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  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
in association with Times Foundation

BMC Disaster Control: Phone: 1916 or 108 or 22694725 / 7 or Fax 22694719. Online complaints via
Times Helpline: 56354376 / 45
Karmayog Helpline: 98201-55591 (Upadhyay)  

Last week, a local NGO group from Pune visited Ratnagiri District (Chiplun and Sangmeshwar talukas), and they have a devastating and horrific picture of destruction to tell which no media has covered. Our group of volunteers visited 17 villages braving torrential rains, wading through slush to reach the remote, almost inaccessible villages. They witnessed that landslides and rains had washed away entire villages - most of them belonging to very poor fisher folks and small farmers, who in a state of shocked trance were digging through moulds of debris, pushing huge boulders with bare hands to search for their buried kith and kiln. Everywhere they went the area was filled with overpowering stench of decaying flesh. All they could find were body parts (a piece of human hand or leg) that speaks of the extent of damage done by falling boulders. Many huts have been completely flattened. There may be many more villages of which we are unaware at present, but once the rain fury abides we will get a clear picture of the deluge.

Entire villages were wiped away, the shivering survivours clung to each other for support, sheltering on higher grounds in local schools (or what was left of them in some areas), with no water and food. With fields under water and other means for survival the villagers are left to fend for themselves. Our team visited the following villages and assessed the approximate number of affected families:

Chiplun Taluka:-
-Gavalkat village -70 families
-Mazre Kashi -village -40 families
-Dalvatne village -20 families
-Khordivillage -300 families
-Sati village -125 families
-Kaluste village -30 families
-Kalambaste village -60 families

-Chiplun and its neighbourhood areas - 300 households
-Juad village -20 families
-Donavali village -10 families
-Ganglai village -10 families
-Valupe village -10 families

Sangmeshwar Taluka:-
-Dingni village -20 families
-Khongur village -20 families
-Konde village -10 families
-Davkhol village -25 families
-Sakharpe village -200 families
-Bhad Khamba -village -190 families

The plight of city dwellers received extensive media footage but hardly any cameraman or government machinery covered the extent of damage to the poor remote coastal villages. Many local NGOs in the District are rendered helpless as their small offices have been indundated with flood waters damaging all equipment.

Can we act and provide succour to those affected? Our volunteers who spoke to the villagers - say their immediate basic survival needs are - food, clothing, shelter, medicines; and for long term measures - soft loans for housing, starting fishing trade, seeds, equipment for agriculture, purchase of cattle, etc. We have support of our network partners in the district who will volunteer relief work to the affected. The school going children need text books and notes. Can Karmayog groups recommend suitable supportive agencies for help. 

Our contact person is Adv Assunta Pardhe, Project Director of Chetana Mahila Vikas Kendra {a human rights and communal peace advocacy NGO working for marginalized women, youth and communities in Pune slums and Sindhudurg villages and a network partner of Konkan Vikas Prathisthan, and also a lead NGO for legal literacy in Pune district (selected by Zilla Parishad Pune)}. The NGO has an FCRA certification and all donations are exempt from IT under 
80 G.

Contact no: 263549516 (office 9 am to 6 pm)
mobile no: 9422032599
e-mail address: 

I support this dedicated NGO hence my appeal to the Karmayag group.

Aruna A