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This section contains the following:
  - details of a new group being formed 
  - rules, policies, procedures, research papers, etc.
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others
- MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting

Date in brackets is the date of posting 



 Maps of hawking zones submitted to Supreme Court by BMC on 26 Aug 2005
-  L  ward (pdf)
 -  M (E) ward (pdf)
 -  M (W) ward (pdf)
 -  N ward (pdf)
 -  S ward (pdf)
 -  T ward (pdf)

Proposed finalized hawking zone roads of city dt. 26 July 05  (3 Feb 06)
- Proposed hawking zones in D ward (pdf) (3 Feb 06)
 - Survey of hawkers in D ward (hawking and non-hawking zone) (pdf) (3 Feb 06)
 - Roads in eastern suburbs declared as hawking zones by MCGM dt. 23 Jan 06 (pdf) (7 Feb 06) 



Hawkers Rules / Policies

  - National Policy on Street Vendors 2004 (Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation) (11 Jan 06)
  - Comment 1: National Policy on Street Vendors 2004 (17 Feb 06)
  - BMC's comments to Mantralaya on final policy dt. 12 Sept 2005 (pdf) (28 Jan 06)
  - BMC's comments to Mantralaya on draft policy dt. 10 Oct 2003 (pdf) (31 Jan 06 ) 






Policies for hawkers / hawking in other countries: 


 - Handbook proposing side walk vending program - Los Angeles, USA (pdf) 
 - Recommendations for Improving the Regulations on Street Vending in New York City (pdf) 
Research Paper on Street Vendors, Modernity and Postmodernity: Conflict and Compromise in the Global Economy


 - Re-evaluating Street Vendors in Asian Cities and Asian Urbanism Sept 2005 (by Atsushi Deguchi, Dept. of Architecture and Urban Design , Japan ) (pdf)
 - Street Vendors in Asia Jun 2005 (A Research paper by Sharit K Bhowmik  in the Economic and Political Weekly)  (pdf) 
 - Focus on Street Vendors in Asia (from
 - Women Street Vendors, Africa and Asia (A SEEDS pamphlet supported by Population Council) (pdf)  
 - Hong Kong: Policy for Hawker Control (File not found) 
 - A Comparison of Legal Status of Street Vendors in 10 Asian Countries (from


 - Report of National Street Vendors’ Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa (organised by ILO and StreetNet) Nov 2003
 - Street Traders in South Africa (A research paper published in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 2000)



 - Women and men in the informal economy a statistical picture, International Labour Organisation, 2002 (pdf)
 - Accommodating the urban informal sector in the public policy process (Open Society Institute 2003-04) (pdf) 


Articles / Views / Papers:   

Issues at hand:

- Legal Provisions on hawking in India (Summary)
- Supreme Court decisions on Delhi's Street Vendor dt. 1989 & 1992 (Article by NASVI coordinator)
- SC rejects hawkers' plea on size of stalls as on 30/11/05, TOI (16 Jan.2006)
- Report of National Workshop on the Strategic Approach to Job Creation in the Urban
  Informal Sector in India
Feb. 2000

Synopsis of Newspaper Articles on Street Vendors (from CED Doc. Centre)
Perceptions of various stakeholders about the city and hawkers (Renana Jhabvala)
A raw deal? (Sharit K. Bhowmik - coordinator of the study initiated by NASVI on hawkers)
 - Don't see hawkers as a menace (Times of India Dec. 2001)
 - Perception of Customers regarding hawkers (NASVI)

Street Vendors: Exploitation by the State (by Shailly Arora & Aoneha Tagore, CCS)
Livelihoods : the numbers tell, (Safia Sircar, India Together Mar 2004)
Emerging issues regarding hawkers (from CED Doc. Centre)
Problems related to hawking in India (Seminar Special Issue on Street Vendors – 2000)
Livelihood & employment issues of urban informal sector (from CED Doc. Centre)
Problems faced by Hawkers (from CED Doc. Centre)
Legality of Street Vendors
The Politics of Urban Space
Organizing Street Vendors

Scenario in Indian cities


- Mumbai to have 8,000 more hawkers soon, Oct 2003
- Mumbai has three lakh hawkers DNA, Oct 2005 
Hawkers: Now, choose your own friendly neighbourhood pnwallah (DNA Feb.2006)
- Hawkers stand their ground at Bandra (DNA, Feb.2006)

- Legality of Street Vending, TOI article
- Citizens to decide Hawking Zones in Mumbai, TOI article
- Synopsis of important Supreme court orders and articles regarding solutions to the issues
  related to hawking
(from CED Doc. Centre)

Hawkers' woes find voice in print, Indian Express Jan 1998
Government message to Mumbai:Stop demolition and punishment, TOI Dec 2001
- What's Mumbai without its hawkers?, The Hindu Apr 2002
- Move on hawking zones slammed (BMC's move on hawking zone ruffles feathers of civic activists), TOI Oct 2003
- Targeting hawkers, Frontline, Madras Feb 2002 
 Hawkers are not a 'nuisance' - Bombay Hawkers Association's message
 Hawkers are back at Andheri station, Mid-day Dec 2004
 Mumbai 2020: Dream or nightmare?, Rediff news Jan 2005
Menace of Hawkers in DADAR .Can the Citizens do Nothing? TOI (16 Jan 06) 
Hawking food zones has Mumbai on the boil, Yahoo news Dec 2003
Mumbai: An overview of informal sector (NASVI)
- Hawkers' novel idea: a books-only zone, Mid Day May, 2005 

Malad is Hawkers' Paradise (Navin Pandya, Society and You) (16 Jan 06) 
Flowers that are a thorny problem for hawkers, Mumbai Mirror Nov 2005  (16 Jan 06)  
All civic markets are empty as hawkers here crowd streets, Mumbai Mirror Nov 2005  (16 Jan 06)
RRT Rd hawkers evicted; say they will return, Mid Day Jan 2006
Steering clear of icebergs – (Gerson da Cunha in Seminar Special Issue on Street Vendors, 2000) 
- Who decides Mumbai’s non-hawking zones?, Jun 2005


- Hawkers And Rickshaw Pullers of Delhi pay Rs. 40 cr bribes monthly (Rashmi Sehgal, Info
  Change News and Features) Jun 2005

- Hawkers can't occupy Jama Masjid area, TOI Jan 2006 
- Policy on Tehbzari, Delhi, The Hindu Sept 2002


Measures to streamline street food vending suggested, The Hindu Feb 2004

Efforts of NGOs towards the cause 
MANUSHI, Hawker Market model project in Delhi, Mar - 2003
Memorandum submitted to the Lt.Governor, Delhi on behalf of street vendors, India
  Together Oct 2001

An Interview with Ela R. Bhatt, the ‘founder’ of the Self-Employed Women’s Association
  (SEWA) from Seminar Special Issue on Street Vendors, 2000
Institutional finance for vendors mooted, The Hindu Business Line May 2001

Legal Matters
Legal Status of Street Vendors, (Rani Advani - Labour File) Nov 1998
-'Do Tokri Ki Jagah" (The Resolution moved in Parliament by Ela Bhatt), Labour File Nov 1998
Vendors, Police and Governance (Amod K.Kanth, from Seminar Special Issue on Street
  Vendors, 2000)

 Case Studies
Interview: With a hawker by Arbind Singh - NASVI Co-ordinator   



Data of various cities in India: 
 - Facts about street vendors (from Seminar Special Issue on Street Vendors, 2000)  


Policy Framework discussions by NGO Council: 
 - Various issues involved   



People Involved
- NGO Council Community Group Members - Join
    - Meetings / Agenda / Minutes 
      -  January meetings schedule with BMC 
Meetings with BMC-NGOs-Citizens on hawkers on Wednesday, 25 Jan at 5 pm
       - Minutes of Jan 25 meeting (27 Jan 06)

- NGO Council Working Group - Join 

- NGO Council Core Group 

- BMC Officials


Do you need Information / Clarification / Support from NGO's or BMC, fill the form below
Organisation: (if any)

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