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All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI) 

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83 member team of professionals systematically contributed in shaping public policy in India: advocating quality in relief; developing standards in  rehabilitation; making sustainability central to recovery; promoting self financing disaster risk transfer; and most importantly putting the poor in communities in the centre of disaster risk management.

411, Sakar Five, Near Nataraj Cinema, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad - 380009,
Gujarat, India
Phone : +91-79-26586234, 26583607, Fax : +91-79-26582962
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I have had the opportunity to work with the Disaster Mitigation Institute (DMI) based In Ahmedabad. They work closely with SEWA, Ahmedabad, and SEWA and DMI together did great work after the Gujarat earthquake. 

I think basically, DMI's field work is concentrated in Gujarat, and its policy making is on a national level, hence, the "all-india" tag.

I am sure DMI could definitely contribute to Mumbai's post-flood situation, and more importantly, how to tackle the next disaster, which is DMI's focus. Maybe they could be invited for a workshop/panel/training session or something like that. Those in this forum who are with the Govt. could take this ahead maybe. DMI and SEWA both work closely with the Gujarat Government, so Govt. of Maharashtra should have no hesitation in arranging this.

One of the great initiatives of DMI was the publication of small manuals in the local language (Gujarati) on how to tackle a disaster, supplies to have in emergencies - small things like this make all the difference in the time of crisis.


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