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Floods >> Minutes of the Meeting of the Advocacy  
  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
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Minutes of the Meeting of the Advocacy

At Nirmala Niketan

On 20th August

Ms Kamini Kapadia (ACTIONAID) welcomed the participants and stated the objectives of the meeting:  

  • This was a follow up meeting after the first coordinated flood response where three groups were formed according to geographical areas

Summary of Past Work includes formulation of the Charter of Demands, the meeting with the Chief Minister and presenting the Charter of Demands, Meeting with Mr Vatsa, Shri Satish Triapthy, Mr Shingare etc. Also members from the group contributed to the meeting called by NAPM and the meeting convened at Yuva on the Rehabilitation Policy for the Disaster affected. 

  • To seek updates on the work, renewal policies and develop an action plan according to the changing situation, these include independent groups like advocacy group and rehabilitation, which have worked together to initiate strategies for planning the future action to make the government accountable to the situation.
  • To analyse the situation outside Mumbai which seems to have been under reported 

The meeting began with presentations from individuals working in different parts of Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra.




Relief work



Coordinated relief activities in M ward


-There have been regular meetings at the ward level collectors, ration office, health post attend but is not regular

-The ward has adopted a model for assessing the situation

-The health situation is not very good in M west

- The health camps do not have a follow up of the health camps

-Distribution of food grains, notebooks medicine

-Donations received from HLL, Rotary club, Gems and Jewellery council, Workhardt

- Volunteer s from Voltas and TCS

-The government has a attitude of grievance response

-There is no regular representation from the ration office at the meetings

-The meetings are not regularly held since last week

-The health post should be made more accountable to the situation

Nirmala Niketan

(Western suburbs), Kolad, Mahad, Raigad


Salokha H(E) & (W)


Parel, Bhandup (Cry)



-Dissemination and coordination have been the focus

-Build is coordinating activities with other NGOs

-There is a lot of discrimination with regard to the areas, places considered rich are neglected

-Problem with ration


-Coordinated health camp through NN dispensaries

-Mainly concentrating on the unorganized sector like construction workers

-mal practices at ration shops

-records should be open for social audits

- request was made to not get into distribution of grains as families can do it

S N T wards (Vidya Vihar to Mulund)


CRY and Yuvak Prathistan



-33 places have been identified for garbage clearing and bleaching

-outbreak of gastroenteritis and cholera

-30% suffering from fever

-7 places cleared out of 33

-50 medical camps have been conducted

-water logged areas to be desilted by May


-Ganpati mnadal and navratri mandals will be used for dissemination of information



Rest of Maharashtra




Relief work


West Maharashtra


-42 villages flood affected in Kolhapur , other affected areas-Sangli district

-Overflow of Al Mati Dam one of the main reason

-mud houses and cattle have been washed away, some stuck in the water

-water level was almost 19ft

-landslide in Satara all houses destroyed

-Agricultural land completely destroyed



--shortage of stoves and mats

-lack of medicine, fodder for cattle


-relief has not reached the people

-Officials not available for Pachnama as all of them are at the rehabilitation centres

-Collective efforts to pressurize state government

-no action from the collector



(Mohan Surve)

-Scattered population in Konkan hence no visible impact

-Fear of nature’s revolt

-Livelihood issues


-poor compensation package( does not include zopadpatti)

-only 10.49% compensated so far

-shelter, food,book and clean water are key requirements


-Lobby to increae compensation

-No alternate places (only private lands available or government lands)

-no standard assessment forms

-Encourage local governance

-women and children most affected in camps


Balak Hakk Abhiyan



-Landslides and floods in 11 villages due to the increase in water level of river Sipla

-56 villages do not have basic amenities

-agriculture destroyed

-lack of livelihood, malnutrition, inactive PDS

-EGS not implemented


-Mostly tribal pockets, cut off from relief

-media also has neglected the area



-Unorganised workers most affected

-lack of Cleanliness

-Health situation is critical , limited medicies

-Not many NGOs in Mumbra

-One 1 health centre,reports are available only next day

-no amulance services

-40 bed hospitals through private aid

-political parties making use of the situation

-compensation is taken twice

-declaration of emergency situation



After hearing the presentation by the individuals from Rest of Maharashtra immediate meeting was arranged with Mr.Vatsa

·         -to push for relief work in the rural areas

·         -to develop a collective forum to address the issue

·         -to present a charter of demands assuring of immediate action




Theme Based






Food – Apnalaya

Ms. Leena Joshi

-Last day for food distribution 31st Dec

-Distribution begins 21st,RKS preparation 22nd –25th.20 kilos grain and 10 liter kerosene

-Responsibility of making list with coordination Ngos, involvement of local CBOs

-Concentrate on people without ration cards

-Record should be kept of the distributed coupons

-Distribution can be worked at different times in the day to avoid chaos

-1200 people can be covered at 1 ration shop

-People facing shortage of food supply not affected by floods should be covered, as well those with gas cylinders

-Request for police deputation will be made

-Incase the said amount of grains and kerosene is not provided state the balance to be received in the list


-Areas outside Maharashtra not covered under the deadline

-RKS can monitor 4 ration shops at a time

-All problems regarding distribution of ration should communicate to RKS.

-Mal practices should be handled immediately, RKS will identify shops into mal parctices

-Forms for non ration card holders should include the following(reason for not having ration cards and signature) send it to the controller in bulk in the respective area or send it to RKS in bulk

-Posters and pamphlets will be distributed mentioning the GR and also stuck at ration shops

-Dissemination of information required due to limited reach of NGOs

-FAX to be sent to TISS





Ms. Farida Lambay

-Organise Health camps repeatedly in the same areas

-Health post should develop an inventory, make them accountable to conduct regular programs, each post is extended as a camp

-Tie up with dispensaries and health posts

-Doctors should not leave the camp if there are people waiting

-Contact UNICE for distribution of ORS


-UNICEF coordinating activities on health, solid waste management, on H(E)(W), G(N)(S),Parts of P(N), Mumbra, Raigad, Kalyan. They will also distribute books.



Ms. Farida Lambay

-BMC responsible for Municipal schools and School Inspectors responsible for unaided schools

-44 schools affected, Building damages will be coordinated by Property Reliable Association

-Std VIII & IX textbooks are being distributed

-Shortage of notebooks from Ist to Vth

-Central Govt. will provide money for uniforms

-St Xavier’s college will provide exercise books

-Request will be made for exercise books, geometry box

will be extended to the areas of Sangi, Pimpri, Mahad, Pune

-A.O.s will be responsible for distribution

-Rajiv Gandhi insurance Yojna should cover all students (textbooks, cycles and stationery covered) check with AO’s and headmistress

-Sarva Shikshan Abhiyaan has money for textbooks







The following points were put forth by the Advocacy Group:


-there is need to create theme based groups for education and health, like in the area of food. With the help of Farida Lambay from NN, CRY volunteered to facilitate the processes related to Advocacy for Education

-Rehab policy should work with the government to develop a strategy for Maharashtra

-There should be collective pressure on rural relief work

-The group will focus on housing, land, food, and livelihood on development planning and follow participatory method

-The group should come together as a liaison body for the work, and address the strengths and concerns by developing a common agenda


Concerns at the conclusion of the meeting


-The need for collation for Action plan was the immediate requirement

-The report on implementation of relief work should be circulated

-Interaction with the government should be for demands and promise for action, hence it is necessary to go with substantive data

-Developing an NGO council for future action plan

-Creation of Helpline at Ward office to disseminate information

-The Advocacy group should plan a meet next week, CRY and ACTION AID to Coordinate the process,  NN and TISS to be active participants in the advocacy process.

-There is a need for a state level convention to address the problems of the rural Maharashtra

-The communication process should continue, TISS and NN will be the main coordination points


Members Present


Noor Aboobakar

Action Aid



S. Javed

Citizens of  Mumbra



Joy Social group



Tapan Kumar Mahapatra

European Commission, Humanitarian Aid (ECHO)



Olivier Brunut

European Commission, Humanitarian Aid (ECHO)



Sandeep Kansk

CORO for Literacy



Mahendra Rokade

CORO for Literacy




Mahila Raj Satta Andolan



Christopher Brien

Bal Hakk Abhiyan


Ravi Desai (SANVAD)

Mahila Rajsatta Andolan



Nasreen Rustomfram



9820219610, 25563290

pallavi sinha




lalita katre



K S Meena kshi

Lehman Brothers


Ram Prasad Ruia




Chandana Shetye


Amulya Nidhi


Prasad Manjrekar

Action Aid



Farida lambay



Mario Remedios


9820118886 & 23780903

Kamini Kapadia

Action Aid

23436070 & 9820016000 & 23436065 (Fax)

Annabel Mehta


9892944449 & 24949752

Leena Joshi


25506110 & 30918248, 9892632224

Madhukant Pathariya



Sumita Kulkarni



Sudhir Sudhal






Lalita Katre



Seema Redkar

officer on special duty - BMC


22694719 & 9820165156

Mohan Surve

V . S . P


Santosh Surve


Medha Somaiya

Yuvak Prathistan



Bal Prafulta



Anita Rane




Hira Giakwad




 September 01, 2005