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Whether you love them or hate them, stray/street dogs in India are always a bone of contention (no pun intended…!). This section is a growing resource guide on the issue of stray dogs and includes info on:  
  - statistics
  - government acts and court orders
  - organisations working with street dogs
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others

The NGO Council held a number of meetings to discuss the issue of stray dogs and develop a plan of action.
- MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting

Mumbai : Lodge a Complaint at..(Source - DNA dated 21/06/07)

Fort to Byculla - 23071815 
Parel to Dadar - 24150400
Bandra to Andheri - 26281658
Goregaon to Borivali - 28611508
Chembur - 25285429
Ghatkopar, Bhandup, Mulund - 25161265
Dog Control Officers
- Mahalaxmi - 23085118

- Bandra - 26409275
- Malad - 28808206
- Mulund - 25618000

Rules, Policies, Procedures

  Policy Framework & Plan of Action for Stray Dogs in Mumbai (Draft2)
           -   Comments 1: Tanya Mahajan 
           -         Dec 6 - 7 Meeting with BMC - Outcome 


 Stray dogs complaints received by BMC in November 2005       
 What kennel capacity is needed to sterilise 40000 dogs / year?  
 Stray dog population declines after 70% are sterilised 

Government Acts and Court Orders:

 High Court Order 5 Oct 1988 on stray dogs 
 Dog related services by BMC                        
 Dog Control Rules, 2001   
 WHO technical report on rabies Seris931-part1 (pdf)         
Latest version of Dog Population & Canine Rabies Control by ECollage 
            Dog Population Management & Canine Rabies Control (old version) 
 Animal Birth Control by Blue Cross, Chennai 
 Schemes for Animal Welfare  
 Guidelines for Dog Population Management  (pdf and jpg files)  (10 Feb 06)

 BMC delays decision on stray dogs, again

Animal Organisations:

 32 NGOs & Dog AWOs (Animal Welfare Organisations) in Mumbai  
 Members of the High Court Monitoring Committee
Animal Welfare Board of India

Views & Discussions: 

 The Street Dog Issue (7 Mar 06)
Stray Dogs - Recommendations to Municipal Corporations - Bangalore 
             Pro-killing stray dog responses - anti-sterilisation 
             Pro-stray dog responses e.g. sterilisation, cleanliness 
 Religious attitudes regarding stray dogs 
 Gandhiji's writings on the stray dog issue, in his paper Young India   
 Are pet dogs the problem for cleanliness? 
 Discussion on two Children Killed by Stray Dogs - 1st Sept, 05 
 MRTI probe into stray dog control issue in Pune 
What to do if you are faced with an Unfriendly Dog 
 Ethical issues in rabies prevention 
Upen Patel will take care of stray dogs 
 Zoo --> a nature interpretation centre
 Stray dog menace at Narayan Dabholkar Road

 We feed around 300 stray dogs, birds, etc daily
We feed around 300 stray dogs, birds, etc daily
BMC wants to get Strays Out of City

 Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Website to sterilise stray dogs

Other Links / Websites: 

 Rabies vaccine shortage dogs civic hospitals
PIL for elimination of stray dogs in public spaces in Goa  
 A 500 stray dog shelter in Jodhpur 
 Make a flyer for an adoptable pet

 Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society
 'Street dog' population control - VETWORK UK
 A community approach to dog bite prevention 
 Treating Animals, Treating Communities - Nepal / TUFTS Univ
 Paws Place Newsletter
 Stray animals and the social environment
 No-Kill Resources (
 Dogs can detect Cancer 
 Guidelines for dog population by WHO / WSPA 

 DNA : NGOs to sterilise dogs : Aug 7, 2007
 IE : Dog Control Programme manipulated : Aug 14, 2007
 IE : BMC announces new dog control proposal : Aug 23, 2007
 IE : Dog lovers seek policy on strays : Aug 21, 2207

People Involved
- NGO Council Community Group Members - Join
    - Meetings / Agenda / Minutes 
  -  January meetings schedule with BMC 
     - Join the BMC - NGO / Citizen Committee on Stray Dogs 
           -   Transcript of Meeting regarding Stray Dogs held on 22-11-05 

- NGO Council Working Group - Join 

- NGO Council Core Group 

- BMC Officials

Jan 30, 2006

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