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Floods >> Minutes of the Meeting with Mr. Vatsa  - charter of demands submitted in the context of rural situation
  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
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A delegation of the voluntary organizations met to Mr. S. V. Vatsa – Secretary Relief and Rehabilitation on 20th August in Mantralaya. The following charter of demands submitted in the context of rural situation.   

1.                  Government has decided 31st December 2005 as a cut off date for panchnama and providing foodgrains. It is apparent that people have not received adequate assistance and panchanamas are yet to be completed. Considering the uncertain rains, landslides Government should not keep such cut off date in rural areas.

2.                  Government has taken a good assistance of Voluntary organisations in Mumbai city. In rural area to understand people’s situation better, seek suggestions, to coordinate relief efforts a coordination mechanism should be developed with voluntary organisations at Tehsil level in districts.  

3.                  The panchanamas already undertaken by the Government authorities should be approved by the Gramsabhas.  

4.                  At large scale there is loss of crop and land, nowhere it is reported. Immediately exempt the agriculture cess.  Get the resolutions of Zilla Parishad and Gramsabhas to make exemptions.  

5.                  Start cattle camps immediately, cattle should provided fodder and medicines. Give immediate relief to those whose cattle have died.  

6.                  Provide food-grains to all flood affected persons for a whole year under Antyodaya scheme.  

7.                  In the cases of landslides and cracks people need to shift. In such cases provide temporary shelters and rehabilitate them.  

8.                  Start Employment Guarantee Scheme for the laborer, farm-workers, and marginal farmers. The employment guarantee should be provided for 200 days.  

9.                  While assisting the flood affected some people are missed out such as encroachers who are not legalised as per the govenrment circulars like dali and gayran plot holder, slum dwellers, people residing in their wadis etc. They should be added in Panchnama.

10.              The compensation for house damages should be given as per the estimates of Indira Awas Yojna I.e. Rs. 28,000/-  

11.              The livelihood resources of flood affected such as agricultural equipment, seeds, fishing boats and nets should be compensated.  

12.              Laborers, farm-workers, marginal farmers, and land less communities have deprived their employment and loss their implements therefore they should be declared as flood affected and need to be provided immediate relief.  

13.              In areas like Mumbra there is a major issue of health hazards due to the filth. Such area should be declared as a high alert area and all the necessary steps to be taken.  

14.              Wherever there are difficulties in extending relief in such cases take the help of Military force to provide relief.  


Name                                       Organization                                                     Location

Ravi Desai                                Sanvad/ Mahila Rajsatta Andolan                      Kolahapur

Madhukant Patharia                  Salah                                                                Kalyan

Christopher Brian                     Bal Hakka Abhiyan                                          Beed

Chandana Shetye                      Cehat                                                               Mumbai

Kamini Kapadia                       ActionAid                                                         Mumbai

Rita D                                      Peoples’ Right Education Movement                 Amravati

Lysa John                                 YUVA                                                             Mumbai

S. Javed                                   Citizens of Mumbra                                          Mumbra

Mohan Surve                            Vikas Sahyog Pratishthan                                  Mumbai

Vijay Valanju                            RSCD/ Mahila Rajsatta Andolan                       Belapur

 Response from Mr. Vatsa

·        The coordination with active organizations in the field is essential. It would be good if rural organizations maintain dialogue with District Collector. If situation demands Mr. Vatsa would like to interact with organizations. For any communication a fax can be sent on 022-22855920/28023039 or on e-mail sec_r&  

·        He was not favorable to the idea of getting approval of gramsabhas as he feels at local level the politicizing would hijack the government relief.  

·        There is consideration for providing adequate relief for crop, land, and house damage. But the decision will be taken by the policy making authority base on the financial provision.  

·        He was of the opinion rather than cattle camp the fodder camp would be useful. There is consideration of providing adequate compensation for cattle loss.  

·        Government has taken a decision to support temporary shelter. As per the GR they have made provision of Rs. 15000/- per temporary shelter.

·        Certainly EGS is one of the better options with State Government to support families to help themselves. He discussed what sort of work can be considered in the EGS under this circumstance.  

·        In principle it is accepted that all flood affected need to be supported. There should be no distinction if the family is encroacher or unrecorded cultivator. If for some reasons if some families are excluded such details can be submitted them for appropriate actions.  

Mr. Vatsa was positive towards the suggestions made by the delegation. He took detail notes of some cases such as situation in Mumbra, he was empathetic to on issues such as loss of livelihood instruments. He has made appeal to access GR on the website.

 September 01, 2005