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Floods >> Govt. Resources >> Guidelines for the functioning of Ward Relief Committee for co-ordination of post disaster relief activities 
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Guidelines for the functioning of Ward Relief Committee for co-ordination of post disaster relief activities 


          The members of the committee to be formed for co-ordinating various relief activities in the disaster affected areas shall be as follows: 

  • Asstt.Commissioner of the Ward                       Chairperson
  • Medical Officer of Health                       -           Member Secretary
  • Sr. Medical Officer                                         Member
  • Pest Control Officer                                       Member
  • Complaint Officer                                -            Member
  • Asstt.Engineer (Maintenance)                          Member
  • Asstt. Commissioner (W.W.)                            Member
  • Asstt. Head Supervisor                        -            Member
  • Senior Inspector (Licence)                   -            Member
  • Admn. Officer (Schools)                                 Member
  • Asstt. Security Officer                         -           Member
  • NGO representatives                           -            Member     


The Asstt. Commissioner in his capacity as disaster manager may also invite representatives of government agencies and public / private utilities for the meetings of the committee as and when required.


o        The members will meet every day in the chamber of A.C. of the ward at a fixed time to review and plan daily activities

o        Engineering and S.W.M. staff will be responsible for removal of garbage and debris, and to deal with other problems related to engineering departments as applicable. They will be also responsible for cleaning of nallas, storm water drains, repair of damaged roads and removal of fallen trees.

o        C.O. will be responsible for receiving complaints and requests regarding relief, sorting out, referring to the concerned deptts. and getting the feedback of the action taken and identifying issues which need attention of the committee members.

o        Sr.Inspector (Licence) will assist MOH in distribution and displaying IEC material.

o        Pest Control Officer will prioritize the areas for the relevant Pest Control activities.

o        M.O.H. will be responsible for

         Identifying the dark areas not having either health posts / dispensaries which needs clinical services and selecting locations for setting up health camps.

         Procurement and disbursement of drugs.

         Procurement and disbursement of IEC material.

         Disease surveillance from the community, PMPs and Pvt. / Govt. medical institutions.

         Water sampling individually as well as with H.E.s staff and also ensuring that proper chlorination is maintained in the water supply of his ward.

         Conducting rapid survey through H.P.staff at the outbreak as well as unfit water sample sites.

         Deputing CDOs from Health deptt. / Education deptt. / SJSRY / Hospital for extensive health education to the community, patients and children.

         Regular destruction of unwholesome food with the assistance of S.L. staff.


o        A.O.(School) will ensure that all the schools safe, clean and working properly; students are receiving educational material, mid-day meals and health education / medical help.

o        Asstt. Commissioner will ensure that financial assistance, staff logistical support is made available wherever required in accordance with the standing orders of the Municipal Commissioner and any special orders which may be issued from time to time.

o        Asstt. Commissioner will ensure proper participation of NGOs in assessment of requirements and assistance in rendering the services mentioned above. Relief materials received from private donors and other NGOs may be directed to the NGOs working at the grass-root level.

o        Asstt. Commissioner will inform the concerned government agencies and public / private utilities regarding the feedback from citizens/Corporators/NGOs regarding the distribution of relief material and services provided by the concerned utilities.

o        Asstt. Commissioner will give regular feedback and submit reports daily to the NGO Co-ordination Centre at the Disaster Control Cell and M.O.H. will give reports and feedback to Dy.E.H.O. (H.Q.) / E.H.O along with requests for specific assistance.

o        Asstt. Commissioner will keep the concerned Ward Committee Chairman informed about the various activities and decisions related to relief and co-ordination.  


A.M.C.(E.S.)               A.M.C.(W.S.)              A.M.C.(City)                  M.       C.