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Role of the Coordinating NGOs
- Network with other NGOs within the area and provide details of help required to the Coordination Centre
- Report on relief work being carried out e.g. medical camps, community kitchens etc
- Provide feedback on issues requiring action from the government agencies

Role of the Overall Coordination Committee
- Get information from the Coordinating NGOs about details of help required and direct the donors and supplies to the needy areas
- Ensure assistance from the local government machinery as required by the NGOs

The committee would thus act as a clearing house to convey info from the field to BMC and vice versa.
The info would be to and from NGOs, donors, and all supporters.

- NGOs should give all possible feedback twice a day of the actual situation in their areas - materials needed, services needed, where the govt machinery
has not reached, what all needs to be done, what are the problems being faced, a report on the situation.
- If NGOs have any questions regarding govt reliefs or procedures or announcements, they should ask those also.
- All offers from donors, volunteers, etc. of money, material, services, and manpower should also be conveyed to BMC.

BMC, in turn, will do the following:
- follow-up with the ward officers and other govt resources at their disposal
- co-ordinate with donors and corporates to help out urgently
- give clarifications about the procedures and also ensure that relief measures are implemented without delay or friction


If you can, please use these preferred email formats for needs, help offers, and feedback to BMC / Mah Govt.
BMC is seriously interested in getting feedback of the ground reality so as to be able to debottleneck effectively and quickly.

An NGO Co-ordination Committee for flood relief has been formed on Aug 4 by Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Johny Joseph.

So do convey your needs and offers to the BMC Disaster Cell and also to any one of the NGO's below.

The Coordination Committee will consist of:
- Ms. Farida Lambay of Nirmala Niketan, 98201-33553 who will co-ordinate with all NGOs for Western Suburbs i.e. all H, K, P and R wards.
- Ms. Leena Joshi of Apnalaya 98926-32224 who along with TISS will co-ordinate with all NGOs for Eastern Suburbs i.e. all L and M wards
- Mr. Dinesh Kakkoth of CRY 23096845 / 6472 and Dr. Medha Somaiya 98211-85007 of Yuvak Pratisthan who will co-ordinate with NGOs for the Central Suburbs i.e. all N, S and T wards.
- Ms. Armida Fernandes of Sneha 98211-37949  or 24042627 who will co-ordinate with NGOs for F-north and G-north wards.
- Dr. Prakash Gurnani of Unicef 28269727 / 28253663; fax: 28269538; Mobile: 9444003586; email: who are mapping the detailed needs of the 7 most affected wards and co-ordinating with various international NGOs.
- Times Foundation  Helpline: 56354376 / 45 who will also disseminate the official info via the newspapers and radio.
- Vinay Somani of Karmayog which will post all needs and offers here along with all FAQs, queries of NGOs and clarifications by BMC, other info by BMC, etc. Helpline : 98201-55591 Upadhyay