawkers Association. He has distributed forms to hawkers with a list of dos and don’ts that they need to follow. For instance the hawkers have to agree to abide by all decisions taken on their behalf by the Sena association. They ironically also agree not to encroach the footpath or to obstruct the shops outside which they park themselves. Most importantly the hawkers have to promise not to go against the Sena-run organisation “ever’’. Many such forms are being distributed right now and the Sainiks say this is only way the problem can be tackled.


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