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 Pro-killing stray dog responses - anti-sterilisation

Response 4: 

In my opinion, one of the most serious issues faced by mumbai today is that of stray dogs. Their population is increasing day by day and so is their menace. Damn the animal organizations and Menaka Gandhi for interfering with their killing. Why are these dogs favoured when all animals around  are suffering abuse? The poor timid goats are sacrificed in the name of religion. The other domestic animals are ill treated. The snakes which are friends of farmers, especially the rat snake which is a natural predator for rats are killed as soon as they are spotted.Lakhs of chickens were culled for fear of bird flu.When all these killings can be justified, why not that of stray dogs?

1) stray dogs spread filth and diseases
2) Their bites are increasing day by day.
3)They bark all thro day and night disturbing everybody
4)They are reproducing so fast that sterilization is expensive .Neither the BMC nor the NGO's are of any help in this regard

Given all these points we can conclude that nature always has a way of controlling animal populations by predator prey relationship. But in the case of stray dogs this is not happening and with sterilization becoming ineffective their populations are increasing manifold. If menaka gandhi has a problem then let her sponsor money for the sterilization of all the dogs of mumbai! The court should allow the BMC once again to kill the dogs

kala suresh

Response 3:

dear friends,
as a former municipal commissioner...of aurangabad in maharashtra...who incidentally also got bitten by stray dogs during a morning run....i have long been a proponent of destroying stray sterilise or vaccinate them is nowhere a solution in any part of the world...this is never enough to prevent the huge problem so pithily outlined in the bangalore draft....the armchair liberals who want cosset stray dogs in the streets are on the same lines as  minority groups who may want rats or other vermin  not dealt with in public lovers have been given a chance by courts to protect the awful, spreading range of disease and dog bites...they have miserably failed...time to make a strong undivided stand against misguided dog lovers through the very pertinent marshalling of facts and figures...the bangalore draft is brilliant...i will support to the last dog bite...s.shankar menon... ias..retired..but still well after dog attack in 1984.

(Glad you survived your dog-bite.  The brother of our ex Addl Mpl Commissioner Bangalore Mahendra Jain IAS was not so lucky... Regards, Almitra)


Response 2:
The last way to solve the problem is to eliminate the problem. This is the only solution for stray dog. The problem became a menance only after Maneka moved the petition for protecting the lives of stray animals. 
Rajiv Apte


Response 1:
For whatever my personal views are worth, I am 100% in favour of rounding up and destroying stray dogs. No-one can tell me that these poor creatures are loved and nurtured by anyone, and I would rather that love and nurture was directed towards the children living in slums who get bitten! 

Also, a personal view, I am fed up with being disturbed in the night by stray dogs barking.
Add my name to any petition if you want, but I will not be attending meetings. 
 Dec 12, 2005

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