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Do read “ experience the joy of giving “ and add your details via Volunteers - add your profile .

For Volunteering possibilities in orphanages & shelters, see

For Volunteering in old age homes, see

I would appreciate if you would volunteer for any of the following to increase and improve the info on
1. Interview NGOs in your area or in the category of your interest. The basic idea is to prepare a note on an NGO which makes it easy for people to have a better understanding of the NGO, it's activities, etc. I have a general set of questions and points. Writing skills are not needed. The note can be structured as in or unstructured such as a magazine article.
2. Update NGO lists of different categories which are in . Work involved would be to surf the net and to phone ngo's.
3. Compile useful data of any type in the area of your interest which could be of help to beneficiaries, donors, or ngo's.
All the work would be finally displayed so as to be accessible free of charge to anyone.
There is no time deadline for whatever work you take up.
We can pay nominal amounts esp. to cover all expenses.
Please email or phone me to discuss further.

Bombay Leprosy Project
Telephones : 091-22-2522 06 08 / 2522 30 40; Fax: 091-22-2529 6486, Cell Phone : 98213 10131
E-mail : /  Web-page: 

Dr. R. Ganapati
Director                        :  Bombay Leprosy Project
Chairman                      :  Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh, Maharashtra Branch
Vice-President              :  Society for the Eradication of Leprosy
            :  Acworth Leprosy Hospital Society for Research
               Rehabilitation and Education in Leprosy
Member                       :  WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Leprosy (1991-2000)
            :  Maharashtra State Leprosy Society

Bombay Leprosy Project welcomes needs volunteers to help this NGO, in office correspondence, computer operations, office administration, fund raising etc.

But we regret not a single person turned up actually, to volunteer their services. Such a gesture would have indeed been a service to the community and to the poor leprosy patients. If this offer were to result in some social minded persons coming to BLP and offering their services, it would have meant real benefit to the leprosy patients.  

The reasons for the failure could be that people are still afraid of leprosy patients and social stigma is strong even today preventing persons to work in a leprosy NGO. May be the society still needs awareness among the common people that leprosy is a disease like any other disease and it can be surely treated and cured. That it is not an infectious disease.

Wider awareness, through publicity in press media, on television and publicity in the community can prepare the people to mix freely with leprosy patients without any stigma. May be situation may improve gradually over a period of time.  

But until then BLP will have to carry on its services to leprosy patients without the help of so many persons who are willing to volunteer but not for Bombay Leprosy Project.

R Ganapati



ATMAVISHWAS is an organisation that was concieved with the intention of providing assistance to the Intellectually disabled or our “Special Friends” as we’d like to call them, to self actualize and provide forums wherein they can redeem their self-esteem – to be considered and consider themselves as contributing members of Society.


  • Offer dignity, Not Pity
  • Rights, Not Charity
  • Equality, Not dependence
  • Participation, Not Segregation
Towards this objective, a vocational training centre was started in Bandra(W), Mumbai on 26th August 2002 to impart training in art and craft skill sets, candlemaking & needlework. The objective of this initiative has been to ensure that the Special Friends are trained in various skills and thereafter to monitor and assist them to form their own cooperatives where they can replicate and reproduce various items and sell giving them a direct income leading to remunerative employment thus the co-operative model.

ATMAVISHWAS currently requires the following personnel :

2) Volunteers :
· To co-ordinate & implement “The Cooperative Model” as a home-based program for our “Special Friends” who have successfully completed 2 years training at Atmavishwas. A pilot project is intended to be undertaken in the Bandra(W) area.
· The co-operative is intended to be formed with involvement of parents and sensitized citizens whereby it will provide remunerative employment, community interaction and personal development.
· The co-operative is to be planned and implemented on commercial lines to generate Profit which the “Special Friends” will retain as earnings.
· The co-operative will be provided with opportunities alongwith initial handholding by Atmavishwas.

For further details contact :

Mrs Sybil da Gama - Project In-charge,
Atmavishwas-The Vocational Center,
Flat no 2, Ground Floor, Avalon,
Bandra Avalon Co-op Hsg Society,
St. Sebastian Rd.,
Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050

Tel : 26402029 (0930hrs – 1430hrs)
Mob: 9821017135 (anytime)
E – mail : 
Website :  

Vacha, a women's group in Mumbai, runs special classes for children in Municipal schools for supplementary learning. We have a daily 8 weeks summer programme for children who live in bastis and attend Municipal schools in Santacruz. The programme includes lessons in English, art, craft, music, theatre, first aid and introduction to computers. Children also read story books in regional languages from Vacha's library. Most of the children suffer from malnutrition. We try to give them some nutritive snack every day. We welcome contribution in form of buscuits, bananas, peanuts and chikki. We also need two Tamil speaking volunteers and children's story books in Tamil this year.
Kumud Shanbag
Project Office: Municipal School, Tank Lane, Behind Akbarally's, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054
Tel. 26055523            email
 Open: 10 to 6 Tuesday thru Saturday (closed on Mondays, Sundays and Bank Holidays)

location: Whole district of Thane

Service Needed: Veterinary Doctors or LSS diploma holders

Description: Should be able to represent Thane SPCA and attend calls in their respective areas on our behalf and maintain the call register. will provide all essential medicines.

Service Needed: Veterinary doctor for our Animal ambulance
Description: Volunteering at least twice a week initially, to treat stray animals at pre-fixed areas. Later to run ambulance every weekday to attend calls

Service Needed: Retd. Army Officers as Administrator and Animal Inspectors
Description: To work as administrator to develop and streamline our animal shelter and to work as Inspectors to watch, warn and prosecute cases against animal cruelty. Should be able to attend and handle cases at Magistrates court in Thane. Training will be given.
contact: Shakuntala Majumdar
phone: 9322271966
•  We are looking for volunteer who can help us in web designing.Can you connect us with someone who would be interested in such work?

Do you have list of Corporates who believe in CSR?If yes can you send us thelist with the person incharge's details.

Thans in advance for your help.
NGO : Friends of Humanist Slum Self Improvers

Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Creating Linkages, meeting NGO's, Corporates and Govt. Agencies
Geographical location: Close to your home  

Description: The plan is to improve the life of slum dwellers in Mumbai by creating linkages between slum dwellers, NGO's, Corporates and Govt. Agencies.  

Volunteers would be required to visit NGO's, Corporates and Government Agencies and link them to FHSSI and slum dwellers so that problems in the slums can be tackled in a more structured and effective manner.
Skills needed: good communication skills  

How will a volunteer benefit: overall personality development along with the satisfaction of working for the benefit of the society at large.  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes

How long will this assignment be?: Entire month of April  

Number of volunteers needed?: 20  

name: Abhishek / Ankur
cell: 9322832783 (9 am to 8 pm) 
NGO: People's relief to expensive medicines

Volunteer Opportunity: Related to health care
It can be done by phone
It can be done  from home
location: Thane and New Mumbai  

Description of Responsibility:
a) Identifying need to support
b) Collecting medicines / equipments/funds.
c)  overall Management .
d)  Website hosting.  

Description of Responsibility:
1) Discussing with Doctors
2) Arraanging Donors  

Skills needed:
1)Good communication skills.
2)Understanding of requirements
3)Converting requirements into relief.  

How will a volunteer benefit:
1)Satisfaction of helping in saving lives.
2)Opportunity to develop contacts with doctors / Hospitals /Nursing Homes.
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 120 minutes
How long will this assignment be?: Ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: 6  

name: Manoj S. Joshi
cell: 09892388460 (best time to call: Any time before 1030 hrs.)
•  SUPPORT is in urgent need of a teacher (working or retired) who can teach the students Math and Science. The teacher should be able to speak  Hindi, as he \she might have to communicate in Hindi with the residents, who are more comfortable in Hindi.

 SUPPORT (Society Undertaking Poor People's Onus For Rehabilitation)is a voluntary organisation working in the field of HIV \ AIDS and drug abuse. It mainly targets street children, homeless youth and pavement families and educates them on the ill effect of AIDS and drug abuse. It rehabilitates the ones affected with AIDS or Drug and also provides a home to children living on the streets. 

Anyone who can devote 2-3 hours atleast 3-4 days a week, please contact
Ms. Sujata Ganeja \ Mr. Prakash Kadam
Old BMC Office, 2nd floor, Next to Vakola market
Santacruz - East, Mumbai- 400055
Tel: 6162965, Fax: 6175081

For any queries contact -
Tabassum Khan, One India One People Foundation.
Tel: 23534400
•  NGO: PRAYAS-Social Work in Criminal Justice
Location: Worli & Mumbai Central, Mumbai
Type of Service Needed: Teachers for Literacy, education, art, hobbies, etc. 
Description of Service: We need teachers who can devote time to teach youth & women coming to our two rehab centres - Worli (Male Youth) & Mumbai Central (Females in the age group 18 to 35 years) so that our beneficiaries can improve their educational status & increase their employability level. 
contact person: Penny Tong
phone number: 022-23004429 / 24947156
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan needs volunteers for Fund raising thru subscriptions for our children's educational and  entertainment monthly magazine 
Can it be done by email?: yes 
Can it be done from home?: yes
Geographical location: Anywhere within Mumbai  
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: To raise funds for The Bhavan via generating annual subscriptions to our children's magazine. 
Description of Responsibility: The volunteer will have an option to do work in his locality  or work virtually or work via telephone.  
Qualifications / Skills needed: Good English preferred though not necessary  
How will a volunteer benefit: Experience of fund raising, training in marketing to children, developing entrepreneurship skills and free tips on good writing and editorial skills.  
Do you provide volunteer training?: yes
Time commitment needed: 1-2 hours
How long will this assignment be?: Ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: Around 20  
name: Hitesh Joshi
phone: work: 022-24946025 / 24931924 (best time to call: 10 am to 6 pm)
cell: 9819434917 (best time to call: Anytime) 
I am a Rotarian and take interest in social service activity and at the present moment I am trying to collect funds for giving 4 brand new computers to A GIRL STREET CHILD NGO called ANMOL at Wadala.
   Last year we had given Anmol 10 sewing machines and we are more than happy as it provides a small pocket money to all the young learners of this skill of the hand.
   I wanted to place a request if a volunteer would care to teach these kids who have no exposure to computers.
A Film Fest is being organised by Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA) and Vikalp in Mumbai from 3-5 Dec. 2004 as a part of  the Global Protest Fortnight on Violence Against Women (observed from Nov. 25. to Dec 10  all over).  The theme for this year’s campaign in India is involving young boys and men to stop violence against women.

There would be 4-5 short films per day followed by a discussion, covering topics on reconstruction of masculinity, male sexuality, gender-based violence and other gender issues. The venue is Bhupesh Gupta Bhavan, Near Ravindra Natya Mandir /Behind  Siddhivinayak Temple, Near Elphinstone Road Railway Stn (Western Rly).

We have  requested concerned film-makers to send a mini DV (preferably) or a good VHS of their films which could be shown during the fest.

Please see the draft of the schedule attached. We would need  support of a team of committed volunteers before and after the film fest. We are having a meeting of core team and volunteers at Bhupesh Gupta Bhavan, 1st Floor  on Monday 22nd 5.30 p.m. Interested persons are requested to  confirm their  participation by phoning  on Ph. 24360631  asap / email Harish Sadani:


1. Snehasadan (Andheri) requires 2 to 3 volunteers to help the children in their studies in basic Hindi on a regular basis.  People who can commit to volunteer for a long time please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on
2. Snehasadan (Andheri)  requires volunteer to help coach 3 students (Graduate, Std 10 and Std 8) in their spoken English skills, in the evenings or on weekends. If interested to volunteer please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on
3. Aashray (Bandra west) requires teachers to teach basic English to small children.  People who can commit to volunteer for a long time please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on 
Loksatta is looking for:  
1- Research associates on governance reforms
2- Volunteers
Contact: Surendra Srivastava
Telephone:: 0982 0282 620 

CEO...LN. S. K. BHATTACHARJEE......009426215334\FAX 02836-232308

Jeevan Sanvardhan Sanstha needs a volunteer as Project coordinator to do work over the phone. 
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Sanstha is arranging some projects, just want to advertise about that projects to get more response. 
Description of Responsibility: volunteer have to do contacts to organisations for our projects.
Time commitment needed: min. 1 hour per day
How long will this assignment be?: just for 1 month
Number of volunteers needed?: 50
name: harish Dixit
work direct: 9870209787,  cell: 9869420466,
The Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE) in Mumbai is looking for a number of volunteers to start work immediately on the following projects:

1. Compilation of an Environmental Services Directory for Mumbai
2. Case Study of Residential Societies / ALMs

Both projects are short-term.  The first project viz Compilation of an Environmental Services Directory for Mumbai would particularly suit anyone interested in environmental issues or even otherwise it would especially suit students who are on vacation. The volunteers will start with a list that CERE already has already developed and build on that by undertaking an internet research, making phonecalls, and having meetings to collect information.  Students and individuals who are happy to work with minimal supervision are encouraged to apply, CERE will assist them initially with the work as also re-imburse all

The second project viz Case Study of Residential Societies / ALMs is being done to locate success stories and document these. This would suit a social science/social survey/environmental studies student (or graduate) and this project could be done as a part of the student's dissertation. However non-students are also welcome to apply!

Please send an email with CV to , marking Volunteer in Subject Box.

Many thanks,
Janet Geddes

Project Co-ordinator
Rm 78, 3rd Floor
JS Seth Chowk Municipal School
Nana Chowk
Mumbai 400 007
We are planning a project  to help clean up a public park in Borivali area and restore natural beauty on a long term basis. It involves getting two or three volunteers who can be inducted in this. We have ready broad based models for this type of project and can ask our coordinators to explain the same  and provide the inputs. Volunteers who have some experience in social projects and residing in Borivali, Kandivali or Dahisar areas preferred. We will pay honararium for this.
Vijay Merchant
National Enviroplast Committee
VOICE —Voluntary Organisation In Community Enterprise  - Andheri E / W
NGO Profile Section:
Who's Who Section:
Victor and Rajashri Bansiwar tel: 26244304
- Teaching 350 street children
- Developing educational materials
- Home for 100 street girls at Virar
- Can share with other ngos our experience over the past 14 years, educational processes that we have evolved, tested and used.

We’re looking out for a volunteer to help us evolve an operational manual for VOICE to include :
- Organisational structure
- duties / functions / responsibilities of staff / volunteers
- financial forecast / budgeting for the next 5 years
We’d prefer someone with a Management/Financal Mgmt background
Thks and regards,
I am writing to you from International Resources for Fairer Trade (IRFT) a national level NGO based in Mumbai ( 
We work with Community Based Enterprises across the country and help build their capacities. 
The areas we  focus on in our intervention are 
- design and product development
- pricing and costing
- market linkages
- overall management
- organisation development
Pl feel free to contact us , if you find this work interesting. 
Arun Raste
phone 022 2823 5246/2835 2811
fax 022 2823 5245
A Balwadi at Saki Naka Pipeline Slum is run by Rotary Bombay Bandra. Gents and ladies who can spend just One Teaching Hour in a Month are needed. Other than taking one class of one hour in a month, nothing extra is demanded. Teaching Aids like blackboards, chalks, etc., and Furniture like floor mats, etc., would further aid the running of the classes. Contact: Ms. Asha, 98200 64000 or email .
Make-A-Wish Foundation -needs Volunteers 

Make-A-Wish Foundation of India has just initiated a division in Delhi and is looking out for volunteers. Those interested can call Vijayalaxmi on 9899338403


NGO: Friendicoes SECA Animal Society

Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Animal Welfare
Can it be done from home? : yes; by email

Description of Volunteer Opportunity: awareness generation for compassion towards animals, fund raising, PR, education, animal rescue, walking, etc.

Description of Responsibility: assist with PR, create education programmes, man stalls, fund raising, media, event management, handling calls, responding to letters, computerizing data base, web development, fundraising, writing, publicity

How will a volunteer benefit: Can make a real difference to the lives of animals, high satisfaction levels, gets experience.

Time commitment needed: 4 hours

How long will this assignment be?: ongoing

Number of volunteers needed?: 20
name: Bhawani Sundaram phone 51550480,  24621939,  98711 50122 (9 AM to 6 PM)
email:                         website: 


Save Bombay Committee, a public trust and NGO set up in 1973 is involved in issues of the environment protection, natural resource conservation, urban planning and development, waste management, transport, gender equality, sustainable alternatives to govt. official projects that exclude the poor, balanced regional development etc.

PAKRUTI also a public trust and NGO set up in 1988 promotes natural living and sustainable agriculture, takes campaigns, farm visits, conferences to promote organic cultivation of food and fibre as well as provides links at regional basis between farmers and consumers. Our volunteers run organic food distribution programmes in Mumbai and neighbouring areas.

We have received in the past volunteers from India and foreign countries in both organisations. We give them specific assignments that they complete in their period of stay of 3 to 6 months.

We need volunteers to help us to promote current activities as well as conduct similar activities in new centres in cooperation with us. We appreciate your support. Best wishes

Kisan Mehta, President / Priya Salvi, Hon Project Coordinator / Kajiv Bhatt, Hon Gen Secretary
Save Bombay Committee and Prakruti
620 Jame Jamshed Road, 4th Floor, Dadar East, Mumbai 400014 Tel: 2414 9688

Kisan Mehta Mob: 92234 48857

We are a Youth NGO called Kshana, our members being in the age group of 17-24. Our mission is to touch the heart and soul of people the world seems to have forgotten, to spread invaluable moments of happiness through entertainment and to brighten up their lives.

We visit various shelter homes for the underprivileged, orphanages, old age homes, etc and entertain them by having magic shows, jugglery shows, skits, interactive games, music, dance, etc for them. Kshana team    

A new literacy project involving the use of old (2-6 months old only) children's magazines is starting in Mumbai. If you can donate any such children's magazines, it can be put to good use.

This project is being planned on the lines of a similar project in the US, who have expressed support for a similar project in India. For this project itself, we require other materials like:  Availability of a computer and printer for printing labels and covering letters to children; Xeroxing facility; Facility of the use of a van / car to collect and deliver the magazines from the donors to the chldren in municipal schools; Volunteers in different areas starting with South & North Mumbai ;  A sponsor to underwrite the minimum monthly operational cost. A small working space and a storing place to work; central mumbai preferred.

Please contact: Hitesh Joshi, D-602 Rock Garden, Off Link Road, Kandarpada, Dahisar-West
Mumbai-68.  Tel. 28917500 / 9819 4349 17

The Bombay City Council for Child Welfare functions from the Tilak Hospital building in BDD Chawls. BDD chawls has a population of 10000 people. BCCCW has been operating since 52 years. It works on a shoestring budget of 25 - 30,000 rupees a month. It runs a creche, nursery, coaching class, hobby class, library, sewing class, mahila mandal, soft toy making, etc. It is an organisation not only worthy of your support but one where your support can have a huge impact.
They seek volunteers for spending time with the children in their creche.
Time: 11 - 12:30     Age group: 1.5 - 2.5 years
Time: 3:30 - 5:30     Age group: 2.5 - 4.5 years
Activities would include playing, telling stories, etc.
Pl contact Dr. Shamala Pai 98202 34388 or email 

Handmade India - run by an NGO is looking for ladies to teach crochet , knitting and mat making and other craft items. Interested ladies with knowledge and experience can call on Mrs. Hafiz on 93225 16864. 

Association for the Welfare of the Persons with a Mental Handicap in Maharashtra (AWMH).  

Kanga, AWMH’s president appeals, “We are in need of dedicated volunteers to run this centre. Anyone willing to work for four hours a week can approach our centre at Swami Brahgmanand special school at CBD Belapur. Interested parents, volunteers may contact at 27701997 or 31062072 or RAC Belapur at 27570389

AVSAR ( ) is looking to hire a Hindi tutor for our volunteers. Mainly, its coaching in basic and medical Hindi. We are looking for someone 3 times a week (Tuesday (evening), Wednesday (evening), and Saturday (morning). We are looking for someone who may have some experience teaching English speakers and is close to Sion (King's Circle) - or willing to travel. Please feel free to contact our Office Manager Usha Shankar ( Thank you, Meenakshi Verma, AVSAR,
In an effort to clean up Bandstand promenade, the Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust (BBRT) is asking for volunteers to help supervise and maintain the area. BBRT members are also looking for residents with an interest in gardening and horticulture to maintain the Lands End garden, near the Bandra Fort. Arup Sabhadikary, / Mangala Chandran.  26404713 / 26442076.

S.P.J. Sadhana School for Developmentally Handicapped (Sophia College Campus) requires:

1) housewives to assist the catering teacher in developing new recipes during weekdays.
2) someone with very good knowledge about different types of embroidery and needle work patterns to help the teacher train the students during weekdays.
3) to teach Computer Programmes such as MS Office, DTP & Photoshop during weekdays.
4) music teacher to play the organ (Yamaha) for the students, once a week.
5) to help in fund-raising.
6) Yoga teacher to come twice a week and teach yoga to the students.
7) Speech Therapist on Monday, Wednesday or/ and Friday .
8) to help man the P.C.O during weekdays along with their student.

Sr, E. Gaitonde, Principal, S.P.J. Sadhana School for the Developmentally Challenged
Dr. Rosendo Ribeiro Complex, Sophia College Campus, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 40 026
Tel: 23510853 / 23517913 

The Shelter, Byculla, is a girl's orphanage with 39 girls. They urgently need volunteers who can teach 5th to 10th standard subjects e.g. Marathi, Maths, etc. Contact: Mrs. Bardey 23072381
1.Resources in terms of money, seeds, saplings, implements, equipments, display material, etc.
2.Volunteers to work, organize, interact with people, write and talk on the work and concept of the organization.
3. Voluntary professional services in landscaping, botanical services, water management, conservation of bio diversity, etc.
Contact Mr. Punam Singavi, President, 33991890 / 25474119
We are looking for someone who could teach computers to our school children. S. Manoharan - 3357 7517. Immediate Past President, Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai,

The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD) 

Type of Opportunity: on site first-aid programme, education & awareness, walking dogs at kennels, fund-raising, special projects

Location: Mahalakshmi (Saat Rasta) OR in the area where you reside

Description: - Different opportunities as per the activity you want to help in and the time you have. They include: 1) Dog Care- On site first-aid, kennels and help in tansporting dogs. 2) Fund Raising 3) Education and Awareness progrrame : Slide presentations in schools etc, Chart presentations in slums 4) Adoption programme 5) Special projects

Description of Responsibility: - make slide and chart presentations, on site first aid, help out at the kennels, help out in fund raising, help out in WSD's adoption programme

Qualifications needed: - passionate about animals/strays, consistency

How will a volunteer benefit: Satisfaction in helping strays as well as humans through a healthy stray dog population and reduction of rabies.

Do you provide volunteer training? yes

Time commitment needed: depends on the activity the volunteer will want to help out in.

How long will this assignment be? ongoing

Number of volunteers needed? as many as possible

Contact: Abodh Aras 23733433 (10:00 to 6:00 pm)

To teach computers, yoga to the children as well as staff for . Slum Rehabilitation Society
contact: Adolf Tragler – Director, email: , website:
Ma Niketan, Thane, would like someone who can teach Indian Dances on Sundays.

They would also like volunteers who can teach any school-type subject of any of 1st - 12th standard in Marathi or English. BUT the volunteer should be committed to being regular.

Ma Niketan, since 1972, is an orphanage for girls aged 3-25 and has 350 girls currently.
Contact: Sr. Barbara, Tel.: 25341773, Email:
other links: ;

Dignity Foundation needs computer teachers to teach basics in computers to senior citizens from monday to friday, 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Honorarium of Rs. 150 per person will be given to the teacher.  Pl contact Ms. Shanti Mahesh on - 2380 5645 or email-
Dignity needs volunteers to run two projects: 
1) Organising bus trips and accompanying elders once a fortnight to a picnic spot nearby 
2) Organising new members into recreational/craft pursuits 
Volunteers would have to come to Fdn at least twice a week for 2 hours to plan and coordinate with the full-time staff. 
Seniors are preferable. Younger people have to give time commitment and stability. We cannot change volunteer at least for one year. 
Dignity Foundation needs resource people for teaching hand crafts like – rangoli, greeting cards making, simple healthy cooking, painting, making different things from newspapers etc. to our members who are all of the age of 60 years above. Thanking you in anticipation. Neha Dalal.
Social Worker. Dignity Foundation
Contact: Dr. Sheilu Sreenivasan, Dignity Foundation, BMC School Building, Topiwala Lane,
Opp. Lamington Road Police Station, Mumbai 400 007   
Tel : 23898078 / 9, 23841845, 23814356  Fax : 2389 8082

Bombay Chamber requires list of experts/volunteers ready to serve senior citizens. 
1. Finance: to provide guidance on investment schemes, tax exemptions, pension schemes, etc.
2. Legal: to help elderly to prepare their will and provide guidance on other legal issues
3. Diet and Nutrition: to plan special diets fbased on their physical and mental health requirements
4. Physiotherapists: to give sessions and lectures related to physiotherapy.
5. Counsellors and psychologists
6. Gardening: to impart gardening skills 
7. Drawing and Art 
8. Dance and Drama 
9. Experts who are able to cater to recreational needs of the elderly.
Contact details provided will be channelised in a professional manner and special care will be taken that concerned experts are not disturbed.

Vandana Bhansali, Executive
Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mackinnon and Mackenzie Building
4 Shoorji Vllabhdas Road
Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400001
Tel: 22614681-84 Ext: 428
Fax: 22621213 
You can be a doctor, have a social work background, knows computers, can manage a website, data entry or any experience to manage the health of the communities adopted by Niramaya Health Foundation, Nana Chowk,. You just have to be motivated and committed to work in the health field. Tel: 3851542, 3851423, 3851405. Email: or see 
Tata Memorial Centre needs volunteers who can work 6 hours a month Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and those who are bilingual. Volunteer opportunities are varied and include assignments in key patient areas. Volunteers help escort patients, deliver flowers, staff the library, and act as couriers. Former patients also have the opportunity to work with individuals who are currently undergoing treatment through the Patient-to-Patient Program. Volunteers serve in such areas as the Admissions Center, the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, the Surgical Day Hospital, Pediatrics, and Outpatient Registration. Read 
Publicity needed by HELP (Health Education Library for People).

Description of Responsibility: Create awareness. Help patients to get the best medical care by ensuring they get the right medical information. We need volunteers to create more awareness about the free services we provide to patients, so that more people can make use of our services. This can be done via email and from home.

Qualifications / Skills needed: Have good PR skills

Time commitment needed: 1 hour
Length of assignment: Ongoing
Number of volunteers needed: 10

Contact: Dr Aniruddha Malpani,
phone : 22151065 (12 noon - 8 pm),

NGO: CERE - Centre For Environmental Research and Education 

Volunteer Opportunity: web development, fund raising, internet research
It can be done via email, from home or our office at Nana Chowk. Responsibility will be explained in detail on meeting. We need a person who cares for the environment; basic skills needed for any of the three above mentioned topics. The volunteer will benefit by learning about the work involved in environmental research and education. In the next decade, more job opportunities will be about environmental issues therefore this person will become trained in that. Time commitment needed is minimum 3 hours daily. The assignment will be minimum for a year. Number of volunteers needed: 3 to 4.
Contact: Dr. Rashneh N. Pardiwala; phone: 23811581 (9am - 5 pm); email: website: 

Beauforts, near Akbarallys at Fountain has offered shop space free of cost to sell items and let proceeds go to animal welfare groups. The shop operates on a thrift shop principle - people donate items which are priced lower than the market rate and the proceeds go to charity. Here's how you can help:
1. donate or ask people to donate gently used/new items. Anything usable is welcome.
2. help to collect items from people who are unable to deliver.
3. offer to store some items in your home/office.
4. publicise the shop by copying this and sending it to people or printout and put on public bulletin boards.
For details about volunteering or donating things call Lyla at 9821733529 or email her at
DO NOT drop items directly at Beauforts. It's only a point of sale. Thanks 
Blood Card Bank Scheme

When one donates blood, one gets a Blood card. This card is often unutilised (and this leaves scope for malpractice). On the other hand, when one needs blood in an emergency, it is often difficult to get it.

blood donors can list their details viz.
donor name / location - work and home / phone number / email / blood group / quantity of bottles available.

These details except email id will be displayed on the site. Those needing blood can directly contact them.

Please send the following to us at :
- your details if you have access to blood donor cards
- details of other sources of cards
- details of organisers of blood donation drives
- details of blood banks
- details of pertinent websites
- details of regular needy groups

NGO name: Mercy Corps - Global Envision
Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Writing
Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Global Envision is looking for experienced writers throughout the world to write articles on a volunteer basis about various poverty alleviation issues, including topics such as microfinance, grassroots economic development, success stories in the developing world, field diaries, etc. Examples can be viewed at   
Qualifications / Skills needed: We are looking for individuals who have some writing experience and knowledge of development issues and international affairs. We especially welcome contributions from those in developing nations with experience working with microfinance or development, or from people who have experience working on poverty alleviation projects in the developing world.   
How a volunteer will  benefit: Writing exposure, possible training, gain knowledge on globalization and issues concerning the world economy.  
Do you provide volunteer training?:
Time commitment needed: 1-2 Hours
How long will this assignment be?: Ongoing   
Number of volunteers needed?: Multiple  
contact: Ms. Amy English 


Governance, Policy, and Advocacy Ashoka-Law For All Initiative (LFAI)
Location: Mumbai, MH
Ashoka: Innovators for the Public is an international non-profit organization that is building the profession of social entrepreneurship. Ashoka works in 48 countries and invests in social innovators and their new ideas. Launched in India in Dec 2003, the Ashoka-Law For All Initiative (LFAI) seeks to spread the collective learning and innovations of the Ashoka community to ensure that historically marginalized populations have equal access to legal recourse. LFAI's mission is to discern the patterns of both social need and global solutions, and leverage the collective work and experience of Ashoka fellows to spread this knowledge to practitioners in the human rights field.
Project: Ashoka seeks volunteers to get involved with the implementation of LFAI's mission in the greater Mumbai region. Volunteers will assist the director of LFAI in a variety of areas including: conducting field visits and collecting relevant data pertaining to the field of human rights; documentation and report writing; organizing, preparing and participating in Fellow meetings, seminars and workshops on human rights; preparing information material on LFAI in the form of brochures, documents, publications and an Internet website.
Special Requirements: Strong oral and written English communication skills; Interest in law and human rights; willing to travel to urban and rural areas. Knowledge of Hindi and/or other Indian regional languages advantageous.
Time Length: 2- 6months.
Contact: Ms.Ruchika Bahl, Director:; or Mr. Venkatesh Raghavendra, Director, South Asia Partnerships:


Saathi main focus is on adolescent street youth and runaway girls, aged 14-22. It addresses marginalized populations and children through advocacy and intervention, and is involved with the environment as it relates to community development. Direct intervention is done through center activities and outreach efforts to street youth and runaway girls, and through a program run with a local pavement community. 
Project: Micro-Credit Program Development: Saathi seeks a volunteer to research and possibly develop a micro-credit program for its rural and urban communities. The volunteer would first work with Saathi's Mumbai team to understand the target populations, and Saathi's work ethos and approach. The project would involve developing a rollout plan to raise awareness and participation of rural communities in investment programs, and developing financial/accounting systems to facilitate communities' participation. The project would involve some travel to Nilambur, Kerala, to understand the rural community part of Project Nilambur.
Special Requirements:
Strong administrative/organizational skills; Background in finance, business, or accounting helpful, knowledge of Hindi a plus.
Time Length: 3-6 months+
Contact: Valerie Tripp at: 


iVolunteer - MITRA

An initiative of MITRA – iVolunteer is a platform to bring together individuals, corporate houses and Non Government Organisations (NGO) for mutual benefit. It is a credible platform to help potential volunteers find their niche` in the development sector and to help non-governmental organisations clearly articulate the role they wish volunteers to play in their organisation.

Individual Volunteering 

“Can one person really make a difference?”

Well the answer is a resounding “YES!!”

A not-for-profit organisation can utilise YOUR time and skills and you will be amazed to see the IMPACT of your involvement. Regardless of how much time you have to offer or what your formal training is, iVolunteer will find the right opportunity that works for you.

You could volunteer at orphanages, old-age homes, schools, hospitals and not-for-profit organisations. As a volunteer, you will not only learn about the needs of others but more so about yourself.

The need for volunteers is never ending and a variety of opportunities are always available.

Employee Volunteering – How corporates fit in

There are many internal and external benefits for a company that encourages it’s employees to volunteer.

Employee volunteering helps increase staff morale, boost performance and improve retention rates. Employees who volunteer not only get a chance to develop personal skills but also get an opportunity to contribute to an issue that they really care about. And they feel proud of working for a company that supports society and community.

Businesses where employees are encouraged to volunteer go on to build a positive image in the community as well as with their clients and associates. Employee volunteers improve the company’s relationship with its stakeholders, with the local community in which it operates, and/or with the wider community This goes onto to show that the company believes in contributing towards the society.

In all, corporate volunteering is a winning proposition for both the employer and the employee.

Services offered by iVolunteer:

For Individuals
· Volunteer Placement - Finding the right opportunity for you to contribute to the issues of your interest based upon you skills and time commitment.

Orientation- Orienting the interested volunteers to the development sector and about the organisation before placing them.

For NGOs
Volunteer Need Assessment - An exercise to identify the ‘skill gaps’ in an organisation and crystallising a set of opportunities for the organisation to involve volunteers.

Volunteering Opportunity Verification - Verifying the volunteering opportunities arrived upon by an organisation for the placement of volunteers.

Volunteer Management Systems - Helping to set-up management systems to make the best use of volunteers while making their participation a satisfying experience for them.

Sourcing Volunteers - Matching volunteers with available opportunities and suitable placements.

For Corporate Bodies
Volunteering Policy - Develop policies and practices that encourage and enable employees to volunteer.

Volunteer Project Management :
Create and manage projects through which employees can volunteer- both single day and recurring projects.
Establish formal employee volunteer programmes that offer a wide range of opportunities for employees to volunteer.

Non-profit Boards - Help in placing mid-to senior-level executives in non-profit trusteeship. Serving on a non-profit board of directors is an excellent way for your employees to develop leadership skills, build on their professional network and contribute their effort and expertise to the non-profit organizations.

Training and Orientation - Help in orienting prospective volunteers to the development sector and related work of the organisations.

If you want something more from the act of Volunteering…. come and join us in our challenge “If you mean it, Do it.”. We think it's worth it.


With MITRA, you can get associated with any one of the iVolunteer centres set up all over India. You then have an opportunity to volunteer in way that suits you. Not only this, but for all organisations who are looking at adding volunteering to their functioning, MITRA has a complete workable strategy. In other words, we are ready to add meaning to the whole idea of Volunteering.

Web:  E-Mail:

Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 093  // Cathedral Road, Chennai - 600 086
Telefax: +91-22-5675 6675 Tel: +91-44-5210 5447 / 2811 2108


"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." --Mohammed Ali