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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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The Swachha Mumbai Samiti (Clean Mumbai Committee) instituted by the Mayor will meet monthly to review the progress of the implementation of the BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006. The entire set of these Rules is in .

Shri Rajeev, Additional Municipal Commissioner (City), who is in charge of Solid Waste Management has asked the NGO Council to collate grievances and suggestions and place them in these monthly meetings for discussion.

So please send your complaints and suggestions to:

    Shri R. A. Rajeev
  Additional Municipal Commissioner (City)
  Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai   
  BMC Annexe Building, 3rd floor
  Mahapalika Marg, Fort
  Mumbai 400001

Please mark a cc to the NGO Council and post it to us for follow-up. Our address is:

   Vinay Somani
   NGO Council, C/o Karmayog
   Shreeniwas House, 2nd floor   
  (Behind Bombay Gymkhana)   
  H. Somani Marg, Fort
  Mumbai 400001

This will give enough time for BMC to take action or explain in the meeting why action can not be taken.

Please be as specific as you can in your letter. Please give suggestions wherever possible e.g. suggest a particular time for daily collection of garbage. Please try to explain what you think are the causes for the problems e.g. a nearby eating place dumping its waste at some particular time. Please be polite. If you have complained before, please give details or attach previous letters.

BMC SWM officials claim that ALL waste is picked up at least once in a 24-hour period. If this is not happening in your area, then your area has got omitted in the Daily Waste Collection Route. Please write to BMC accordingly. All routes for the entire city were prepared at the request of the NGO Council and are displayed in for your reference

.If you find that BMC is doing its job, but citizens are dirtying the place, request BMC to send Nuisance Detectors. These NDs are employees of BMC who are authorised to fine offenders.

Shri Rajeev has instituted Enforcement Squads in every ward. Typically, cleanliness drives don't succeed because of problems created by encroachers, hawkers, etc. The Enforcement Squads comprise officers from every department. So such a problem will not happen.

Shri Rajeev has assured that BMC will do its duty. If BMC is not doing its duty, please take the trouble to inform Shri Rajeev directly.

Do note that you need to inform in writing and not by email. Papers can be actionated, not emails, in BMC.





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