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so what if trees are to be cut? 

if for every tree that is sacrificed, three new trees are planted and maintained, i think nothing wrong in removing trees that come in the way of roads. 

it was painful to note that two rain trees were protected at prabhadevi by irate so called tree lovers. they were denuded to stumps and they have developed good foliage. they could have been easilly transplanted by tree authority and road opened for traffic.

so called friends of trees are not knowledgable that trees need pruning and can be transplanted. i have yet to come across a friend of trees who is knowledgable about plantations and who has planted ONE TREE and maintained it. it is fashion to protest against tree cutting.

we must remember that sea breeze brings in fresh oxygen to mumbai and not old trees. that tremendous amount of denudation is taking place for wood in jungles not far from mumbai. no one is bothered for them but like to agitate for prabhadevi rain trees - without
having much  knowledge of forestry and tree keeping. in mahableshwar, bombay evironmental group detected slaughter of hundreds of trees for housing project.

pune ahmednagar road widening had to remove over a thousnd trees but some of them have taken up ( about 10 % ) after replantation. rest have died but road authority will have to plant 3000 trees there for which i would like friends of trees to pressurise

we have to see that not only number of trees increases, but young and new new trees number increases. it is also essential to trim
old trees at height above 12 feet ( just leave trunk ) before monsoon so that they develop new branches and foliage. they will
not die.

unless trees are pruned once a year, they grow haphazardly and their foliage is sickly and useless in .

lust like lawn moving, trees pruning is scientific way of keeping  trees healthy and useful in making oxygen available through new
foliage - where old branches fail.


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Oct 24, 2005

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