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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
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In Goregaon -e, on the Wal bhat road, not less than 1500 Buffaloes have drowned in the Flash flood, The owners did not had sufficient time as the water was rising very quickly, all of them were kept tied with chains....all of them died...specially on the eastern side of the nullah.... We had been there today.....More than....80 trucks and 10 cranes were in action.... BMC... Police all are prevent possible disaster in terms of health and hygiene. Ashif
Dear all, Now the condition of flood is down. Streets are clear & rescue work in on high. We at PAWS alongwith Rakhee Jain Group of dombivli went nearst places to provide help. More then 40 Volunteers made Food in colony itself & packed in 200 packets. 2 Tempo Vans hired to give away food to affected area of Kalyan City. We at PAWS took all available Medicines like Topicure, Himax, Acrilyin other injection to help the cattle in kalyan. When we reached to Doodh Naka & Cattle Bazar, the condition was pathetic. Over 70 buffellows are dead. Many got scraches on legs, we treated them all with HELP OF VET. We gave away all the medicines which are left with us to dairy owners. Kayan-Dombivli Municipal Corpo. van are picking-up Dead bodies of Buffellows continously. There atleast 30 bodies lying of buffellows & small calfs. The Area was stinking. In Diva area, we rescued 2 children who are stuck-up in home & parents locked them out and went for their work and did not came back. The children were sitting on Cupboard and crying for help. We broke the door & gave them food. The work was started at 9.00 pm & over at 1.00 am. as the flood water gone away. The Basic help still needed. Drinking water & eletricity still not there. 1 Parakeet, 12 Pigeons came for treatment to us. Parakeet & 2 Pigeons died and all birds flew away after warm cloths we put on them. Abodh of WSD called & asked about animals. Dr. Sadhna of Voice of Animals Distress- New Bombay informed that many animals in her shelter died beacuse the wall fallen down through flood. The Calf which we sent from PAWS to her shelter is also died. Regards, Nilesh PAWS,