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 E-Educational & Life Skill Training Program

 Epilepsy, especially when uncontrolled has a huge impact on the psychosocial life of the person living with it.  Overprotection, lack of opportunities to socialize, poor time management and lack of vocational opportunities cause significant interpersonal conflicts and behavioural problems.  To help with these issues we are having the E-Educational & Life Skill Training Program.

 Aim of the Program:  to empower people with skills for independent living and impart relevant training for their social, emotional and personality development thereby improving their quality of life.

 Program Details:

 Venue:             E-Cell, J.S.S. Municipal School Building, 2nd floor, Nana Chowk,

                        Mumbai 400 007 (Tel: 23850563 / 56057751) email:
:        Mon-Friday, 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
 Duration:        Six months, 15th September 2006 to 15th March 2007.
 Group Size:     15 persons approx.
  Criteria for Inclusion

      Age: 16-30 years

      Seizure Control: Partial Control

      Intelligence: Borderline to Normal Intelligence

      Person should be physically independent

 Daily Program/Tentative Time-Table

 10.30-11.30 a.m.:        Prayer, Tea and Sharing

 11.30-12 noon:            Educational/Cognitive (game based) Re-training
 12-12.45 p.m:              Yoga

 12.30-1.30p.m:            Lunch to be brought from home.  Once a week a snack will be prepared at E-Cell - skills required such as planning the menu, shopping and handling of money to be taught.

1.30- 3 p.m:                 Daily life skills (social skills, budgeting, first aid, grooming, etc).
                                   Pre-vocational/Recreational Activity (Twice a week-Tailoring/ Computers/ Specialized cooking-Baking/ Pickles/ preserves/ Packaging/ Card Making. Thrice a week-Music/Dance/Drama)

 3p.m-3.30 p.m:            Tea and Review of Next Day

In addition;

      Home assignments will be given as well as fortnightly outdoor educational visits to markets, banks, hospitals, post offices, etc. will be planned.

      Three sessions, on a Sunday, for parents, will be scheduled At the start of the workshop, Mid-term and at the end of the workshop.

      Monthly workshops with psychiatrist/psychologist for emotional retraining and behavior modification.

 Main Organizers / Faculty Members
 Dr. Pravina Shah, Neurologist
 Hon. Secretary, IEA Bombay Chapter,

 Dr. Urvashi Shah, Neuropsychologist
 Jt. Secretary, IEA Bombay Chapter

 Carol DSouza, Psychologist
 Vice President, IEA Bombay Chapter,

 Sujatha Gopalan, Special Educator & Yoga Teacher
 Member Executive Committee, IEA Bombay Chapter

 Course Fees: Rs. 1000/- per month,  total for 6 months Rs. 6000/-

Last Date for enrollment :  15th August, 2006

  After sending in your registration form by post / email / or in person you will be called for an interview between 1st to 14th September.

 Address:           Indian Epilepsy Association, Bombay Chapter (E-Cell)

                        J.S.S. Municipal School Building, 2nd floor, Nana Chowk

                        Grant Road West, Mumbai 400 007


Tel:                   56057751 / 23850563

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