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Dear All,
I think everyone is fed up of the debate on this forum on dogs, people are more keen on action rather than finding out who is wrong.

For last 8 years Quaneez has been crying hoarse over stray dog issues, which is her right. But she has also been caught
misreporting and misleading public on things as serious as high court orders and orders by the National Human Rights Commission. She had claimed in the newspapers that High Court has ordered dog killing as a "last resort" (while hiding the fact that the order meant, only in an extreme injury or incuable disease a dog be put to sleep). She claimed NHRC as ordered PMC to start killing of Stray Dogs, while the NHRC denied in writing that it never ever ordered so.

I may also clarify the Role of NGOs and why is there the ABC program. 

1. Why ABC?
ABC is not the "perfect" solution for stray dog control,the ideal solution is total control of open garbage combined with
implemenation of certain rules on owners of pet dogs. Since, we agree that we as cities have failed on these both miserably, ABC is being implemented. And such compromises are made everywhere, and with valid reasons. T.B, the disease is treated with a combination of drugs that poses a grave risk If the medication is discontinued, the patient may end up with incurable forms of the disease, or worse, give birth to new incurable strains of it. But there is no other known affordable method to cure it. So a less than 'perfect' solution is used and it largely works, but not without exceptions. 

2 . Issues relating to ABC management and Lapses : 
Animal Welfare Organisations are not duty bound to run ABC, nor do are they  doing it for pleasure. Our corporations admit that they are incapable of running ABC themselves, so the AWOs had to step in. Alteast till 1 years ago i know, most AWOs have had dues amounting tens of lakhs with the respective municipal corporations. I dont think it has changed, a bulk of the funds continue to remain individual donations, some odd grants and money from trustee's own pockets. ( I have stopped counting how many lakhs I have donated personally in last 7 years).

3. Why are the lapses : Who run these NGOs? Pune's Blue Cross is run by a couple of close to 80 years in age. PAWS is run by a group of 3- 4 leaders 50 other volunteers, of average 20-25 years of age. Similar stories for all others. Top it up with the is constant pressure to deliver more from the same meagre resources. They need applaud for the 499 successful operations rather than brick bats for the 1 failure. What takes up most of their energy? Arranging funds.. most of them have bank balances of 5,000 or 10,000 when they are lucky, overdrafts most of the times every, most energy goes in arranging funds and managing animal emergency. Remember, each of the, do this while sacrificing their careers, family life, freinds and personal goals. If you want AWOs to deliver perfect results, create perfect situations for them. ABC is NOT their duty, like all good NGOs they are doing it for the scoiety while making sacrifices.

4. E-collage / Qaneez / SDFB Answer these : 
Like all politicians, they love to "expose" sensational issues, while ignoring the real ones. The fact is ABC is NOT a kinder way of doing what killing can easily do. Killing is only an emotional way of dealing with crisis. Killing has been a MISERABLE failure, 35-50% of dog population EACH YEAR was being killed and being DOCUMENTED for over 45 years in various cities all accross India. If it were a success, we would got rig of dogs by 1960s or 70s itself. What new plans do they have to prove that they can make it work this time. Kiling "appearing" to solve the problem is not enough, IT HAS TO BE PROVEN TO BE MORE EFFECTIVE WITH SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC STUDIES THAT WILL APPLY TO INDIAN CONDITIONS. THIS HAS TO BE BACKED WITH A DEFINITE PLAN THAT THEY CAN PROVE WILL WORK. I have personally approached Qaneez several times, to work collabratively. Using the system that science proves most effective.
 What differentiates doers and talkers is... doers put in their own money mind and efforts and work on the battleground. Talkers, want someone else to clean the mess while they grab media attention from their armchairs.

If this issue needs to be debated further, lets spare Karmayog from it. Anyone wishing to debate can send an email to with "Stay dogs" as the subject. We will carry this debate off the list in a seperate list. There are many vital issues to be discussed on this list. 

Manoj Oswal

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner