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My suggestions and comments for improving urban India: (I'm not looking at a quickfix for existing urban problems. I'm looking at growth of cities in next twenty years. Also, this plan wouldnot prevent fixing our exisiting cities)
q       Each Tier-II city and Tier-III city must have at least one well-planned satellite town. The development must be undertaken in EACH state. This will create about 100 to 200 satellite towns in India.
q       For major cities:
o        Bangalore-Mysore corridor to be developed end-to-end.
o        Mumbai-Pune corridor to be developed (Apart from “Maha Mumbai”)
o        Chennai-SriPerambathur corridor to be developed
o        Gurgaon-Noida-Ghaziabad must be expanded further to decongest Delhi.
o        Since I have no idea about Kolkata, I’m unable to suggest for Kolkata
Details about my suggestion are available below.
Why Satellite towns are needed?
  1. Most of the existing cities are having infrastructure problems. Adding extra burden will lead to further deterioration of the infrastructure.
  2. Improving existing main cities will involve clearing many hurdles and the marginal utility of such improvement will be low.
  3. Main cities will continue to grow in unplanned manner due to lack of control. Also the inherent design and planning of the main cities are bad, which cannot be altered now.
  4. To decongest the main city, yet allow the people to stay near the desired city.
  5. These towns will absorb new emigrants and preventing the emigration of present population, by providing better conditions and new opportunities.
  6. To create new commercial zones and provide new avenues for entrepreneurial activities.
  7. To set new and better standards of living and socio-economic conditions.
  8. Adjacent rural areas will see greater growth.
  9. Rural growth can be stimulated without the growth of quality of urban life. When urban life improves faster with the help of satellite towns, the growth will start showing “ripple” effect.
What would be the goals of designing satellite towns?
  1. Size of “planned” satellite town must be at least one-third of that of main city and must be at least 5 to 10 kms away from the main city.
  2. Roads and drainage facility must be planned first and built before other infrastructure.
  3. Well-designed landscape for each town a must. Environmental concerns must be taken care of. The town must be “Greenery-friendly”.
  4. Transport must be planned to suit the needs of the town.
  5. Each town must be self-sufficient in terms of education, health services, religion, sports, and entertainment infrastructure. Utilities like electricity, water must be promptly available to each resident in the town
  6. Mandatory Low cost housing and medium cost housing
  7. Inherent disaster management plans.
What would be the “model” of development?
  1. Navi Mumbai can serve as a model of development.
  2. Each town can develop into a good twin city within 10 to 15 years.
  3. “Seed” Fund should be from Central government and the state should add the fund for the development of one autonomous body (like CIDCO of Navi Mumbai) for each town. Training the relevant authorities can be sought from CIDCO.
  4. Each State must start every development agency (like CIDCO) immediately on obtaining the seed fund.
  5. Every development agency must make the “progress sheet” public on a quarterly basis.

  1. Exclusion of agricultural land from development. Forest cover and agricultural land must be kept away from damage
  2. Acquisition of scattered land. Proper mechanisms must be applied to prevent misuse.
  3. Malpractices and corruption must not hamper growth. To infuse competition, all the developmental activities must be open to small and big builders, contractors and suppliers. More competition means lesser corruption.
  4. Arranging fund. “Seed” fund must be large enough to kick-off developmental activity. Sustainable developmental models must be designed to meet further requirements.
  5. Rural effect. More developmental activity near urban areas would give migrant rural population more jobs, thereby creating better environment. Also, many cities are scattered in the middle of the states, thus, creating more jobs throughout the state. There would no concentration of job in any particular region of a state.

aaa It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner