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In this situation don't you think that awareness is the key? I thought just writing that should help some people to see what's going on. When it happened in Quiet I brought it up at the very next meeting and brought it to people's attention that just because they cannot do anything about all the other big problems or because they are too hard to tackle they took this action which was actually wrong and which did not change anything. It was a guest who taken up the task of treating the dog, so I don't think the  guests are disturbed by seeing this dog.(he was not ugly, or skin disease, just a bit thin). I sincerely questioned how we could call ourselves an alternative healing centre if we could put to death one meek and unfortunate soul. They all said it would never happen again and that after it was done some of them had regretted it. This is why I wrote that for karmayog. Other ways of making this understood could be through the media - some more such articles. But this is a real slow process. Such articles will get a thumbs up from all the animal rights people, and many of the others will not even read it. Only a small percentage will become aware. That's all we can do.

I do believe that this is the situation not just for dogs but for everything. Its always easier to blame - MCGB / or any other authority than to do something yourself. And it is always better to do something yourself no matter how small the impact than just blame. I think this is also what you mean when you always say please give your solution.


Dec 5, 2005

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