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  tree transplantations.

i was happy to see that about 20 % of huge trees uprooted after leaving mere trunks and replanted with huge cranes during summer
on pune ahmednagar highway have survived. 

new trees have been planted and the road is simply a dream road. they charge 28 rupees toll tax but it is worth as you save lot of

one thing that strikes is some trees can survive transplantation even in summer months even if their branches are cut from trunk.
rain water trees at prabhadevi were to be replanted in similar fashion but friends of trees did not allow.

several trees on western express highway need to be similarly transplanted. if done carefully, the survival rate appears

one more thing noticed was that after trees are pruned, the new foliage is healthy and green. particularly in gulmohur trees, my
experiance has been that even if trees is made munda just after first rain, new branches with abundant foliage results within 3
months and by next summer the tree is in full bloom with new branches, healthy foliage and flowers.

is there any expert on this board who can comment on how to look after our trees at mumbai to render them health by removing
infections by worms like white ants, borers, bacteria, etc and give them new lease of healthy life. trees that are not pruned to
decent height, often become victims of rain and wind during monsoon. we must take proper sceintific care of trees and keep
planting new saplings each year. 


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