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Mrs. Rekha Vijay  Ajgaonkar,
Advance Locality Management (ALM),
Veera Desai Rd.)
            A-10, Aparna, Veera Desai Road,
                    Andheri (West),
                    Mumbai 400 058.

The Municipal Commissioner,
Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika,
Mumbai Palika Building,
C.S.T. Mumbai - 400 001.

                        January 26, 2005.

Dear Sir,

Saving the fully grown trees while widening the Veera Desai Road by MMRDA.

It is painful to know that about 120 fully grown up trees are expected to be hacked for widening Veera Desai Road.   These trees provide good shade, attract different birds and certainly help in keeping down pollution in our area.   The trees are indeed pride of Veera Desai Road.

The residents are not against widening the road - this is no doubt a need of the hour.  However, we would wish you to explore possibilities of saving the trees while widening the road.  We appreciate that, knowing the earlier experience, re-plantation benefits only the contractors.  May we therefore give two practical suggestions?

1)    Modification of road design.  It is understood that trees lining up the eastern side of the Road are likely to face an axe.  If so, a minor modification in the plan could help save the trees. 
i)       Divide the eastern side in two lanes - the first lane would adjoin the footpath and would be relatively smaller, earmarked for two and three wheelers.  The first lane would be followed by a space left for the existing trees.  The second lane would adjoin this space and would be reserved for four wheelers.

To make it convenient to accommodate bus stops and for buses to stop, the space in between two trees could be narrowed at the desired spots - please have look at the drawing appended to the letter.

ii)    If it is felt that, as a consequence, the space on the eastern side of the road would be comparatively smaller, the space on the western side could be adjusted accordingly.

2)   Planting of new trees:   No doubt, you would be planting new trees if saving of the existing trees is not possible.  Could you consider the possibility of planting relatively grown up trees, nurtured by nurseries? This would help accelerate greening up the road.

Yours sincerely,

(Rekha Ajgaonkar)

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner