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 CYDA Flood Relief in as on 22nd August



·        CYDA started its intervention since July 31st 2005. Though initially Civil Society Response was concentrated in Mumbai, Konkan regions of the state, CYDA started its intervention by providing medicine, grain, food as well as plastic sheets and clothes  in Western Maharashtra.


·        Now a concentrated effort has to be taken to fulfill the short-term requirements of the people in five districts through various materials provided by corporate.   CYDA is equipped with practitioners of Medicine both within the staff as well as volunteers.  This has helped us to provide immediate response to the disaster. Our experiences in the past with Tsunami affected areas since 29th December 2004 equipped   handling this situation effectively.. 


·        Though CYDA works with flood relief directly in Pune in other districts it is channelsing its relief operation through various grassroots organizations based in the respective districts. In Kolhapur through SAMVAD, in Sangli Prakash Shikhshan Sanstha, Tasgaon, while Asthitva in Sangola and Mandesh Pretishtan, Mangalweda taluks in Solapur and BIRDS society in Belgaum district of Karnataka. CYDA has supported other organizations in Pune by way of materials as well as providing transportation to distribute materials to affected people.


·        CYDA is also involved in long-term advocacy in Pune to   develop a participatory, people centric, implemental disaster plans for the city and then makes it implemented in other districts and states.  The initial efforts to mobilize civil society has already initiated in Pune bringing people from various sections together for dialogue and interaction so that such instances could be prevented. .


Intervention Taken so far


·        Medical support to people in relief camps and villages using medical volunteers over 3000 people.

·        Supply of grains, kitchen items, bed sheets, blankets, chaddar, chattai, as well as clothes over 200 families

·        Supply over 100 kerosene stove

·        Tarpaulin to create temporary shelters over 300 families

·        Medicines worth 6 lakhs .

·        Around 15 volunteers.

·        Notebooks collected 2000.


We are grateful to CII-Mumbai, CII-Pune, Forbes Marshall, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Tata Motors; BCF- Delhi; sanvedana Trust, Emphasis for supplying us with above-mentioned materials


Case studies
Rahatwadi   is small village with   118 families on the bank of the river Bhima.  The backwaters entered in the village and remain there for 5 days. Their houses were made of muds and the foundation and walls are shaky now and people are afraid to stay over there.  Around    23 families belong to dalit community live very close to the river. 17-dalit family’s houses need immediate support and attention. 

Dhangaon is a village in Palus taluka on the bank of river Krishna comprises of 600 families out of this around 100 families were affected. 55 families require support by way of repairing and strengthening of their houses. There are many such villages in Sangli, Solapur and Kolhapur need immediate attention.


Sane Guruji High School in Kurdwad, in Shirole taluka was submerged in water for almost 5 days and students lost their books, school lost half of their library books and there many such schools need support by way of notebooks. Though Govt. promised to provide textbooks how long it will take is a story needs to be watch and seen. They need support by way of education materials.


Interventions requires


  • Educational materials support to around 10000 children by way of notebooks, compos and bags (if possible). Efforts are taken to mobilize 1 lakhs notebooks. At the expenses of Rs. 50 per child


  • Family Kit already provided to around 150 families and effort is to provide 1000 families. @ Expense of Rs. 500 per family including (grain-stove- vessels).



  • Temporary Shelter by way of repairing, cementing, strengthening etc. over 200 families at the expense of Rs. 4000 per family.


  • Cash for Work to landless laborers at the expense of Rs. 75 per day for 20 days. To around 500 people.


  • Volunteer expense as well as transportation expenses to support and sustain the efforts. 



Please contribute generously by way of materials or financial support to specific areas to “: CYDA, Pune”.

Our Address

Flat No. 4 Vasanttara

Above Udyam Vikas Sahakari Bank

Near Hotel Surya

Off Ghole Rd, Deccan Pune 411004

Tele: 020-25533168 &167 Mobile 9373308126

Email: & website:


The story of two “Tsunami”

By Mathew Mattam


I reached Nagapattinam on 29th December 2004, immediately after Tsunami. I visited Akkarapettai, Velankanni, Kameshwarm, Sruthoor, Velapallam, Pushpavanam, Vedaranyam, Maniyandeev, Kodikari during the first week of the destruction. I understood the intensity, thousands of people died, the human lose is enormous. Electronic and print media continuously highlighted the lose, remorse and the need for support. Support poured in internationally, multinational-funding agencies undertook relief and rehabilitation on war foot. Crores of worker’s one-day salary filled relief collection boxes.   Temporary shelters in place more than required; fishing engines were repaired and then replaced. Fishing boats first repaired and then again replaced.  In Pushpavanam there were 44 boats now has 60 boats, there were 4 classrooms today has 6 classrooms. The school was upto 10th and has applied for up-gradation upto 12th.   Primary school has today swings, seesaw and all the facilities, permanent houses being erected, the lose of agriculture land being reclaimed; the fishermen got into business.


But the story of Maharashtra floods indeed a Tsunami like. During Tsunami water gushed speedily and destroyed everything including killing humans while in recent Flood in Maharashtra water gushed in steadily and stayed for 10 days and destroyed everything. The difference was that people saved themselves but it was equally destructive.


   After the flood it was difficult to reach Ganeshwadi, Goutegulend, Rajapurwadi, Khidrapur, in Kolhapur districts and Dhangaon in Sangli district. I revisited again recently. Hundreds of people affected.  Many are still in relief places, at the homes of relatives. The water remained 8-10 days in their homes, schools, and destroyed everything.  During my recent visit I saw the teachers drying their record books, library books and cleaning the classrooms. The collapsed houses remain as it is, no temporary shelters being erected.  BBC and CNN did not cover it; DD and NDTV have forgotten, no funding agencies, no multinational agencies and no NGOs to work with these people.  The Government, as usual promised and it would take time to prove that they keep the promises. Even if something happened the powerful would get it and the powerless will be left to mend for themsleves.



 I met a Patil in Khidrapur and he said “ on 26th January we the students from primary school went home to home and mobilized Rs.18000 and gave to the prime ministers Tsunami fund. Today we were in the same situation like Tsunami but nobody has come forward to help us”. This was the reverberating sound I heard in very village I visited. The people of Rajapurwadi do not need anything free. They need work and they said, “ Give us work and we will make our living”.


Tsunami affected districts have been declared as disaster areas, while the flood affected villages still to be declared as flood affected villages. Even the government is not interested in taking a panchanama and knowing the exact intensity of destruction.


During the first week of Tsunami I could see ministers, bureaucrats visiting villages and relief camps in Tamil Nadu not once but many times to know the ground situation while in these flood-affected areas nobody visited. “ Now and then an NGO or a well wisher come and distribute 1 kg of grain or a note book,” said a villager. In Tsunami affected areas I did not find many NGOs all were funding agencies like Tata Trust, Oxfams, Action Aid, Christian Aid, USAID, CASA, Carithas, Catholic Relief Service, Plan International, Ford Foundation etc. It is because CNN covered it, BBC highlighted it and so multinational agencies raised fund for it.


During Tsunami I spoke to many a heads of Funding agencies. They said that they were flooded with money and they were seeking ways and means to exhaust the money. So they visited NGOs and distributed the fund and with the remaining fund started spending directly.  For this flood I enquired with a few funding agencies and they said “ we are sill looking into the matter whether Flood in Maharashtra really a case of emergency or not” and then we will start mobilizing the fund and support the cause. Since Media has not hyped it chances of collecting fund for them is remote.


 Today the focus has been shifted from Tsunami to Katrina. Editorials are being written even in newspapers of India, all the funding agencies focus being shifted, European Unions, and other governments air lift materials and once again the flood affected victims of Maharashtra will left to mend for themselves.


Like in any disasters the recent flood victims are Dalits, women and children. I saw in Helvat a Dalit who lost his house building a temporary shelter with grass as roof and I saw raining outside while it was pouring inside his home.  They have lost everything. Sometime I wonder, if this happened to any other states of India the response would have been different? A time has come for us to reach to the people who are affected by the recent flood. A time has come for the funding agencies to declare the villages on the shores of River Krishna and Panch Gaga are food affected. They deserve relief and rehabilitation on war foot.


The immediate Requirements


  1. Education Support  (Rs. 100-Rs.200 per student)
  2. Family Packet  ( Rs. 300-Rs. 500 per family)
  3.  Shelter rehabilitation (ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 50000)


Those who like to contribute kindly contact CYDA, 4 Vasanttara, Near Hotel Surya, Off Ghole Road, Deccan Ghymkhana, Pune 411004, 020-25533167 & 168 or Email:;