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NGOs to sterilise dogs
unable to check stray dog population, bmc plans to amend the city's dog
control programme
sandeep ashar

struggling to keep the city's stray dog population in check, the
brihanmumbai municipal corporation (bmc) has now entrusted non-governmental
organisations (ngos) with the responsibility of catching stray dogs for
sterlisation and then releasing them.

presently, the corporation catches the dogs, which are then sterlised by
ngos on plots allotted free of cost by the civic body. the ngos are paid
rs600 for the job. the allotment of plots, construction of dog kennels and
operation theatres, electrical and water charges and the release of stray
dogs were the corporation's responsibility.

arguing that the number of dogs sterlised and immunized under the current
dog control programme was far less as compared to the capacity of stray dog
births, the bmc will table a proposal before the standing committee on
wednesday for the amendment of the dog control programme.

as per the new policy, the civic body's responsibility will be limited to
allotting open plots for the sterlisation drive and paying rs1,200 as costs
incurred for the job. expenditures on everything else, from building dog
kennels and operation theatres to catching stray dogs and releasing them
after sterlisation, will now be incurred by the ngos.

officials from the public health department said that the bmc will save more
than rs1,000 per dog under the new programme. it will only have to pay
rs1,200 towards the sterlisation/immunisation of the dog, as compared to the
present expenditure of rs2,200 per dog. the bmc will also be reimbursed
rs450 per dog by the central animal welfare society of india in the new

to kick start the programme, the bmc plans to allot a 50,000 sq ft area in
the juhu kapaswadi cemetery to an ngo called animal welfare society, who
will set up the equipment and resources required to sterlise 100 dogs per
day. interestingly, no tenders were invited before proposing the allotted
land on caretaker basis to the ngo.

civic officials say that four ngos -international animal rescue association,
unemployed veterinary doctors association, v team and animal welfare
society - were spoken to. only the latter agreed to implement the programme
according to the administration's decision.

the ngo is registered with the animal welfare board of india and has
undertaken similar work with other corporations in the state. officials said
that the organisation has already constructed 600 cages to shelter 1,200
dogs at a time, eight air-conditioned operation theaters and purchased three
dog vans.

however, the proposal does not mention any clause on action that can be
taken against the ngo in case the efficiancy of the operation was found to
be floundering.

Publication : DNA; Section : mumbai; Pg : 5; Date : 7/8/07