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In the Cleanliness Group, various themes were identified, and NGOs / non-NGOs volunteered to be theme leaders.
That seems to be an effective way of all of us working together.
Similarly, regarding Stray Dogs, some possible themes could be:
    - educating children
    - educating citizens
    - complaint cell - dogs being harassed / need attention
    - complaint cell - people being harassed by dogs
    - co-ordinating with animal welfare orgs
    - co-ordinating with BMC
    - overall co-ordination of this group
Any other?
Pl volunteer to take charge of any of these themes (even sub-themes).
Pl give your views and suggestions.
I think the Agenda for the Dec 6 meeting with BMC could be:
a) points emanating from the ongoing implementation of the High Court Order, 1998, e.g.
        - cell for complaints / register of complaints / dogs captured / action taken
        - time-table to cover city zone-wise / performance / plan / budget
        - quarterly progress report - analysis
        - release of funds to ngo's / other infrastructural facilities needed by ngo's e.g. permissions, pending requests
        - etc.
b) identifying themes and theme leaders
c) formation of a BMC - NGO group and its working modalities.


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