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The Street Dog Issue 
Sometimes it is boring to explain or give energy to people who feel that by killing a species problems go away -
1994 Surat - the Municipality of Surat exterminated all street dogs and were visited by the plague - tourism declined throughout India which led to hardships for many citizens.
No one not even animal welfarists or rightists are denying that the population of street dogs are too many - however the main problem arises with us humans - remove the food source and the dogs will go away.
There are people who blame racehorses for gambling and the hardships that come with it. This working animal who carries roughly 40 people's employment on his back is normally dumped on the roads at the age of 8 (lifespan 30) Never having learned to feed himself or find food or shelter they die miserably mainly of plastic bag colic (intestine impaction). EVEN the so called bio degradable turn into razor sharp pieces in the stomach and cause internal bleeding.
I have a case of a cow having its eyes poked out because the owner let it stray into someone else's carrot field to feed as in not feeding his animal he makes a bigger profit. Most cattle die 3 times. The Vet is paid 1000 rups to sign a form that it was  bitten by unknown dog therefore rabies threat  then claimed from insurance- then the FO gets 1000 rups to say it was attacked by a wild animal - goverment compensation and then the surprisingly walking dead animal gets sold to the slaughter house. Goats are also kept for Bakri Id even tho when hit by a car or bike was almost a relation of the family?!
Come on people - the basic rule of any NGO is TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED. This tells us alot of the readers who want to kill all that are nuisances.
And as a HUMAN BEING very embarrassing. I almost dread to ask the question - was your mother slapped for letting you be born?
Again to those who  want to understand  - Read ETERNAL TREBLINKA by Charles Patterson available at
All animals are used in a commercial manner and the killing of stray dogs was a very lucrative commercial venture for Municipality Health Officers. They made money on advertising for tenders, made money on the tenders and the killers STILL  skin dogs ALIVE for black magic, fashion, and ofcourse to mix with mutton to make more money. Cats are mixed  or sold as chicken to quite a few hotels. DO YOU KNOW WHAT BIRYANI YOU ARE EATING? Why do you think that Municipalities are reluctant to cough up monies for sterilization?
It is the same as beating and abusing children in schools - we have always abused animals, women & children - In the last 20 years , a minute amount of time in civilization we have decided that the way we were brought up could have been wrong as we haven't produced responsible and caring citizens - so you people with a killing streak - try it our way and if the dogs disturb you cough up the same amount as you do for your pleasures monthly and we NGO's will gladly take care of the 'disturbances".
I, personally wonder if your readers wife or mum would pay to have Kala removed?
Life is so terribly short can't we spend it on exchanging info, learning and meeting sensible and caring people?
Roxanne Davur/Terra Anima
From Ooty where there are 3000 NGOs for humans and since 2000 only 3 for animals. 

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner