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  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
in association with Times Foundation

BMC Disaster Control: Phone: 1916 or 108 or 22694725 / 7 or Fax 22694719. Online complaints via
Times Helpline: 56354376 / 45
Karmayog Helpline: 98201-55591 (Upadhyay) 

NSS volunteers from various colleges and also volunteers from Nirmala Niketan can be contacted thru Mrs. Redkar of BMC 98201-65156
August 10, 2005
A list of volunteers who would like to help out with relief efforts. 
Name Area of Volunteer How Locality Contact
Ms Rajani Environment Self Help   9821280214
Ms Sandhya Sinha Rehab Self Help K'divali - Borivali 9820757132
Deesha   Self Help   9819722773
Razza Naqvi   Self Help   9892339914
Mrs Anu Singh       9892229922
Ms Simran       9821338699
Ms Pooja       9892227129
Bakul Ayanji   Fundraising and Volunteers Powai 25703637
Mr. Ujwal Banerjee TCS Medicines Worli 9870148361
Urmilla Roongta   Self Help   9324803167/26202950
Rajiv Sethi   Self Help   9867011201
Smriti   Self Help   23523831
Vineeta   Self Help   24816248
V Mohan Das   Self Help   9321269018
Lata Balaji   Self Help   23684873 / 98198441986
Dr. Alpa Dalal       25362190 / 9820517596
S Ram Prasad       56834830
Poornima     Raigad 22151137
Mr Mehta   Self Help Kurla 9820199440
Mr Deepam   Food / Medicine/ Cloth Kalina /Kurla 9820317978
Darshana   Counselling   26711984/9821469460
Ms Shobha Vajpayee   Food / Medicine/ Cloth Kalina /Kurla 24180314 / 23714266
Mrs. Telang AIPA   Andheri Kurla D ward 23894106/23611647
Anita singh   Self Help Vashi 9820224524/ 56101884
Nicky TATA Institute of Social Science     28927885
Deepak Nachnai   Self Help   28702580
Brijish Pandey   Group of Doctors 10 doctors   9819464495
Sudarshan   Medicines Bandra-Virar 9820028473
Ms Gowadia   Bedsheets Bandra 26429421
Ms Meera Nagpal   Self help Khar  
Nisha Shukla   Monetary help Bhiwandi 25905926/982038820
Ms. Prachi Wakharia   Self Help   9322297304
Mrs. Anjali Kochikar   Sewing Machine Bandra 26498341
Mrs. Amita Singh   Self Help Vashi 56101884/9820224254

Aug 10, 2005

I want to work with any NGO who is working in Kandivli areas for the flood affected. I am willing to do field level work Ramita 98218-78215
Aug 6, 2005
Ms Meera Nagpal would like to help near the Khar area.
Who is doing relief work on veera desai road? Some of us would like to help.
jyoti punwani" <>
Aug 3, 2005
--Ms Shobha Vajpayee Food / Medicine/ Cloth Kalina /Kurla 24180314 / 23714266 
--Mrs. Telang Self Help Andheri Kurla D ward 23894106/23611647 
--Anita singh Self Help Vashi 9820224524/ 56101884
--Nicky TATA Institute of Social Science 28927885
--Deepak Nachnai Self Help 28702580
--Brijish Pandey Group of Doctors 10 doctors Anywhere 9819464495
--Sudarshan Medicines Bandra-Virar 9820028473
--Ms Rajni from the Geetanjali Environment Solutions Trust has volunteered the help of her NGO situated in Juhu . She can help with food , clothing and also ensuring epidemics do not happen anywhere in Mumbai. Please do contact her at 9821280214
I'd like to volunteer my help for relief work in Mumbai, around Chembur on Sat and Sun, Aug. 6 and 7. Also, I am willing to donate blood and have had no major illness recently. Do let me know if any such drive is organised. 
Preeti Gopalkrishnan
Communications Executive
Population First
Cell: 98200 10052   
Aug 3, 2005
Members of Urban Street Vendors Lok Seva Kendra based at Andheri west within K/West ward will assist BMC if required for any kind of work, mostly in the
Slums of the area, since the slums are most likely to be effected in view of health and hygiene because of the poor conditions in the slums, the disaster management and NGO interested in slum may contact immediately. 
Shaikh Pervez
Chief Promoter
Cell. 9892409809
Aug 3, 2005
A social organisation of 3000 people are interested in helping in flood relief. They can organise money to buy things i.e. not to donate money itself. They also want to be actually involved. They are interested in areas in or outside Mumbai.
If you are an NGO or an organisation who can do with their support, they need a 1- or 2-page proposal about needs, location of problem, extent of
problem, costs, timings, infrastructure available and needed, what is needed to be done, and exactly how it is to be done.
They will then get this very quickly approved by their committee and will swing into action. The size of the project is not relevant. They can take on
various projects.
To give an idea, they can rehab 1000 families, or can adopt an area, or can adopt an entire village.
The group consists of people from all walks of life. They would prefer to supplement the efforts of an existing org e.g. NGO, or at least have a core
team from that affected area.
They would like that proposals be sent to them urgently and through Karmayog.
1000 volunteer doctors available all over Mah
Doctor's help can be accessed from All India Jain Doctors
(Dr. Bharat Parmar 9224155493 / 9820070580 or Dr. Begani 98200-38850 )
who have a committed 1000 doctors to the relief measures. 
Dr. Begani had attended the meeting called by Times Foundation and made this commitment.
1) Lata Balaji- 23684873 / 98198441986 
2) Dr. Alpa Dalal- 25362190 / 9820517596
3) S.Ram Prasad - 56834830
4) Samsung 9820179488 Willing to provide relief material for New Bombay
5) Poornima-22151137 Willing to help in Raigad
6) Mr Mehta 9820199440 Willing to help in Kurla
7) Mr. Deepam 9820317978 Willing to help in Kalina and Kurla with Food/Medicine/Clothing.
8) Ms. Darshana- 26711984/9821469460 Willing to help with Counselling
9) Ms. Supreeta- 25646305 Will help as a volunteer (Mulund)
List of Field Agencies
1. Sahyog - Jari Mari - Kurla (W) - Neha Madhiwala - 9892220160
2. Apnalaya - Mankhurd and Mumbra - Ashfaque - 25506110
3. Vikas Adhyan Kendra - Jogeshwari and Malad - Suresh Shelge - 28822850/28898662
4. Focus Humanitarian Assitance India - Thane/Kalyan - Sarfaraz Lakhani - 23001726
5. YUVA/NBA - Mankhurd - Pervin Jehangir - 22184779/22185832 and Raju Bhise - 24143498, 92244 12004
6. AID India - Chembur/Wadala - Om Damani - 93230 03401 and Rushabh - 98197 50190
7. Drishti Human Resource Centre - Smita Navare - 9323496704
Name: Sudeepa Nair
Organisation: NITIE
Telephone:: 9321027354
Message: I am sending this message on behalf of the students and staff of NITIE....
For the past few days we have been watching the mayhem created by the rains in Mumbai but we were unable to offer any help as our institure had been cut
off from the city with the approach road towards our institute being waterlogged...We sincerely wish to extend a helping hand to those in need...On tuesday...some of us did try to help the people stranded at Morarji Nagar which is just outside our institute. As of now WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING RESOURCES and we would like to know how we can be of help:
1. More than 300 volunteers
2. Uninterrupted supply of water from Vihar lake
3. Uniterrupted Power supply and internet connectivity.
This is a sincere request from all of us in let us know if any
help is required
1) Vandana patel [] doctor (MBBS)
I would prefer to work around areas of kurla, sion if possible (these are the closest areas around my residence which have been hit..ireside at byculla),
though i do not mind going further if the need arises.
2) Manjula Ramkrishnan-24984375 / 9223444148. Preferably in around worli area to provide basic amenities.
3) Mrs. S Khan- Teacher at Byculla- 23095493 / 23099892 (Christ Church school)- to provide basic amenities.
4) Ms Rajan-Environment-Self Help- 9821280214
5) Ms Sandhya Sinha Rehab-Self Help-K'divali - Borivali - 9820757132
6) Deesha -Self Help- 9819722773
7) Razza Naqvi-Self Help- 9892339914
8) Dr Vandana
9) Mrs Anu Singh- 9892229922
10) Ms Simran- 9821338699
11) Ms Pooja - 9892227129
12) Bakul Ayanji- Fundraising and Volunteers-Powai - 25703637
13) Mr. Ujwal Banerjee -TCS Medicines Worli- 9870148361
14) Urmilla Roongta- Self Help - 9324803167 / 26202950
15) Rajiv Sethi- Self Help- 9867011201
16) Smriti- Self Help- 23523831
17) Vineeta -Self Help- 24816248
18) V Mohan Das-Self Help- 9321269018
Mrs. Anu Singh  . Call 9892229922 or c/o Simran 9821338699/ Pooja 9892227129

harjeet singh sadhu
they are a group of 15-20 friends.

For any assistance in Andheri please call ( For human or animals )

Animal Helpline - 9819 100 100, 022 - 2670 14 13, 022 - 26 28 02 47, 26 25 02 91

Arvind Shah - 98 200 53 247


9820 67 21 25