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This section contains the following:
  - details of a new group being formed 
  - rules, policies, procedures, research papers, etc.
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others
- MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting

Date in brackets is the date of posting

 - BMC: Number of licensed hawkers u/s 313(A)(B) upto 31 Dec 2005 (11 Jan 06) 
 Maps of hawking zones submitted to Supreme Court by BMC on 26 Aug 2005
 -  L  ward (pdf)
 -  M (E) ward (pdf)
 -  M (W) ward (pdf)
 -  N ward (pdf)
 -  S ward (pdf)
 -  T ward (pdf)
Proposed finalized hawking zone roads of city dt. 26 July 05  (3 Feb 06)
- Proposed hawking zones in D ward (pdf) (3 Feb 06)
 - Survey of hawkers in D ward (hawking and non-hawking zone) (pdf) (3 Feb 06)
  - Mumbai to have 8,000 more hawkers soon, Oct 2003
 - Roads in eastern suburbs declared as hawking zones by MCGM dt. 23 Jan 06 (pdf) (7 Feb 06)

Hawkers Rules / Policies / Court Orders / Bills: 

 -The way to deal with all civic problems incl. hawkers encroachments (27 Jan 2006)
 - Format of complaint against Ward Officer, for failure to remove illegal Hawkers (16 Jan 06)
  - National Policy on Street Vendors 2004 (11 Jan 06)
BMC's comments to Mantralaya on final policy dt. 12 Sept 2005 (pdf) (28 Jan 06)
     - BMC's comments to Mantralaya on draft policy dt. 10 Oct 2003 (pdf) (31 Jan 06 ) 
 - The Supreme Court of India order for Hawkers on 9th December 2003 (11 Jan 06)     
      - SC rejects hawkers' plea on size of stalls as on 30/11/05, TOI (16 Jan 06)
 - Supreme Court Appeal no. 4156-4157/2002 of Maharashtra Ekta Hawkers Union (MEHU) Vs. MCGM
     - Supreme Court's Order on 27-9-2005
     - Supreme Court's Order on 1-4-2005
     - Supreme Court's Order on  30-7-2004
  - The Application by Urban Street Vendors Lok Seva Kendra to the Chief Justice of India for impleadment / intervention in matter of MEHU v/s MCGM - Civil Appeal no. 4156 - 4157 / 2002
Supreme Court decisions on Delhi's Street Vendor dt. 1989 & 1992
  - Legal Provisions on hawking
  - Street Vending And Laws
Various hawkers Policies from 1998 to 2002

Other Rules / Policies / Court Orders / Bills:

 - The unorganized Sector Workers' Social Security Bill 2005 (pdf)
     - CCS's Commements on draft Unorganised Sector Social Security Bill 2005 (pdf)
     - Self-employed sidelined in Unorganised Workers Bill- The Hindu, Sept 2005
     - CCS's Comments on unorganized Sector Workers' Bill 2004 (pdf) 
  - Unorganised Sector Workers (Conditions of Work & Livelihood Promotion) Bill, 2005 (Draft) (pdf) 
  - Food Safety and Strandard Bill 2005  (pdf) 
      - Soon, your vegetable hawker may be graded - The Hindu Business Line, sept 2005
       - Presentation: by Vijay Sardana on Food Safety and Standards Bill 2005  (ppt)
Organizations & NGOs: 
 - Asian Regional Workshop on Street Vendors Held in India, Feb 2002
 - Associations / organisations for hawkers in Mumbai
 - Non-Mumbai Associations / organisations for hawkers


Policies for hawkers / hawking in other countries: 


 - Handbook proposing side walk vending program - Los Angeles, USA (pdf)

 - Recommendations for Improving the Regulations on Street Vending in New York City (pdf)

 - Street Vendors, Modernity and Postmodernity: Conflict and Compromise in the Global Economy- New York


 - Re-evaluating Street Vendors in Asian Cities and Asian Urbanism Sept 2005 (pdf)

 - Street Vendors in Asia Jun 2005 (pdf)

 - Focus on Street Vendors in Asia

 - Women Street Vendors, Africa and Asia (pdf) 

 - Hong Kong: Policy for Hawker Control

 - A Comparison of Legal Status of Street Vendors in 10 Asian Countries


 - Report of National Street Vendors’ Workshop, Johannesburg,South Africa  Nov 2003

 - Street Traders in South Africa


 - Women and men in the informal economy a statistical picture, International Labour Organisation, 2002 (pdf)
 - Accomodating the urban informal sector in the public policy proces Open Society Institute 2003-04 (pdf)

- Emerging issues regarding hawkers
  - Problems related to hawking in India
  - Livelihood & employment issues of urban informal sector
  - Problems faced by Hawkers
  - Steering clear of icebergs - Article by Gerson da Cunha
  - The Politics of Urban Space
 - Organizing Street Vendors
 - Vendors, Police and Governance
 - Legality of Street Vendors
  - RRT Rd hawkers evicted; say they will return, Mid Day Jan 2006
  - Hawkers can't occupy Jama Masjid area, TOI Jan 2006
 - Malad is Hawkers' Paradise  (16 Jan 06) 
 - Flowers that are a thorny problem for hawkers, Mumbai Mirror Nov 2005  (16 Jan 06)  
 - All civic markets are empty as hawkers here crowd streets, Mumbai Mirror Nov 2005  (16 Jan 06) 
 - Who decides Mumbai’s non-hawking zones?, Jun 2005
 - Hawkers' novel idea: a books-only zone, Mid Day May, 2005
  - Delhi street food vendors benchmark good health practices and urban planning, culiblog Mar 2005
  Mumbai 2020: Dream or nightmare?, rediff news Jan 2005
 - Menace of Hawkers in DADAR .Can the Citizens do Nothing? TOI (16 Jan 06) 
 - Hawkers are back at Andheri station, Mid-day Dec 2004
 - Livelihoods : the numbers tell, India Together Mar 2004
 - Measures to streamline street food vending suggested, The Hindu Feb 2004
 - Hawkers are not a 'nuisance' - Bombay Hawkers Association's message
 - Hawking food zones has Mumbai on the boil, yahoo news Dec 2003
 - Move on hawking zones slammed (BMC's move on hawking zone ruffles feathers of civic activists), TOI Oct 2003
 - Policy on Tehbzari, Delhi, The Hindu sept 2002
  - What's Mumbai without its hawkers?, The Hindu Apr 2002
 - Targeting hawkers, Frontline, Madras Feb 2002 
 - 'Don't see hawkers as a menace' Times of India, Dec 2001
 - Government message to Mumbai:Stop demolition and punishment, TOI Dec 2001
  - Memorandum submitted on behalf of street vendors, India Together Oct 2001
  - Institutional finance for vendors mooted, The Hindu Business Line May 2001
 - Interview: With a hawker by Arbind Singh - NASVI Co-ordinator
 - Street Vendors exploitation by the State (pdf)
 - 'Do Tokri Ki Jagah", Labour File Nov 1998
  - Legal Status of Street Vendors, Labour File Nov 1998
  - Trampling over Footpath, Indian Express Spet 1998
  - Hawkers' woes find voice in print, Indian Express Jan 1998
 - Street Vendors: Exploitation by the State
 - Perception of Customers regarding hawkers 

  - Mumbai: An overview of informal sector
  - INDIA - Don't see hawkers as a menace
  - An Interview with Ela R. Bhatt, the ‘founder’ of the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)
  - Synopsis of important Supreme court orders and articles regarding solutions to the issues related to hawking
  - various perceptions about hawkers
  - Perceptions of various stakeholders about the city and hawkers
  - Citizens to decide Hawking Zones in Mumbai, TOI article
  - Legality of Street Vending, TOI article
 - Synopsis of Newspaper Articles on Street Vendors

  - Hawkers stand their ground at Bandra

 - Mumbai has three lakh hawkers DNA, Oct 2005 (Jan 06)

 - Hawkers And Rickshaw Pullers of Delhi pay Rs. 40 cr bribes monthly infochange, Jun 2005 (16 Jan 06) 

 - MANUSHI, Hawker Market project in Delhi, Mar - 2003

 - Report of National Workshop on the Strategic Approach to Job Creation in the Urban Informal Sector in India
 - Hawkers: Now, choose your own friendly neighbourhood paanwallah (10 Feb 06) 

Books / Publications: 
  - Publications: Street Vendors and Urban Policies, WIEGO  
- List of Reference books on hawkers by

Data of various cities: 
 - Facts about street vendors

Policy Framework discussions: 
 - Various issues involved

Views and Suggestions:
 - How to tackle the "Hawkers & illegal Slums & Traffic Jams" problem in Mumbai-A simple method (16 Jan 06)
 - Need to get corporates into the loop, Sucheta Dalal Jan 2002

People Involved
- NGO Council Community Group Members - Join
    - Meetings / Agenda / Minutes 
      -  January meetings schedule with BMC 
Meetings with BMC-NGOs-Citizens on hawkers on Wednesday, 25 Jan at 5 pm
       - Minutes of Jan 25 meeting (27 Jan 06)

- NGO Council Working Group - Join 

- NGO Council Core Group 

- BMC Officials


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