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 Guidelines for dog population Management

                  Reader's Guide
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                  Classification of Dogs
Chapter 1  The Dog Population  
Chapter 2  Techniques Applied to the Study of Dog Populations
Annex 2.1  Dog ecology survey questionnaire  
Annex 2.2  Survey of dogs in the Maghreb
Chapter 3  Certification, identification and recording of dogs
Chapter 4  Legislation
Annex 4.1  European convention for the protection of pet animals
Annex 4.2  Model legislation for dog control in a rabies infects area
Chapter 5  Planning and Management
Annex 5.1  Examples of a tree diagram of factors influencing the population and density of dogs 
Annex 5.2  Objectives of a comprehensive program for the management of dog populations
Annex 5.3  Principal components of a tree diagram of the management of dog population
Chapter 6  Field techniques of dog population management
Annex 6.1  Dog catching and restraining loops
Annex 6.2  Dog trap
Annex 6.3  Suppliers of equipment
Chapter 7   Sources of further information
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