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  Our Right to Information queries with regard to ABC implementation were answered by the Pune Municipal Corporation and their responses printed in The Indian Express under their RTI initiative. Questions as to the ‘veracity’ of the information should perhaps be directed to the AWO’s and AWBI, who have for the last 10 years projected Pune as an example of ABC “success”. They have repeatedly thrown around made up figures of dog populations and rabies vaccinations, thereby deceiving the public, the govt. and donor organizations. Now when it has been proved an utter failure, it is reprehensible to cast aspersions on the citizens themselves and a little too late for Pune should be left out of the debate.  

However, dogs being killed does not in any way explain the following:  

  1. Why the AWBI has been unaware of the Pune situation for 10 years?
  2. What annual inspections has the AWBI conducted with regard to ABC implementation in Pune?
  3. Why has no dog ever been re-vaccinated against rabies?
  4. What happens to funds for rabies vaccination programs?
  5. Why do Pune AWO’s have no idea what happened to 17,000 dogs?
  6. Why have no dog population estimates ever been conducted?
  7. Why are dogs hot branded (triangular mark) and released before they have even healed (see attached pictures)?
  8. What are the ‘animal lovers’ of Pune doing about this inhumane treatment of sterilized dogs? Or is cruelty an issue only when it is perpetrated by someone else?

It’s strange that people who are apparently so concerned about dogs have never bothered to find out themselves as to how many dogs the PMC has killed. Not entirely surprising though, considering that critical public health issues are referred to as a “laundry list”.

 Meghna Uniyal



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