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Floods >> NGOs needed to verify flood dead / missing persons
  Mumbai Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Resource Centre 
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NGOs needed to verify flood dead / missing persons
The High Court has directed that NGOs be involved in verifying the list of those dead or missing as reported in Tuesday August 30 Times of India pg 7 under the headline "Inspect Relief Work, HC directs NGOs".
"The court directed the NGOs to verify whether the compensation had reached the victims and their surviving families." etc
A full "List of Persons Dead and Missing" has been compiled by the Government for Mumbai and all of Maharashtra.
This list is available with the petitioners Indian Centre for Human Rights & Law. What is now urgently needed is for individual NGOs to get involved in verifying the lists in their areas --- whether all names have been included, whether compensation has been received by their families, and if not, why not.
Please contact Minu 98200-52377 and offer to verify the list in your area.
The entire petition is also available online at

Meeting of 30 August 2005 India Centre for Human Rights and Law

Pursuant to the Public Interest Litigation filed in the Bombay High Court on the recent floods in Maharashtra, the High Court has directed the State
government to involve non-governmental organisations and other groups in relief and rehabilitation. The High Court also directed the State government to provide a list of all those who have died due to floods, flood related diseases and those who are missing.

On 29 August 2005, the state government submitted a list and a copy was given to the petitioners. The High Court then directed that the non-governmental organisations working in the areas should cross check the information given by the state.

The following needs to be verified:
a. Whether any persons who died due to the floods or flood related diseases are omitted from the list given by the state.
b. Whether any missing persons are omitted in the list given by the state. 
c. Whether the legal heirs of the dead have received compensation and whether they have received in full.

According to the present government resolution in respect of minors who have died the compensation amount is Rs.50,000/-. In respect of majors up
to 65 years of age who have died the compensation amount is Rs.1 Lakh. This compensation package applies to any person who has died due to
floods, flood related diseases and missing persons.

We have prepared the following charts, which will streamline the information collected from the ground (Please see attachment). This
information should be sent to us on a daily basis and needs to be completed by 10 September 2005. We would like the information preferably
in electronic form. E-mail the information to

Different non-governmental organisations have taken up responsibilities for cross checking the information depending on the area that they work.
Attached with this mail is the list of organisations that have taken up responsibilities. Those of you who could not attend the meeting can
collect the list submitted by the state government from our office. Also indicate the wards / districts for which the organisation is willing to
take responsibility. 

For further information contact Minu Jose at 9820052377.

Minu Jose

Aug 31, 2005