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Indian Epilepsy Association (Bombay Chapter)   

Samman (Epilepsy Support Group) Coming together is a beginning , Keeping together is progress, Growing together is success


·         Registered in December 1971 as a Public Charity Trust.

·         Nine founder members – Dr. Baldev Singh, Dr. B. Ramamurthi, Dr. T. K. Ghosh, Dr. E. P. Bharucha, Dr. Anil Desai, Dr N. H. Wadia, Dr. K.V. Mathai, 
                                            Dr. K. S. Mani, and Mrs. Roshan H. Dastur.

·         Initial chapters were at Bombay, Banglore, Delhi, Vellore and Calcutta. Now there are 16 Chapters.

·         Founder President of Bombay Chapter:  Dr. E. P. Barucha.

·         Mission: Raise epilepsy awareness; Increase acceptance of persons with epilepsy; Provide relief and rehabilitation to patients & their families.

·         Tools Used:  Cultural programmes, Conferences, Public awareness programmes, Competitions, Special programmes for patients & their families, Training and development programmes.

Office Bearers

PRESIDENT                          :       Dr. B.S. Singhal

VICE PRESIDENT                  :      Dr. Arun D. Bhatt
                                                    Ms. Carol D’Souza
                                                    Ms. Kavita Shanbhag

HON. SECRETARY                 :      Dr. Pravina U. Shah

JT. SECRETARIES                 :      Dr. Sangeeta H. Ravat
                                                    Dr. Urvashi R. Shah

COMMITTEE MEMBERS        :      Dr. Arun B. Shah
                                                    Dr. Anaita Hegde
                                                    Dr. Chandrasekhar Deopujari
                                                    Dr. Jayanti Mani
                                                    Mr. Ignatius Misquitta
                                                    Ms. Sujatha Gopalan
                                                    Mr.  Christopher Fernandes

Office                          Indian Epilepsy Association Bombay Chapter,
                                   E-Cell, J.S.S. Municipal School Building 
                                   Nana Chowk, Grant Road West
                                   Mumbai 400007
                                   Tel: 56057751 / 23850563

Activities at E-Cell          Counselling          ) week days 
                                      Special Education ) with  prior appointment
                                      Remedial “           )
                                      Support Group Meetings – 2nd & 4th Saturday
                                      (People wanting to attend first time please phone in advance)
                                      Excursion trip – 5th Saturday
                                      Pre Vocational Activity

Other Activities   : Awareness Programs, Quarterly Newsletter, Exhibitions cum sales, Competitions, Workshops, Conferences, Yearly picnic,   Medicine subsidy

Samman Philosophy

If you can’t be a sun, be a star
If you can’t be a highway, be a trail
If you can’t be a river, be a brook
It’s not by the size that you win or you fail
But be the best of whatever you are

Samman Mission Statement:
‘To be a group that interacts with love and care, where each person is treated equally and with respect, and to work at improving our quality of life and that of others living with epilepsy.’

Our Goals

Awareness and Education at all levels.

Boosting of morale by support group activities.

Compliance of all thumb rules for a healthy and regular life style.

Doctor’s advice should be followed religiously.

Empathy and encouragement by family members and friends.

Family to give optimal support without being over protective.

God helps those who help themselves - message to all patients.

Honesty, hard work and sincerity in all that we do.

Independence – physical, financial, emotional - the ultimate goal.

Joyful and useful living – the ultimate outcome.

In Brief

Epilepsy - What It Is 

Epilepsy is the name given to recurrent seizures or fits.

·         Epilepsy is a treatable brain disorder.

·         70% of those treated appropriately and on time get their seizures under control and are able to live normal lives.

·         Very important in getting seizures under control is taking medications regularly and on time, eating food regularly and on time, exercise and proper sleep.

Epilepsy: What It Is Not

·         Epilepsy is not caused due to black magic, evil or good spirits.

·         Epilepsy cannot be cured by 'Jadoo Tona' or tantricks. 

·         Smelling an onion or slipper will not make a person having a fit, come out of it quicker.

·         Epilepsy is not contagious.

·         Epilepsy is not a form of madness.

·         Epilepsy cannot be cured by marriage.


It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner