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I live in Quiet, Auroville. Its a beautiful green paradise on the beach on the Bay of Bengal. We have an alternative healing centre  and guesthouses. Many months ago a clearly unwell, meek stray dog entered the compound and ended up staying. He was sweet, never barking, never running after people, never begging for food. Seeing his condition the watchman and workers began 
giving him tidbits. I too made it a point to give something every night to  this gentle, endearing but weak creature. Once during my absence a woman from Australia took him under her wing, took him to the vet, treated him. He grew a bit better day by day. Several months passed and he became a part of the place. One fine day I found that he was not there. Through questioning I understood that the director and the office staff, thinking that his presence would not be appreciated by the guests, had called a vet, had him put down and buried him. They did not tell me of their plan as they thought that I would not take it well.

Like every place our centre has its problems. The villager dump all their garbage in front of our gate. Our beach is used by the local fishermen to dry their fish and it gives rise to an intolerable stench at times. These fishermen use this same beach where they dry the fish as their toilet, so there is always shit on our beach, making swimming in the sea unsavory.  I assume these and several other problems would upset our guests far more than a meek dog sitting in a small corner of a huge compound, yet just because the other issues are too difficult to handle the people in the office killed the dog and felt they had made the place more attractive.

I feel the same is the case with the stray dog issue that we are talking about on this forum. It is definitely one that must be looked into but there is no way to complain about all the other human related issues because no body can go out and kill the human culprits. The poor mute dog gets all the blame and becomes a victim but he is far from the main problem. 

Nandita Shah

Dec 5, 2005

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner