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As you are aware CASA is a National Voluntary Organisation with a history of responding to emergencies and disasters since 1947.  CASA as an arm of the Protestant Churches in India  is mandated to work in a purely secular manner in all spheres of its programme activities including humanitarian assistance programmes.


CASAs response is regardless of considerations of caste, creed, language, religion, ethnic origin or political affiliation.  Priority is given to families belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, women headed households, the aged and infirm and  other economically backward people. Operating on an all-India basis, CASA responds to 60-70 emergencies both natural and man-made per year.


Maharashtra Floods -

The flood situation in Maharashtra caused due to heavy rains since July 26th, 2005 over Marathwada, Konkan-Goa, Madhya Maharashtra flooded the river catchment of Mumbai island basin including Ulhas river and sub-basin of Wardha and Godavari river and upper stream catchment areas of river Kal and Savitira.   Indias financial capital was paralyzed by the strongest rains ever recorded in Indian history, with torrential downpours 37 inches in one day marooning drivers, forcing students to sleep at school and snapping communication lines.

As incessant rains continued to pour in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra for over a week  the death toll in the state reached beyoond 900. Rail, road and air traffic stayed paralysed and with dams overflowing, thousands of people had to be evacuated.

CASAs intervention

CASA has been monitoring the situation of the flood in Maharashtra since 26th July 2005.. Immediately we have put in place assessment teams to survey the flood damages and the need of the affected people in Konkan region, Thane district towns namely; Kalyan,  Vithalwadi, Ambernath, Badlapur, Panvel areas. CASA staff along with volunteers from CASAs member churches, Networks, and Partners respond in this emergency situation.


After initial assessment by the senior level staff of CASA, meetings were held with the church Clergy leaders , local leaders and  institutional  heads at Panvel, Kalyan and  Ambernath to share the assessment,  formulating the response needs and operational strategies and finalization of locations for our response.  The church also responded positively in initiating the programme and is actively collaborating with CASA.


The immediate response requirements were identified as follows:


  • Feeding by distribution of cooked food
  • Distribution of potable drinking water
  • Clothing materials
  • Utensils
  • Sleeping mats
  • Water storage containers
  • Hygiene kits
  • Dry ration food items
  • Educational material


CASA will be targeting 10,000 of the most affected families in Maharashtra for the relief part of the programme. Priority will be given to the most vulnerable sections among those affected such as women and children.


CASA has deployed 13 staff members, partners , NGOS friends and numerous church personnel in Maharashtra  since 26th July, 2005 to make on the spot assessment about damage and relief needs.  We are in constant touch with the District Administration, Municipal Commissioners and local YMCAs, Churches/Institutions to assess the situation and coordinate the relief response.


We are now in the process of identifying the beneficiaries in cooperation with our partner churches and agencies. The assistance of the local government agencies and the village leaders will also be taken in the identification process, which will seek to identify those whose needs are the greatest. This may be measured in terms of the relative loss suffered (both in terms of people and property), socio-economic background of the selected beneficiary, and also the vulnerability factor of women and children, the aged and infirm.


CASA will coordinate with the members from Panchayati Raj (local self government) leaders, local NGOs and CBOs, Block Development Officers and District and State level relief, revenue disaster management and rehabilitation bureaucrats.




CASAs activities -


      Provision of cooked food for 5 days to 6,000 people.

      Provision of drinking water for 5 days to 6,000 people.

      Provision of dry ration to 10,000 families..

      Provision of clothing, utensils, blankets and other articles  to 10,000 families.

      Provision of Hygiene Kits (bathing soap, washing soap powder and cotton towel) to 10,000 families.

      Provision of Educational material (notebooks and writing/drawing kits) to 5,000 children.


CASAs area of operation


CASAs assessment team visited districts  like Thane, Raigad , Ratnagiri & Kolhapur through assessment, cooked food and relief kit


District Thane


CASA in collaboration with  Syrian Orthodox church, Marthoma church, Methodist church, Church of North India, Hindustani Covenant  Church, Tamil  Evangelical Lutheran Church, Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church,  and   YMCA, Kalyan has started feeding Programme by distributing  of cooked food  from 31st July 2005 onwards .The survey is currently on and  and 5000 families will be covered in Thane district.the location are given below.


      Kalyan East  (Bhavani Nagar)


      Ulhasnagar (Thakarey Colony)

      Century colony

      Vadawali (Mona village)






District Ratnagiri


CASAs   assessment team was in Ratnagiri on 29th onwards and visted Sanamneshwar and Chiplun Talukas. The villages of  Denge , Khonde Phungee , Dawakole, Sakerpad, under Sangameshwar and Govakot, Majrekash, Dalwatne , Kudi, , Sati , Kalmbaste, Kaluse, Chipluin, Juad , Doavalli, Gogari , Valope, were identified  as most affected and the families are also identidfied for distribution of relief kit.  Distribution of relief kit for 1000 families.







A total of 6000 meals was being distributed daily. Since the heavy rains are not abated we need to continue the feeding programme for at least 5 days as the people are engaged in cleaning of houses and retrieving belongings. There is acute shortage of potable water, food items and cooking fuel in the affected areas and therefore the families cannot start cooking on their own immediately.


District Raigad


CASA along with partner NGOs in Konkan region  visited Raigad district. The village was badly affected and under water , totally cut of from the rest of place. The roads and bridges  were affected badly and people were evacuated. CASA has identified villages most affected , in the interiors and where the Goverment has not reached and identified the villages of Roha, Mahad and  Pen to work with.   Distribution of relief kit for  2000 families.


District Kolhapur


Through the Diocease of Kolhapur CASA has identified 56 villages and is extending its support through immediate relief.  12000 meals were provided to the families most affected and 1000 relief kits  as immediate relief measure.




Through the member Churches slums in Malad and Goregaon are identified and 1000 meals were distributed.  Relief kit will be provided for 1000 families.


Provision of potable drinking water


Sincere there is severe shortage of water for drinking and washing etc. CASA provided drinking water through tankers to most needy areas of Thane district. To augment the supplies by the government A total of 10 tankers per day for 5 days are proposed to be distributed in the areas where the feeding programme is being implemented.


Relief Assistance Process  



 Distribution of non-food items and food ration


Survey are carried out to authentify the families who need to be assisted with non-food and dry ration food items to bring them to some normalcy in their lives.  A total of 10,000 families will be covered in the above locations in the districts of Thane, Raighad, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri.


Relief Kit


CASAs relief pack consists of a hygiene kit, educational kit, family kit with food and non-food items.  The total cost of each kit is around Rs. 1,000/-  Given below are the details of the content of each kit.


Hygiene Kits


10,000 Hygiene Kits each consisting of 2 pcs. Bathing Soap, 1 Kg Washing Soap Powder  and 1 pc. Cotton Towel will be provided  to these 10,000 families.


Educational kit


Five notebooks, Writing/drawing kits (pencil pouch with accessories & crayon  will be distributed to 5,000 school children who lost their study material in this flood.


Family Kit


Food items like - 10 Kg rice, 2 Kg dal, 1 ltr oil, 1 Kg sugar and 1 Kg salt.  Non-food items like 1 bucket, one mug, 2 mats one towel, two bedsheets, one saree and one dhoti.



Future Plans


We are in the process of mobilising resources for  another 5000 families. Based on the availability  we are planning to extend the work to Satara, Yavatmal, Nanded, Akola and  Sangli. Besides working out our mid-term rehabilitation response by providing housing material and assistance CASA as well will provide assistance to a few families in restoring their livelihood at the earliest. 
Aug 7, 2005