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Floods >> Services Needed
  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
in association with Times Foundation

BMC Disaster Control: Phone: 1916 or 108 or 22694725 / 7 or Fax 22694719. Online complaints via
Times Helpline: 56354376 / 45
Karmayog Helpline: 98201-55591 (Upadhyay)  

The information that we are seeking is somewhat of this nature for a Documentary Film


  • The kind of psychological trauma that victims went through during the flood.
  • How long will it take for people to recover from this mental difficulty?
  • Will the outlook towards rains change?
  • How did the feeling of being completely isolated (no communication, electricity etc.) affect mumbaiites?
  • How were the people mentally affected, who personally witnessed death ?

           The mental state of the children orphaned by floods,The kind of counseling that are given to such cases, Rehabilitation and adoption measures of such cases.




I am a resident of Chembur, near Diamond Garden . I’d like to bring to your notice that the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus or Kurla Terminus platforms are very dirty. It’s probably because they were under water during the floods and after the waters receded the garbage is now strewn around. I hope action is taken at the earliest. 
Preeti Gopalkrishnan, 
Population First
Cell: 98200 10052
Aug 16, 2005

Garbage piling up in areas of Ambedkar nagar and Bharat nagar, Bandra. 
More than 15 people have died of water-borne diseases in this area which was badly hit by floods two weeks ago. But BMC has still not cleaned the garbage in the area, one cannot stand in the area for more than five minutes and imagine the plight of nearly 2000 people living in those colonies. The children play in the water filled with clothes and other articles thrown by the slum dwellers 
Melissa Gandhi
Resident of Bandra (W)
August 16, 2005
The Slums of Gilberth Hill Andheri west are in very poor conditions and required Medical and Health Camps, NGO interested may contact Mr. Pervez on Cell 9892409809 or email: 
As you know, due to recent floods and heavy rains, several commodities like food grains, medicines gor damaged. One reputed manufacturer of Soya protein flakes/cakes of very good, global standard quality, has got about 100 Tons of such material. Being damaged/ spoiled due to flood water it is getting contaminated and unfit for human consumption. I was approached by them for guidance as to how the material can be safely destroyed. The quantity being large, it should not happen that they ,if destroy it in their own way, any Health Authorities or Municipal Corporation will take objection or action against them in view of pollution. It is at present in a godown at Kalher on Thane Bhivandi Road. 
1 Can some one suggest how it can be safely destroyed, or
2 Can it be used to make cattle feed for animals/dogs/birds?
3 Can someone guide how it can be converted in to or used as "Good Bio Fertilizer"? It can then be either used for crops or plants or even sold at
reasonable rates, preventing National Waste. 
4. Once we get a good solution to this type of a problem, then same can be given as good free advice to many people who may be having similar 
problem/materials. That way we will not only prevent spread of pollutants but make best use of a material which otherwise is going to be a national
5. I am sure there are so many food grain, medicines dealers or fruit/flower or perishables goods dealers or stockists or exporters with such stuff.
Please see if you can spread this information for help to many. 
Aug 6, 2005
We stay in Dheeraj Uphar, Behind Dindoshi Bust Depot, Malad (East), Mumbai 400 097, which comes under P North Ward.  Problems faced by us during even normal half an hour long lasting showers are given below.  One can imagine what must have happened on 26 July 2005.  
BMC has given occupation certificates to buildings in our area during 1999, but still the access road does not have street lights, (In fact there is no road from Vasant Valley to Dheeraj Uphar and what exists is a shamble.)  Garbage is not lifted for days together and lids of all the manholes are missing.  Rain drain water from Pathanwadi contains sewage water which passes through our area over a slope causing pressure to the flow of water.  Rain water of whole BEST depot (which is quite a big area) also passes through our area.  Spilt garbage which is not collected for days together block the open manholes and add to flooding of area.  It has become a serious health hazard.

Even little showers cause such heavy flooding that Autorikshaws refuse to drop us near our building and we have to walk through the flooded water and take risk of getting drowned into the manholes any time.  Therefore loss of lives is possible even during normal rainfall.

For more information our Society's chairman can be reached on Tel: 2849 4534.

Hope this e-mail serves as a successful step towards solving our grave problem. 
August 05, 2005
Akshara, a women’s resource centre (a non profit organization- Registration No. F 1656 [Bom]) situated at Dadar, Mumbai is providing flood relief.
· Relief to be provided to 2000 households in Mumbai and Thane District.
· Medical Camps in communities in Mumbai and Thane district.
· The items immediately required are bedsheets, mattresses, utensils and school books.
· Young students actively involved in Akshara’s ongoing work will liason with the local communities and ensure the delivery of items to individual households.
· Forty five young volunteers are being oriented by a faculty member of Tata Institute of Social Sciences to do relief work.
· The communities identified are 
- Shanti Nagar in Ulhasnagar
- Samrat Ashok Nagar in Ulhasnagar
- Garibpada in Dombivili
- Saibaba Nagar in Vithalvadi
- Juhu Galli in Andheri ( W)
- Mahatma Phule Nagar in Govandi
- Community in Jogeshwari (East)

Please make out a donation by cheque/DD in favour of “FREA INDIA” payable at Mumbai. Donations deductible under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Your contributions will go a long way in providing the much needed relief to hundreds of families. Services of Doctors for the medical camps urgently required. 

Address : Akshara, a Women’s Resource Centre 
501, Neelambari, Road no. 86,
Opp. Portuguese Church, 
Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028
Email : , 
Aug 6, 2005

It has been raining profusely in the last seven days in block Kalyan, Dist Thane of State Maharashtra.  It is the unprecedented downpour which has led to total destruction of civic life.  The block kalyan was severely affected due to torrential rain fall and release of water from reservoir for its prevention from danger.  Except the places at height most of the part of city was submerged in water causing huge damages to life and material.  The authentic figure of mishap is not yet available as it is beyond comprehension.  

The following are the most affected components

  • Slum Dwellers
  • Shops and Small Businessman 

In order to control post damage situation it is essential to take up relief and rescue operation on war footing ground.  The following probable threats needs to be checked which will help to bring the situation to normalcy.


  • Environment - Spread of epidemic on account of large scale garbage
  • Water - scarcity and its contamination
  • Health - Access to the health facilities
  • Physiological - Provision of subsistence i.e. food, clothing and shelter till the period of their rehabilitation

It is not possible for the Government machinery to reach out to such large scale destructions.  It is therefore necessary to render services from wherever it is possible.  The local voluntary organization having local feeling and acquaintance with people and geographical location can serve better in disaster management.  The following strategy for relief and rescue can be adopted to check the probable threats in each of its components.  

Environment – Cleanliness by proper treatment of garbage


What is to be done?

How to do it?

Garbage Collection and disposal

Around 100 Youth of local CBOs through networking can be deployed for collection and disposal.  They will carry out their work by using existing Government Machinery deployed in Environment

Provision of Safe Drinking Water

Water is not restored in many part of affected area.  It is only possible by taking safe water to them to avoid water borne diseases.  Water provision and monitoring is required by supply through tanker water.  Around 50 Youth can be deployed to carry out work related with Supply of Safe Drinking Water.


Spread of diseases would be rampant due to environment effect.  It is required to set link of these affected with medical service provider which would include diagnosis and treatment.  Provision of mobile dispensary with adequate no of medical and Para medical force is required to reach the unreached.  

Provision and Food, Clothing and Shelter

Provision of Food Packets, Rescue Camps for shelter and or distribution of material for shelter like mats, bedsheets, blankets, candles etc and clothes


The above strategy is required to be undertaken at least one month i.e. entire August, however the volume will go on at diminishing rate.  

The NGO Saprem has capacity to carry out the work in all the four components.  The work can be monitored, directed and controlled and documented by the Institution.  It can arrange for local manpower for the deployment at highly concessional rate and has the capacity to carry out entire relief and rescue operations as per the work plan. The strategy involves the fixed and variable cost in each of its components to be provided by the support organisations.  

We look forward your valuable support in this endeavor  .  

Prakash Gaikwad

Aug 5, 2005

We are mobilising relief material in Huge Quantity at Pune. Can somebody help us to carry it till Mumbai....... Details will be given soon according to the response. Haresh (
BMC says the biggest help from NGOs and doctors would be if they would take ambulances to affected areas along with a stock of medicines and a team of doctors and advise and examine and treat people.
If this could be done on a house-to-house basis, that would be best.
BMC would also like reports about the extent of problems in each area and what sort of help is needed there.
Chlorine tablets should also be distributed to purify the water. 
If help is needed from BMC e.g. chlorine tablets, medicines, identification of areas, pl contact the Ward Office or DMC at 1916 or 108 or let me know.
Basically, BMC would like authentic feedback of the situation on the ground in detail and thus would appreciate help from NGOs.
A few TISSIANs who run an NGO Saprem want help. There is an acute shortage of water, food and problem of garbage and health related problems. Resources are scarce. Are there any NGO./Funding agencies that can help out? The in charge person is Prakash (9820929027,
Urvashi -
NGOs can do the following:
1. Contact the Ward Office and ask what help is needed 
2. Survey the Ward and report on what is needed - tell BMC and cc Karmayog so we can also tell them.
3. Provide on-the-spot support wherever possible.
List of currently affected areas on 1 Aug. These wards are:
K/E - saug baug, mahakali nagar, ganesh pada, etc.
K/W - veera desai road
L - krantinagar, jari mari road
H/E - shashtri nagar, kunchi/kurve nagar, air india colony
P/N - walnail area
R/S - poisar, vihar tekadi, dhahanukar wadi, irani wadi, lalji pada, ganwesh naghar
R/N - shiv bandar road, gavthan pada, pragati nagar
N - varsha nagar

NGOs and those who want to help are requested to contact the Ward Officer.
source: bmc
BMC is setting up 130 health camps in the worst affected areas (about 15). These will be attended to by BMC doctors and from the General Practitioners Association. So these camps do not need more doctors at the moment.
What other Doctors can do is to approach the Ward Officer to adopt an area and set up a small clinic there to examine people and distribute medicines. This will thus be a work at a deeper level than the BMC health camps.
- Help required for Bandra (E) for senior citizens affected by the floods. Contact 
- Help required for Holy Cross Church Kurla (W) with Food, Funds and Volunteers.
Contact Fr. Simon Borges Holy Cross Church Fr. Peter Pereira Road, Kurla (W) 25141367
(Aug 1, 2005)
By now, we all are aware of the situation in Mumbai, which has been caused by the rain havoc broken by nature on July 26, 2005. Rains completely disrupted the life of the people as they coincided with the high tide in the sea. 

Hundreds of people have died; several others have been rendered homeless. The aftermath has not sopped as we still hear the false rumors which people are falling prey too. There is urgent need that we should act now.

We have launched an appeal to help raise emergency medical supplies, clothing and to provide basic necessities to the people affected by the nature fury.

This appeal will also help support rehabilitation work in the weeks and months to come for those whose everything has been destroyed specially in the areas of Kurla, Saki Naka, Anna Bhau Sathe Nagar, New Mandala Mankhurd, Kannawar Nagar, Ambujwadi, Jogeshwari and others. 

You can help in rebuilding lives – 

Make generous donations (Cheque/cash/Demand Draft) in the name of “Socio Legal Information Centre”. 
Send us medicines, blankets, clothes, anything, which can be useful. 
Volunteering – We will need volunteers in relief and rehabilitation work 
Medical Advice – urgent appeals to all the Doctors – Please contact us for volunteering to provide free medical advice. 
Contact us and let us know in what other ways you can contribute. 

Urgently contact – 
Deepa or Zubeida @ 23439651 / 23436692 

In Solidarity, 
Dr. Prabhjot Kaur
India Centre for Human Rights and Law