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Floods >> Money Needed
  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
in association with Times Foundation

BMC Disaster Control: Phone: 1916 or 108 or 22694725 / 7 or Fax 22694719. Online complaints via
Times Helpline: 56354376 / 45
Karmayog Helpline: 98201-55591 (Upadhyay)  

The National Society for Clean Cities-India is a charitable organisation founded in 1972 by Begum Zehra Ali Yuvar Jung, wife of the Former of Governor of Maharashtra Nawab Ali Yuvar Jung. In 1976, the Society established a Children's Complex at Bandra where over 40 different programmes- educational,nutritional, health related, skill oriented and recreational- are all undertaken for the over all development of underprivileged children and women living in 34 slums around the area.

On 26th July 2005, due to the heavy down pour and the subsequent flooding, the entire children's complex was under 10 feet of water for two full days. The floods have damaged and destroyed almost everything including the furniture, fixtures, infrastructural facilities, electrical installations, electronic and other equipment. In addition, 3 months stock of provisions stored for mid-day meals, medicines and health care facilities and materials for skill oriented programmes including computers were all destroyed. All these facilities were built over a period of time with the munificence of several large hearted persons and institutions and it will take the Society a very long time to rebuild and restart the activities meant for the underprivileged children and women.

The Institution seeks the help and support of philanthropically inclined individuals and organisations to come forward and help so that the infrastructural facilities can be rebuilt and the Society could restart its programmes for the poor who themselves have been victims of the nature's havoc recently.

The National Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act and the Bombay Public Trusts Act. All donations are exempt from Incime Tax under Section 80 (g).

I request you to kindly extend all possible help in cash and kind to the Society. For details please contact:

Mr.K.C.Nainan,Executive Director, 
National Society for Clean Societies-India
590, Ali Yuvar Jung Marg, Kherwadi, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051
Telephone: (022) 26473742/26478941

Thank you,


Oct 1, 2005
We visited Our Lady of Good Health High School, Pareria Wadi, Saki Naka has been damaged in the  floods and their books, computers and other property has been damaged a lot. The expenses expected for bringing the school back to shape will be around Rs.100,000 Please see if some NGO or Govt. can help it.
Lion Luthria G B

For information on Sujok Acupressure please visit -

Aug 22, 2005
The Great India Friendship Trust (GIFT) appeals for donations in cash and kind for flood-affected people in Bharat Nagar, Bandra-Kurla Complex. People can donate food grains, medicines, etc. Contact Irfan Merchant on 9892309785.  August 19, 2005
St Anthony School at Sakinaka has been badly damaged due to floods and requires funds for repair and other school activities Contact Person : Mr Victor D' Souza / Ms Joyce Karendikar-Head Mistress -28593803 
Contact No : 28899002 /56030255 
100 volunteers have been on the field in the last few days thanks to a joint effort by UNICEF - Rotaract - TISS.  They are distributing chlorine, soap, and high-protein biscuits. They will be 2000 volunteers today. The aim is to have 30,000 volunteers by Tuesday and one lakh volunteers by Friday.
So please put together a team of volunteers and call 55740096 which is the number of the 24x7 Control Room of UNICEF.
1000+ litre dustbins are also needed.
Monetary donations are also required.
To understand the gravity of the situation, one should go to Kurla and see and inform others.
Aug 13, 2005
We are an old autonomous women's group of this city, as well as a registered public trust.

We mainly support women victims of violence; and are involved in campaigns on women's rights. (You will find our name and address in the Yellow Pages and at the bottom of this email.)
Registration No: F8220 Bom
Tax deduction certificate under 80 G is available.

Our office is situated near the Municipal School of the Vakola Area in Santacruz (E). Nearby are several bustees which have been badly affected by the deluge and flooding on the 26th of July. Relief has been rather haphazard. Yesterday, there was an attempt to distribute kerosene, with police help. But havoc broke loose. The police were themselves attacked. While this has been reported in the papers, a girl was pushed into a gutter by other women, also trying to collect kerosene; and she nearly died and has been admitted into hospital.

We were trying to look at the situation of women who are divorced, or deserted or unmarried and living alone in the bustees to see what help we could offer; to see if they had special problems.

Some of them have got relief from upto 4 agencies (example, Kalina area) and are mainly distressed about having lost their TV etc. Because it is not easy for them to get it back. But other places have not got that much, though some relief is there. 
With one such woman, 27 year old Maya, who is a victim of domestic violence, but whose husband has run off to their village, we visited a bustee near a wall of the domestic airport. (Shastri Nagar/ Kapurwadi area)

Maya who had passed H.S.C. (12th standard) before marriage herself had been helped by the Women's Centre, to resist domestic violence and to get a one
year diploma in being a nursing care assistant. She lives in a 10 by 7- 8 feet tenement, with one 7 year old daughter, in a cluster of 150 houses, in Kapurwadi, near Dhobighat, which in turn is situated in the Vakola Bridge area.  She currently works for a family as nursing care assistant. Domestic violence suffered by Maya from her husband was very severe; but the chawl belongs to her husband, even though he is not there. The Centre has helped her to get legal help and to file an injunction against the house being sold by the now absent husband.

The main road in Vakola had been flooded, though not as badly as Kalina. The bustees nearby were all flooded seriously. During the floods, all houses in this bustee were under 7 to 8 feet of water. A nullah runs under the concrete gully; and anyway the flood waters came also over the wall from the airport land. The marks of the waters are visible on the walls even now; and the walls and floors are still damp. Maya's own floor has been damaged. An old steel cupboard that she has was inundated with water. Most of her papers were damaged, including her certificate, partially. In the house opposite hers, a little girl fell off from the bed into the flood waters; for a little while her mother could not find her. The residents were all able to save themselves, by holding on to sticks brought by young boys
and to each other. They all took shelter that night in the Vakola Municipal School, next door to the Women's Centre.
While we were visiting Maya's house, all women of the gully came to her house, to tell about this terrible experience. Maya is the only woman in that gully who is a victim of domestic violence; but she has complete support from all the families living near her. They are married to men who work as electricians, vegetable vendors and other such jobs. They are all still deeply distressed about the floods. The psychological scars are there; and the need to talk. The women seem mainly upset about the damage to the houses; the dampness on the walls; the damage to their 'nests' that they so lovingly maintained. Maya's own house, which had some cement and red oxide on the floor, now has a hole through which we can see the ground. It is very damp, and she does not yet have a cot.

Some distribution of relief has taken place in this area; for example, by Priya Dutt. But it has been mainly done in the main road. This bustee is very much inside, from the Nehru Road, and did not recieve the sort of relief that was distributed on the main road. In some areas, there is also simmering community based little resentments. (For example, feeling that the nearby South Indian community received excellent relief from a religious organization etc.)

Number of houses proposed to be covered:  200
Total no of people:  5 to 8 per household, ie,about 1200, including small kids.
House to house and orderly distribution is not difficult, since they have a committe for the gully whom we met. They are well organized.
Community: Mostly Maharashtrian Hindus.

Number of houses in the whole settlement: One thousand and three hundred

Relief received:

*All women were able to get the 10 kg grains that the government has distributed.
* Each house has a package of one bottle of phenol, one tube of Pepsodent (laughed over with some merriment) and one packet of wheel detergent. The
unopened packets were brought out for our inspection!
* Someone has distributed one bottle (presumably 1 litre) of palm oil, from house to house.
*All women were able to get the 10 kg grains that the government has distributed.

Relief not received:

* They have not been able to get kerosene, they said, because the women could not get it in the violence. So far. (Today there are more orderly
queues in the area, and they may get it soon.) Kerosene is available apparently, in shops, in other areas, for about Rs.25 per litre.
* No medicines so far, though they find that there are some fever cases; one boy died, according to the women, because he drank the flood waters. No
other deaths or hospital admissions. they are a little worried about leptospirosis and were adviced to go to VN Desai hospital.
* No sign of the Rs.5000 promised by the Government so far. They do not know anything about the forms or how to get it.
*There is no milk in the area.

What the women said they need, and will be of great use to them:

 ->Cotton chaddars. What they had have been damaged and are still stinking.
->Any kind of mattresses
->Nylon mats, which can keep the dampness out on the floor.

-> Cooking oil
->Any basic grains
-> They said they will be happy to have other food items too; but oil and grains are the priority.

iii) Clothing:
Clothing in good condition, for men, women and children will be deeply appreciated.
The men find that they do not have enough pants and shirts etc to go to work. Women will appreciate saris and petticoats.

Proposed packages:

Food Package:
- 2kg Rice
- 2kg Atta
- 2kg non-oil Tuar daal
- Cooking Oil 1 litre
- Tea leaves Half kg
- Salt packet
- Sugar 2kg

(Rough estimate, of the cost of the food package, without the packaging of grains is Rs.220.00, after discussion with dealer. Dealer wants 2 days notice to give the items.)

Bedding Package:
- 2 kholapuri Chaddars (talking to wholesalers in Dadar) This, we feel will also help the weavers of Maharashtra and the traders of these hardy chaddars!
- 1 nylon mat

We are approaching wholesalers and grain merchants to get a better deal. With all that taken into consideration, the budget for these 200 households will come to Rs.1,00,000.00/= (Rs. One lakh only)
We hope that some agency will contribute this as soon as possible.
Clothing items we will try to mobilize separately.

Address of the Women's Centre:
104 B, Sunrise Apts;
Nehru Road
Above Canara Bank
Vakola, Santacruz (E)
Mumbai - 55

Tele: 2668 0403
Cheques may be addressed to "Women's Centre".

sincerely yours,
Ammu Abraham, Managing Trustee and Co-ordinator, Women's Centre.

Aug 13, 2005

Nobody in Mumbai needs to be reminded of the devastation caused by the recent unprecedented rains on the 26th and 27th July 05. So many people have suffered so much and it will be a long time before the full costs can be accurately estimated.  

The Women’s India Trust (“WIT”) is just one of many organizations to have been cruelly hit by this year’s monsoon, but few can have felt the full force of the damage or now be in such stark need as WIT’s production center at Panvel. It is here that so much of the  work of educating and providing employment for poor and needy women takes place -  our food production center, block printing, screen printing and toy making, the free nursing course for young girls, the kindergarten  and the Day Care Centre for babies.  

The flood damage   has been nothing short of catastrophic. Most of our produce and material – fruits and fabrics – have been washed away; so have the gas cylinders and connections and inevitably, we have been without electricity and drinking water ; the facilities in the canteen, the Balwadi and the Day Care Centre – babies’ cots, chairs, cooking utensils – are all gone; the retaining wall separating our premises from the creek collapsed as flood waters rose to 7.5 feet.  

But it is not just the loss of plant and equipment that has had such a dire effect. Our lady workers, many of whom have lost their homes and are left with no more than the cloths they stand up in, cannot work until the premises are restored. They cannot work; they cannot earn. And in so many cases, they alone are the family’s breadwinners.  

Our wage workers came from the surrounding areas and villages such as  Shirdhon, Wadghar, Patel Mohlla and other parts of Raighad District. The women living in  near the creek  have lost all their household belonging and some are homeless.  

WIT  have been able to assist only  few women and their families  with  immediate basic necessities which were required like stove, mats, bed sheets, towels, old and new clothes, water filter, rice, dal, sugar, oil and immediate preventive medication. This contribution is just a drop in an ocean. We still have many more to assist .  

We have already started the process of ensuring   that rehabilitation   happens quickly .The WIT Centre in Panvel is being cleaned up and is partially   functional since 8th August. This will ensure   that their live hood is not hampered. We are providing one cooked meal and tea to all our workers   for the next few weeks till they are able to fend for themselves.  We are also conducting a survey of severely affected families, assisting them with the relief provided by various agencies   , helping them to help themselves by supportive measures through counseling and medical aid whenever  required. But there is still so much to be done.  

We need 50 lakhs to repair our Panvel production center. And we need help. Your help. As an NGO we are obviously short of funds. Until and unless we can get our centre Panvel up and running again, our workers cannot work. The cost of this repair will be counted in rupees; failure to achieve this aim may mean the cost will be counted in lives. 

Attached are photographs (image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7, image 8)

WIT activities can be viewed on  

Please help in whatever way you can.  

Please draw your cheque / DD , in any denomination and any currency, favouring “WOMEN’S INDIA TRUST” and post it to 110/111 New Udyog Mandir, Moghul Lane, Mumbai 400 016, INDIA .   

Name ………………………………………………….  

Address ……………………………………………………………………………….  

Amount …………………………  

Cheque No. ……………………… Bank & Branch………………………………….  

Photographs of the  Devastation caused by the flooding at the WIT Centre and the state of the areas where our workers live in Raighard district

Shyamla Nath
Chief Executive 
Women's India Trust,
110/111 New Udyog Mandir, Moghul Lane,
Mahim (W), Mumbai 16
Ph   022 24462506
Fax  022 24462768 
Aasra - Helping people in despair
A4, Tanwar View Coop. Hsg. Society,
Plot No. 43, Sector -7, Koparkhairane,
Navi Mumbai 400 709, India.
 Tel:   Helpline : 27546669(3pm to 9pm)  Office: 27546667 (3pm to 9pm)
(Registered with Commissioner for Charitable Trusts, Govt. of Maharashtra, Regn. No. E 2047)

Navimumbai Swayamsevi Sanghatnanche Vyaspith have teemed up with the NGO Forum Navi Mumbai and The Thane-Belapur Industries Association (TBIA) to co-ordinate relief efforts so that aid can reach the remotest corners of Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Thane-Kalwa, Badlapur, Diva areas , where affected people are suffering due to unhygienic conditions, and acute shortage of food grains ,water supply, clothing, educational books, notebooks, pens, pencils, mats, bedsheets , anti-biotic medicines and plastic tarpaulin sheets. It is essential that these disaster ravaged areas be supported by one and all. For this purpose, the Ngo's and industries have come together to appeal to the citizens of Navi Mumbai and Mumbai: To donate generously so that these essential needs can
be met with at the earliest. The members of all the three bodies have agreed to designate collection and distribution centers in each node so that the NGO's
from the respective collection zones will find it easier to collect the required materials and distribute them quickly to the affected areas. Listed below are the collection centers in and around Navi Mumbai.

Bharat Sevashram Sangh, Vashi Goan.
Contact: Swamiji Prashantananda-9820507469. &

Alert India-1st Floor, Cidco Community Center, Sector
4, Vashi.
Contact: Daisy Gangurde- 9821087533.,27824134,56115835

Contact- Maya Kishore-27661849,27659454,27654744.

Contact: Dr. Juhi Wagh- 27621149.

Nirmaan, Sector 9, Cidco Community Center,Nerul(E).
Contact: Radhika-9821167303, Pradip- 9892367983.

Children of the World-Nerul west. 5 mins from station.
Contact: Susan Jacob-56161421,27720765,27862716.

CBD Belapur.
Stree Mukti Sanghatna, 1st floor,Sector 4, Cidco
Community Center.
Contact- Anita- 27578567.
Mahila Vikas Mandal, 1st floor, Sector 4, Cidco
Community Cemter.
Contact- Pramila Mhatre-27573324,Mrs Dhumaal-27570072.
Lions Club Balwadi,  1st Floor ,Sector 4, Cidco
Community Center.
Contact: Ms Lakshmi Narayan Patil.

Kopar Khairane.
AASRA-(3pm-9pm) sector 7,plot43, Tanwar view chs.A-4.
Contact- Johnson Thomas-9820466726,27546667,

Contact: Parameshwaran-27662112,27812787.

Arphen. Plot No 35/32,Sector 12.
Contact- Gajanan Chauhan-9322601805.

Paraplegic Foundation  (10.30-3pm)
Contact: Ms Neelam Shinde- 27641314.

Carmel Convent High School, sector 6,Kalamboli.
Contact: Varghese-09870062098

Panvel: Shantivan Ayurvedic center,Near bus-stand
Else contact: Vidya Rao(TISS)-25563290-96 who is
co-ordinating relief efforts in Panvel

On Sunday 14th August, A collection center will be run for the full day. 10.00 am to 9.00pm,at Center One, Vashi.  All donors, in cash and kind are welcome to deposit their donations at this one-stop center. Donations in cash and cheques to be made out to Bharat Sevashram Sangh and Alert India (cheques) only. They can be delivered at any of the above centers.

   So far the Ngo's have been tackling areas in kalwa, Thane, Badlapur, Diva, Panvel and in these areas aid has been disbursed for the interim period. There are
regions in Navi Panvel, Ghansoli, CBD, Kharghar, Kalamboli, Digha, Airoli where aid has been just a fraction of what is required. The NGO's are trying their best to alleviate this need but find it extremely difficult to generate funds and collections for this purpose. This appeal is for all those who have a conscience and want to contribute for the betterment of society. Please help!!!! 
For further details you can also contact.

Johnson Thomas-9820466726.
(Co-ordinator/NGO Forum)
Director (AASRA)

Aug 12, 2005


MESCO wanting to do its bit has decided to set off Rs. 10 lacs immediately as an emergency measure from other earmarked funds. It appeals to well wishers to please contribute Zakat and donation amounts large heartedly so that maximum no. of families could be helped. MESCO has chosen to work in Mumbra. It has distributed immediate Relief material to about 1000 families in Kausa Mumbra, who have been affected by the recent flood. 
Cheque should be drawn in favour “MESCO”  
Superscribing “FLOOD RELIEF” on the envelope only  
Address: MESCO, Maklai Park, Ground Floor, 'B' Wing, Bazaar Road, Next to Anjuman Islam Girls School, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050  
Aug 11, 2005

Dilkhush Special for mental handicap, Juhu, under water - pl help

Ours is a school for children with a mental handicap, we have been in existence since 1971. 
In this calamity the entire ground floor was under 4ft of water, so the furniture of four classes, teaching materials, Office appliances (computers) have been lost. We need a sum of Rs. Two Hundred Thousand to make the school functional. 
I am a Teacher with the school  & We are counting on your generosity to help us out at this critical juncture. 
Cheques may be made in favor of  Dilkhush Special School? Cash will be also be accepted at the school office. 
For further information please contact Sr. Noella Pereira on (0) 9892092356 
Our address is:
Dilkhush Special School
Juhu Road, Juhu,
Mumbai- 400 049.
"Prisca Alvares" <>
Aug 10, 2005
Help required for Holy Cross Church Kurla (W) with Food, Funds and Volunteers 
Contact Fr. Simon Borges Kurla (W) 2514 1367 
Aug 8, 2005
As you all are aware that Mumbai and its surrounding areas have suddenly faced torrential rains, which devastated these areas severaly, resulting in heavy loss of life & property. Several thousand people have lost their shelter and the basic necessities of life. 
The Government of Maharashtra has initiated the rehabilitation work with the help of various Industry Associations and NGO's. FICCI has been assigned a role to provide UTENSILS, SAREEs & DHOTIs to the affected families. 
I appeal to you to come forward and HELP us in rehabilitating the affected families. May I request you to kindly contribute minimum Rs. 5000 or more to HELP us arranging the procurement. 
Cheque can be made in favour of "FICCI-WRC" 
I look forward to receiving your HELP urgently. 
Sushil Jiwarajka 
For Further Details Contact: 
Mrs. Hema Chaukar:9223246208, Mrs. Sujata Bijwe: 9869259696
FICCI-WRC, 2, ARCADIA, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400021 Tel: 022-2288 3143 / 51, Fax: 022-2288 3152, Email:
Retaining Mumbai's Spirit - thru Magic Bus
As you know, Bombay is facing its biggest challenge. Magic Bus along with thousands of others is working very hard to put the city back together
without losing its eternal spirit. 
Many communities where our children live have been badly affected. Incessant rains have left most of them without food, clothing, utensils, beddings, etc. which is their sole lifetime belongings.
The need of the hour is to support them to bring normalcy in their life as soon as possible. We plan to reach out to 550 families based in the Port Trust and Dharavi areas, hit by this catastrophe. Magic Bus team has done a situational assessment of the specific needs by individually visiting each of these communities. Food being a necessity is being widely distributed; we want to take it a step further and help resume their normal lives.
Following are the items that we have assessed, are needed by these communities and would like to provide.
1. Clothes ( For 290 families)
2. Bed sheets ( For 240 families)
3. Footwear 300 pairs (Rubber Chappals)
4. Utensils A set consisting of 1plate, I vessel to cook and one Spoon for cooking (minimum)
5. Food grain 650 families (5kgs Rice & 1kg Dal per family)
6. Plastic Sheets.for 175 families (5 meters per family)
7. Medicines (Crocine, Dependal, Chlorine Drops)

This is a time, when we are sure you want to volunteer in some way or the other towards the rehabilitation of our city and our children. Magic bus is
providing a platform where we can all come together for this cause and work jointly, systematically in doing so. A committee will be in place,
comprising of Magic Bus staff, volunteers & community workers to coordinate this project.

Due to the urgency of the problem, we plan to take an immediate action in this initiative. We would appreciate if you can send in your contribution,
cash or kind before the 10th of August '05 to the address below for us to start the distribution of the relief items on 11th August '05.

Please be free to contact us if you need more information regarding the relief operation or any of our other programmes.

Thanking you

Katy & Purvi

Magic Bus
233 Adhyaru Estate
Sunmill Compound
Senapati Bapat Marg
Lower Parel
022-24954429 / 31
Cell nos Katy :9820451446 / Purvi :9820861634
Aug 5, 2005
India Development & Relief Fund (IDRF), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, is urgently soliciting funds to assist victims of the recent Mumbai and
Maharashtra flooding. With 37 inches of rain in a single day, the devastation has been beyond comprehension. More than 1000 people have died and several million Mumbai and surrounding area residents have been affected with loss of shelter, power failure, contaminated water, and potential for 
disease. There is an urgent need for food packets, fresh water, clothing and medication, as well as temporary shelter for the victims. Donations will be
used, in part, to purchase these needed items for immediate distribution.
IDRF has many partners among well-regarded, established grass-roots organizations in India who are ready to assist in the relief and rehabilitation work. Because IDRF depends on volunteers for taking care of administration and administrative expenses, all donations to this effort will be used in India for helping flood victims.
With a more than 15-year proven track record for helping the India's poor and suffering people during previous calamities like Uttaranchal earthquake,
Latur earthquake, Kargil war, Gujarat earthquake, Orissa hurricane disaster, and 2005 tsunami.  IDRF has become a "Charity Of Choice" for many people among the Indian-American community. During the past decade, IDRF raised fifteen million dollars in assistance and directly benefited tens of
thousands of disadvantaged children, women, and tribal Indians without discrimination on any basis. More information about IDRF's projects can be
found on the website .

Please send your donations to IDRF, 40 Orchard Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876. Make checks payable to IDRF and put Maharashtra Flood Appeal in the memo area.  Donatations can also be made online at .
Vijay Pallod
Star Pipe Products
281-368-5372  Fax 
Aug 5, 2005
Unimaginable misery has befallen our brothers and sisters staying in the slums of Navi Mumbai. ‘NGO FORUM’ Navi Mumbai comprising of AASRA, ALERT INDIA, SHARAN, BHARAT SEVASRAM SANGH, and so on have appealed for urgent donation of food and clothing and daily necessities like soap, toothpaste, etc from the citizens of Navi Mumbai. We appeal to all the members of your society to come forward and donate at least 4 sets of clothes and 5 Kg of grains/pulses per flat. Utensils, bed sheets, plastic sheets, buckets, plastic mats, or any other essential household item could be deposited at the office from where they could be send to the following COLLECTION CENTERS for onward distribution. Donations by cash or cheque (in favor of ALERT INDIA or BHARAT SEVASRAM SANGH) are also welcome: 
Collection Centers:
Bharat Sevasram Sangh, Vashi Gaon.
Swamiji Prashantananda-9820507469. Manavdas-   9820671245.
ALERT INDIA, Cidco community center, Vashi.
NIRMAN, Cidco community center, Nerul..
Ms. Radhika-9821167303.Pradip-9892367983
SHARAN,  Vashi.
Mrs. Maya Kishor-27659454
South Indian Welfare Association,  Khopar khairne.
Mr. Parameswaran-27662112/27812787.

You may also contact the following persons for giving any donations (Cash or Kind).
Mr. Johnson (AASRA) - 55923816 / 9820466726.
Mr.M.Anantharaman (MINEX Foundation) – 9323185013 /27721140 /27723872.
Mrs. Rohini. Godbole. (NUTAN Mahila Mandal) – 9820531726
Sharayu. Deshpande. (NUTAN Mahila Mandal) – 9325001962/ 27826926( R).
Digambare (PSI) – 9892066398.
Surekha. Jagtap./ Deepa. Gaikwad (Special Cell For Women)-     27580255.

August 06, 2005

Akshara, a women’s resource centre (a non profit organization- Registration No. F 1656 [Bom]) situated at Dadar, Mumbai is providing flood relief.
· Relief to be provided to 2000 households in Mumbai and Thane District.
· Medical Camps in communities in Mumbai and Thane district.
· The items immediately required are bedsheets, mattresses, utensils and school books.
· Young students actively involved in Akshara’s ongoing work will liason with the local communities and ensure the delivery of items to individual households.
· Forty five young volunteers are being oriented by a faculty member of Tata Institute of Social Sciences to do relief work.
· The communities identified are 
- Shanti Nagar in Ulhasnagar
- Samrat Ashok Nagar in Ulhasnagar
- Garibpada in Dombivili
- Saibaba Nagar in Vithalvadi
- Juhu Galli in Andheri ( W)
- Mahatma Phule Nagar in Govandi
- Community in Jogeshwari (East)

Please make out a donation by cheque/DD in favour of “FREA INDIA” payable at Mumbai. Donations deductible under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Your contributions will go a long way in providing the much needed relief to hundreds of families. Services of Doctors for the medical camps urgently required. 

Address : Akshara, a Women’s Resource Centre 
501, Neelambari, Road no. 86,
Opp. Portuguese Church, 
Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028
Email : , 
Aug 6, 2005
Aug 2, 2005

KARYAKARTA - a social work magazine and Manuski Center, Pune has prepared action plan for Mumabi flood relief. Both are mobilizing resources form Pune as well as all over Maharashtra for the cause. Considering the utmost need of the people based on primary survey and information about Kurla, Gowandi, Chembur and Mulund, we are directly reaching out to the people in this week. Kindly go through the following text as well as attachment and contribute for the cause. 

B. Sachin
Jambudvipa Trust,
Manuski Center,
Plot No: 3, Survey No: 247/ 14 B,
Deccan College Rd, Yerwada,
Pune - 411 006
Phone: +91-20-26696812/ 26698420

Mumbai flood

Report and Relief Plan by Manuski Centre




Due to deluge which lasted for 21 hours, Mumbai flooded with water. This was due bad drainage system and record breaking rainfall. Many people lost their lives and property. Official estimates of deads are far less than what the unofficial data is indicating which amounts to nearly 2000 people dead. The government machinery is still failing to respond to the situation even after 4days. This is the first hand report submitted by Haresh of Manuski Centre, who was in Mumbai during this whole turmoil.


He visited four hugely affected areas in Mumbai; Kurla, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Govandi and Mulund. The government health system has failed to respond and local government is not assuring potable water. Though there is water everywhere, people are not able to find potable water. Most of the people in slums in above mentioned areas have lost almost all of their belongings including their houses. Many people drowned in the flood and some people died in stampede after rumours of Tsunami and cyclone. According to primary survey, nearly 300 families lost all their belongings including their houses and more than 2000 families lost their belongings.


In Sakinaka area, the landslide took many lives and majority people who died are slum dwellers and mostly Dalits. In Sakinaka, nearly four thousand people are affected. That makes our target population to be around 12000 roughly.  


Manuski wants to respond to the situation on an urgent basis. After survey, it was found that following items are the most needed for the people affected:


  1. Chlorinated drinking water (tablets)
  2. Mats
  3. Mattresses
  4. Blankets
  5. Clothes
  6. Food grains
  7. Utensils
  8. Books/notebooks

On an urgent basis, Manuski centre proposes to start relief work in four areas; Kurla, Chembur, Govandi and Mulund. We are proposing to distribute following items to 300 families which lost all of their belongings including their houses.


A. Budget for 300 families


Estimate per family




Per unit (in Rs)

Total (in Rs)


5 Kg



Dal (Cereals)

1 Kg



Nylon mat




Pull over





Tumbler, cooking utensils







Biscuits/ dry food









The estimated expenditure per family = 700/-

The estimated expenditure for 300 families = 2,10,000/-

Other costs = 40,000

Total cost = 2,50,000/-


B. Budget estimate for 2000 families


Estimate per family




Per unit (in Rs)

Total (in Rs)


5 Kg



Dal (Cereals)

1 Kg



Nylon mat




Biscuits/ dry food









The estimated expenditure per family = 240

The estimated expenditure for 2000 families = 4, 80, 000

Other costs = 60,000

Total cost = 5, 40, 000/-


Manuski centre has networking in the affected area. Manuski can very well coordinate the relief operations. In Mulund, Manuski will be working directly through friends and local organizations (Ekta Mahila Sanstha) and in Kurla/Govandi, Manuski will be working with Pragatik Vidhyarthi Sangh.


Details of the organization can be found at:


For further details and making donations please contact:


Manuski centre: + 91-20-26696812

Haresh: 9821808283

Priyadarshi : 9850666479

Aug 1, 2005
The heavy rains that lashed Mumbai and many parts of Maharashtra have caused serious damage to life, livelihood and property of people. Raigad, has been severely affected.

While relief measures are being carried out by the state, Adivasis are being neglected as per the assessment of people's organisations in the area. 

College of Social Work - Nirmala Niketan students are going day after tommorrow (3rd August) to Raigad with supplies, clothes, etc. We request you to kindly chip in with your support in terms of:

1.. Utensils (most urgently required by the Adivasis) 
2.. Tarpaulin (very important)
3.. Clothes 
4.. Food grains. 

Besides the above we would very much appreciate your monetary contributions. Cheques may be drawn in the name of College of Social Work - Nirmala Niketan. 


Ms. Rucha Chandvankar Tel: 2280 4986 and Email:
Mrs. Prabha Tirmare Tel: 5656 4933 and Email: 

College of Social Work Tel: 2200 2615 and Email: 

A few TISSIANs who run an NGO Saprem want help. There is an acute shortage of water, food and problem of garbage and health related problems. Resources are scarce. Are there any NGO./Funding agencies that can help out? The in charge person is Prakash (9820929027,
Urvashi - 

By now, we all are aware of the situation in Mumbai, which has been caused by the rain havoc broken by nature on July 26, 2005. Rains completely disrupted the life of the people as they coincided with the high tide in the sea. 

Hundreds of people have died; several others have been rendered homeless. The aftermath has not sopped as we still hear the false rumors which people are falling prey too. There is urgent need that we should act now.

We have launched an appeal to help raise emergency medical supplies, clothing and to provide basic necessities to the people affected by the nature fury.

This appeal will also help support rehabilitation work in the weeks and months to come for those whose everything has been destroyed specially in the areas of Kurla, Saki Naka, Anna Bhau Sathe Nagar, New Mandala Mankhurd, Kannawar Nagar, Ambujwadi, Jogeshwari and others. 

You can help in rebuilding lives – 

Make generous donations (Cheque/cash/Demand Draft) in the name of “Socio Legal Information Centre”. 
Send us medicines, blankets, clothes, anything, which can be useful. 
Volunteering – We will need volunteers in relief and rehabilitation work 
Medical Advice – urgent appeals to all the Doctors – Please contact us for volunteering to provide free medical advice. 
Contact us and let us know in what other ways you can contribute. 

Urgently contact – 
Deepa or Zubeida @ 23439651 / 23436692 

In Solidarity, 
Dr. Prabhjot Kaur
India Centre for Human Rights and Law