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Now, hawkers to get licence to rove

BMC, which has only 23,000 hawking spots for 3 lakh hawkers, has come up
with the idea of roving hawkers who will be allowed to move around in a
designated area

    The city may be demarcated into hawking and non-hawking zones, but it
turns out only 23,000 of Mumbai's 3 lakh hawkers have been allotted space
under the plan.

    The BMC was left with 2.77 lakh protesting hawkers on its hands and has
now come up with an idea to keep everyone happy - the 'roving hawker'.

    A roving hawker can move around a permitted area to sell his wares and
won't need to set up shop in any particular area.

    The BMC is in the process of drawing up a list of conditions for the
roving hawking licence. One will be that the hawker should have a domicile
certificate and should have done business for at least 10 years on the
streets. Other conditions will be drawn up eventually, said an officer from
the concerned department. He added that after the conditions are drawn up
and a petition is ready, the BMC will submit it to the Supreme Court and the
court's verdict will be implemented.


    As per the SC's suggestion, the BMC had appointed a three-man committee
to demarcate hawking zones for the city, eastern suburbs and western
suburbs. The committees were headed by retired justice A Shah, retired city
civil judge Joshi and retired city civil judge Ghare, respectively.

    The three committees finally suggested 250 roads all over Mumbai for
hawking and submitted a report to the SC, which sanctioned the demarcation.

    However, it turned out that only 23,000 pitches (the space on a road
where hawkers can sell) and 3 lakh hawkers.


City: 97 roads, 6203 pitches Eastern suburbs: 97 roads, 13,737 pitches
Western suburbs: 56 roads, 3060 pitches



1. Dalal Street north footpath opposite Bhupen Chamber near Stock Exchange
Bldg. 2. Dr D N Road westside footpath from Empire Restaurant up to American
Express Bank footpath

    F (south) -Ward

SS Rao, (east side) from Rajkamal Marg up to Amar Tea Company Saibaba Road

    G (south) -ward T H Kataria Road, from L J Road to Manmala Tank Road Jn,
Mogul Lane both sides

    H (West) -ward

Turner Road, 250 metres from the railway station from Junction, Off Navpada
Road to Sadhu Vaswani Garden (east side).

    K (West) -Ward

Sher-e-Punjab Road north of the Sher-e-Punjab Colony Road from BSES Quarters
to Priti Apartment (cross road)

Publication:Mumbai Mirror;  Date:May 30, 2006;  Section:City;  Page Number:4

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