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 Join the BMC - NGO / Citizen Committee on Stray Dogs

The transcript of the meeting regarding Stray Dogs held on 22-11-05 at 4 pm at Karmayog office, and from 5 pm onwards at the office of Mr. Ratho, Additional Municipal Commissioner can be seen at . We thank Tanya Mahajan for the transcript.
As we saw in our discussions and the various emails prior to the meeting, information about policies and procedures for tackling stray dog related issues are not existing or easily available. e.g. we could not find the Dog Control Rules or High Court Orders on the net. There is no policy or procedure document with BMC. There does not seem to be a strategy or plans in place. Neither BMC nor NGOs seem to have well-thought out reports on this. Some info has now been put up on the Stray Dogs section in
So as agreed by Mr. Ratho, the next step for us would be to form a formal group of NGOs and other concerned citizens along with BMC officials to interact with BMC, citizens, NGOs, etc.
The group could be involved with the following:
1. Formulating policies, plans, procedures, etc. pertaining to stray dogs.
2. Acting as a resource for individuals and groups to answer questions pertaining to stray dog policies, behaviour, sensitisation, etc. i.e. answering questions / addressing Rotary Clubs / etc.
3. Acting as or creating a referral point for citizens for guidance on whom to contact to inform about:
            - problems faced by specific dog(s)
            - problems faced by citizens due to specific dogs
4. Interacting with BMC to know about the effectiveness, problems, and plans for the various measures being taken
Do keep in mind the thrust would be towards sterilising stray dogs, and dealing with rabid / vicious dogs. And not for killing / removing stray dogs.
From our experience in the NGO Cleanliness Group, we have learnt that it is necessary to have a formal and committed group. It is also necessary to have some funds to cover secretariat type functions and activities. Accordingly, a membership structure is proposed as follows:
Membership Fees for the NGO Stray Dogs Committee till 31 March 2006:
    - individuals                Rs. 100
    - NGOs                      Rs. 250
    - commercial orgs       Rs. 500
All information, proceedings of discussions, decisions, etc. would be put online at and would thus be publicly accessible for anyone to read and respond. So one doesn't necessarily have to be a member to give views or to know what's being planned or is happening. But meetings will be only for members.
Please make your cheques in favour of 'Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust' and mail them to:
Mr. Vinay Somani
Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust
Shreeniwas House, 2nd floor
(Behind Bombay Gym)
H. Somani Road, Fort
Mumbai 400 001

Contact 22940109 (For enquiries between 2 to 3 pm)
All above details are in the Contact Us button on the site.
Please give your feedback and suggestions.

Other Committees for Stray Dogs

There seem to be a few groups pertaining to stray dogs.
1. Urban Devp Committee - at state level - meets once in 3 or 6 months.  
2. High Court appointed committee - - to implement High Court Guidelines 1998 --- 15 people incl. of bmc & ngos  
3. BMC & NGO Sterilisation Committee - meets monthly - 6 NGOs, 6 BMC officers  
4. Animal NGOs in Mumbai - informal monthly meetings when an NGO has an issue to discuss - about 10 NGOs  
5. Times Forum for Animals - planning legal cell against cruelty, education awareness, helpline.
There are 6 NGOs in Mumbai doing sterilisation of dogs - WSD, IDA, AIWA, SPCA, PALS, Ahimsa
The above is unverified. It would be useful to know more about the objectives and the outcomes of these and any other groups.

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