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This section contains the following:
  - details of a new group being formed 
  - rules, policies, procedures, research papers, etc.
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others
- MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting
Public Garden Matter - Veer Savarkar Udyan (Borivli) : Feb 2007
by Meera Sadanand Kamath

People Involved
- NGO Council Community Group Members - Join
    - Meetings / Agenda / Minutes 
     -  January meetings schedule with BMC 
Jan 10: Agenda: Gardens and Trees - BMC - NGO - Citizen Meeting  
     -  Jan 10: BMC- NGO meeting reg. Gardens - 3:30 pm 
          - Response 1 by Sunil Badami 
          - Response 2 by Kisan Mehta  &  Priya Salvi 
          - Response 3 Gardens: how TDR works 
          - Transcription of BMC - Citizen Jan 10 mtg - gardens & trees
          - Minutes of Jan 10 BMC - Citizen meeting on Gardens & Trees

- NGO Council Working Group - Join 

- NGO Council Core Group 

- BMC Officials
- Contact details of 14 corporator members of Tree Authority (pdf)  (Marathi)
- Contact details of 10 nominated member of Tree Authority (Marathi)
  (If you want to be nominated, please email your profile)



10 Organisations working for gardens, trees and public spaces
34 Organisations working for environment (nature)  
Adopt a Garden / Road Divider / Playground / Traffic Island (locations & procedures)

- Information regarding plots given for adoption in City / WS / ES , list of  Horticulturists, Information regarding supply of RHE / CDM, 24 plots to be developed in 2006-07
- MCGM list of Gardens / Recreation Grounds / Play Grounds available for adoption (pdf)  
- MCGM circular dtd. 8/5/02 on development and maintenance of gardens / recreation grounds / traffic islands through sponsors on adoption basis (pdf) 
- Comparative table indicating features of earlier & revised proposal for gardens / playgrounds / recreation areas / park (pdf)  
- List of reservation Areas / Revised proposal regarding RG / PG / Gardens / Park adoptions / Policy guidelines for allowing private development of public spaces (pdf) 

About the Garden Department

- Responsibilities of Garden Dept. (pdf) (Marathi)
- Statistics of Garden Dept.  

- Tender Notice for Census of trees published in various newspapers on 25 April 2006
- Tender for census of existing trees upon all lands with in Municipal Jurisdiction
- Topographical survey for Tulsi, Vihar and Powai Dam dt.19 April 2006 

Rules, Policies, Procedures
- The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act 1975 (as modified upto 9 June 2004) (pdf) 
- The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act 1975  (old Act)
          - Suggested amendments in Tree Act 
- MCGM guidelines for planting and maintenance of trees including list of trees suitable for Mumbai  (Marathi)
- MCGM circular for the provision for insisting arrangement for rain water harvesting (pdf)  
- MCGM guidelines for provision of flowerpots on footpaths (pdf)  
Proposals by Citizens

- Rotary's Apna Parisar  
          - Rotary's Apna Parisar Roadmap 
          - Rotarians in charge of trees  



NOC format of the Tree Authority for:
- Cutting / transplanting of trees (pdf)  
- Widening and Construction of roads/bridges/naka, etc  (pdf)  
- Getting Occupation Certificate (pdf) 

- How MMRDA transplants trees (pdf) 
- A report of Tree Plantation in Greater Mumbai - An article from BMC Patrika, July 2003 Issue  
- Ward wise summary of the Tree Census of Greater Mumbai - BMC Patrika, July 2003 Issue  
- Urban Road Trees - An article by Shri. H.A. Raje, Horticulturist, Member of Tree Authority M.C.G.M (pdf) 

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