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It would be worthwhile to double check information that is derived from website's like the BMC which could have outdated information. The telephone no of the Senior sanitary Inspector, Dogs Licensing Establishment Office for P and R wards, cattle pound Office, Entrance of linking Rd., Malad (W), Mumbai 400064 is 28808206. The tel no given is of the cattle pound.

Immunization Centre for Dogs against Rabies:

This information is very outdated as in the list - No (3) Office of the Dog Control Officer, there is no immunization carried out for dogs. We know this as the Welfare of Stray Dogs(WSD) kennels are in the same compound and stray dogs are immunized free of charge by us.

I think all the other centers mentioned in the list other than No (5) Veterinary Dispensary, S. V Rd., Khar (W), Mumbai 400052 may not be dispensing anti- rabies vaccination for dogs.


Abodh Aras
The Welfare Of Stray Dogs(WSD)
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[That's so wierd. It's from the 2005 Civic Dairy of BMC ]

Dec 2, 2005

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