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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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the various issues involved 

Characteristics of Hawking

  1. Types of Hawkers / traders and extent and type of problems faced and actors involved in resolution
  2. Locations issues
  3. Permanent hawking locations, temporary hawking locations,
  4. Access: Who gets easy access; who supports them to get access to locations;
  5. History of hawking in that location
  6. Support structures: Party level, local politician, local leaders
  7. The real economics of hawking: Bribes, finance, perceptions of consumers, applications of fundamental rights (Right to livelihood, right to work, National level policy, impact of new traffic management)

Legal, Regulatory, Planning, ground level management issues:

  1. Varied regulatory forms
  2. Impact of law,
  3. Police manual and traffic police
  4. Town planning and development Authority regulations, (Urban planning: Land use, zoning, and development regulations)
  5. Municipal procedures and act
  6. Local street level management


 List of 625 Advance Locality Management Groups (ALMs) in Mumbai

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