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Dear Vinay,
During the last few days I have been reading quite a number of mails expressing concern on the stray dogs. I have however to  speak on the privileged pedigreed pet dogs owned and kept by citizens.
It has been my experience  that these so-called  respectable citizens do not have any civic sense and they do not follow any civic rules when it comes to their dogs . In our area (Pestom Sagar, Chembur) we have engaged private sweepers who clean the roads twice a day. But it often pains me to see that minutes after they have cleaned  the roads, owners of pet dogs or their servants come to the roads and the dogs are made to defecate on the clean roads. With great persuasion and education, we have succeeded in  totally eliminating human defecation on the roads but now have to suffer the dog defecation .When some one points out this to the dog owners, they become more ferocious than their dogs and abuse... sometimes even threatening to let their dogs loose!
Shri.M.N.Singh, the previous Commissioner of Police had countered this menace in Worli area by asking the Police to take action against such errant dog owners.He succeeeded to a certian extent. But he was the Pollice Commissioner.Where and how can ordinary mortals meet this menace?
Even our President Abdul Kalam has touched upon this subject in one of his talks- how NRIs behave when out of India and how they behave once back in India and he has cited the example of dog squatting.
I have been telling the dog owners to train their dogs to use their own toilets within their flats- but they are averse to the dogs using the man's toilets!!
I tell them to use  refuse bags and train their dogs to use them .There are in fact, many dog trainers who train the dogs in this matter; but the dog owners just refuse to co-operate and are belligerent.
One idea which strikes me is that while the dog owners take their licence from BMC for keeping it as a pet, they should be asked to give a declaration that they shall not use roads and public spaces for  easing their dogs.They should also be asked to report about their dogs details to the  nearest Police Chowky with a copy of the declaration.
I would like to have views of the members to encounter this nuisance.
Thank you,

Dec 3, 2005 

Just wanted to say that not just my pet dogs, but even my pet cats are always toilet trained, successfully, excepting the rare times when they had the occasional diarrhoea. They use the family toilets but no visitor has ever complained of any stench in my house. 

My last dog ,who was handicapped all her life and could not walk a couple of steps before stumbling, would crawl to the toilet to relieve herself, even to her last day when she was passing gallons of blood due to renal failure. 

The point is, pet owners need to be responsible and if they treat their pets as one of the family, they should take the trouble of toilet training them too. It takes a couple of days and a little patience, but works.

Just think how many months we wait to have our own kids to get toilet trained !!!

Dec 6, 2005 

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner