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Floods >> Evacuation drills for students and people

7  August 2005

SARITSA FOUNDATION has launched a campaign in Mumbai to prepare students, teachers, women group’s disabled and common people to protect and defend themselves individual and family level 5 years ago.

SARITSA FOUNDATION has got a team of experts to educate and train students, teachers, disabled and common people for the following: - 
· Do’s and Dont’s for manmade and natural disasters.
· Rescue and evacuation drills.
· Practical training for protection.
· Mock drills.
· Interactive partnership for protection.
· First Aid.

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has supported us for conducting training for 2000 Municipal teachers in year 2003 / 2004. SARITSA FOUNDATION
is also training 2000 teachers of Municipal Corporation schools during academic year 2005 / 2006.

This is for your kind information please.

Thanking You
With warm regards,

Colonel NM Verma, Chairman
Saritsa Foundation

Dear Vinay,                                                             
09 August 2005

I am also taking this opportunity to request you for a kind help to inform the NGO’s to encourage our 5th anniversary celebrations. Members of all NGO's will be our honored Guest. Their presence is requested to support our mission.  SARITSA FOUNDATION on eve of its 5th anniversary celebrations is organizing one week programs from 19th August to 27th August. His Excellency Shri S.M Krishna Governor of Maharashtra shall be the Chief Guest to encourage the celebrations on 24th August 2005 at Hall of Culture Nehru Center at 4.15 P.M. Also SARITSA FOUNDATION will organize one day workshops and photo exhibitions for community awareness, alertness and preparedness programs for common people to educate and train them to cope with man made and natural disasters.

The details are tabulated below:-


Date & Event
19 August 2005: Inter College Elocution Competition at DG Ruparel College Matunga (west). Dr Vijay Khole Vice Chancellor University of Mumbai is
requested to be the Chief Guest Dr Rupa Shah Vice Chancellor of SNDT University. 

22 August 2005 One-day workshop and Photo Exhibition for Teachers under going training for teachers, from all over Maharashtra. The Mayor is requested to be the Chief Guest to Inaugurate the program. 

24 August 2005:  Anniversary celebration program including Photo Exhibition and Prize distribution by His Excellency Shri. SM Krishna Governor of Maharashtra.

25 August 2005 One day workshop for Industrial Home and institute for visually challenged people. 

26 August 2005 One-Day workshop and Photo Exhibitions for women group.

27 August 2005 Mass contact program at Girgaon Choupati and Kalina University Campus.

I also request Mumbaikars to encourage students of Mumbai and SNDT Universities to take part in our Elocution Competition. Letter written to students is given below:-

Dear students,


Let us strengthen people at grass root level in Mumbai and Maharashtra to protect and defend themselves in manmade and natural disasters like the recent devastating flood of 26th, 27th,and 28th July. Mumbai is highly prone to many kinds of manmade and natural disasters. The recent flood in Mumbai and Maharashtra is not the end of occurrence of such disasters. The community elements including students, teachers, women, disabled and common people have to be aware, alert and prepared at individual and family level to face such catastrophes in future. The people do not have to be fully Administration and Government centric for their safety and survival. Let us introspect the need and brain storm to find out ways and means to educate and train common people who are the first victims of these disasters.

SARITSA FOUNDATION educates, trains and inspires common people to be prepared to protect themselves from killer disasters by its team of experts
at the “Door Step” of people by our “Mobile University”. SARITSA FOUNDATION has educated and trained 95000 people in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana. Participate in this Elocution competition and contribute for well being of the community. 
The subject of the Elocution competition is: -  “Are you prepared to protect and save yourself and your family from manmade and natural disasters in Mumbai?. If no, is there a necessity to prepare community at individual level to protect from strikes of disasters if so, how it can be done”.

You are welcome to win the following prizes:-
· A trophy for your college.
· First prize worth Rs. 1000.00
· Second prize worth Rs. 750.00
· Third prize worth Rs. 500.00
· Three special prizes for visually challenged and physically handicapped.

Elocution Competition will be held at D.G.Ruparel College Science-II hall Matunga (WEST) from 9.30 A.M onwards on 19th August 2005, Shri Dr. Vijay Khole  Vice Chancellor, University Mumbai is requested to be the Chief Guest inaugurate the program and His Excellency S.M Krishna Governor of  Maharashtra shall distribute the prizes to the winners. 

Thanking You,
With Good Wishes
Colonel NM Verma, Chairman

Aug 4, 2005