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Right to information: Pune has never stopped dog-killing 
I was really shocked to read here the blatant misrepresentation of our Pune stray dog scenario by two "citizen activists." Readers unaware of the true picture would be misled into believing that the Pune municipality does not kill a single dog, and that they are only sterilized here. In actual fact, large numbers of stray dogs have been regularly poisoned in Pune for years and as this seems to differ from the other cities  dealing with sterilizations, Pune should not be brought into debates about this issue. The barbaric and illegal practice of poisoning dogs has continued unchecked through all the years the sterilization programme has been implemented.
Smt Almitra Patel's recommendations put up on Karmayog also confirm this. She quotes a certain Dr Deodhar as saying that "in Pune, the present practice of discriminate destruction of dogs...should continue." However, it would be more correctly described as indiscriminate destruction.
I suppose such citizen activists feel that strewing poison around contributes to a clean and safe environment?
Three questions which should be added to the EXHAUSTIVE laundry list of things to ask under RTI:
(1) How many stray dogs are poisoned every year?
(2) How many of those dogs were sterilized strays, or pets?
(3) How much of public money has been spent on killing stray dogs in Pune ?
If there are still stray dog problems in Pune, in my opinion they should be blamed on dog-killing and not on sterilizations. In fact sterilizing dogs is certainly a waste of money and resources if so many dogs are going to get killed afterwards. 
I wish there was some way Karmayog could screen messages for veracity before putting them before an unsuspecting public. Unless people bother to write and clarify misconceptions, readers will get a very distorted picture of many issues.
Dina Mehta

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