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This section contains the following:
  - details of a new group being formed 
  - rules, policies, procedures, research papers, etc.
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others   
- MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting

  Disaster Planning and management: 
     Disaster Management Act 2005
     Dos and Don'ts of Disaster Management  
     - Maharashtra Disaster Management Plan   
     - Mumbai Plan  
     - A Ward
     - B Ward
     - C Ward
     - D Ward
     - E Ward
     - F (North) Ward
     - F (South) Ward  (Resource Directory)
     - G (North) Ward
     - G (South) Ward
     - H (East) Ward
     - H (West) Ward
     - K (East) Ward
     - K (West) Ward
     - L Ward
     - M (East) Ward
     - M (West) Ward
     - P (North) Ward
     - R (North) Ward
     - R (South) Ward
     - R (Central) Ward
     - S Ward
     - T Ward  
   - MCGM Disaster Management Plan for Schools (pdf)  
   - Greater Mumbai Disaster Management Plan Volume II- Inventory of Resources (pdf)  
   - Indian Disaster Resource Network (IRDN) data collection format (pdf)

    Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Reduction
- Disaster risk management profile of Mumbai (pdf) 
      - GoI-UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme in Maharashtra State   
      -  Disaster Risk Management Programme, India (2002-07) (pdf)  
      - Local level risk management, Indian Experiece, a document by UNDP (pdf) 
      - Knowledge management in disaster risk reduction a document by GoI-UNDP (pdf)   
      -  Partnership with the Private Sector in Promotion of total Disaster Risk Management, a paper by Mr. Pawan D. Kant, Hindustan Construction Company Ltd, India (pdf) 
       - A comparative analysis of Disaster Risk management Practices in seven Megacities (pdf) 
        A paper on Disaster risk management and vulnerability reduction by ADPC Bankok (pdf)  

    Disaster and Mitigation: 
Guidelines for improving hazard resistant construction of buildings and land use zoning, BMTPC 
      - Technolegal aspects of earthquake, windstorm and flood hazards and land use zoning, BMTPC  
      - Overview of Natural disaster preparedness & mitigation programmes presentation by M K Barooah (ppt)  

     - Disaster  Management Plan by MHADA - DM - for collapsed buildings
     - A Status Report on Disaster Management in India by GoI (pdf) 
     - Final Recommendations of International Workshop on Disaster Management Organized by GoM in 2004
     - Strategies, Recommendations and Action Plan for Disaster Mitigation, Prevention and Preparedness by BMTPC,  New Delhi  
     - Suggestive Strategies, Recommendations and Action Plan for Disaster Mitigation, Prevention and Preparedness by Government of India Expert Group 
     - Synopsis of the major recommendations given by expert committee for Development of Model Building Bye-laws for Seismic Zones by BMTPC (pdf)
     - Disaster management the development perspective, an extract of chapter in the tenth five year plan document 2002-2007 (pdf) 

    Self Preparedness and Social Awareness:
- "Trends in strengthening local communities in reducing disasters" - Article by Sophia Mitchell  
- Nuclear Emergencies - How to respond, Department of Atomic Energy India  
     -  A document on disaster preparedness campaign by GoI-UNDP (pdf)  
     - Top tips for disaster recovery readiness for organizations,IT People 8 Apr 2002
- Supply and delivery of 24 nos. of Excavator loaders under disaster Management including Comprehensive operation and maintenance for five years.

  Emergency Management and Rescue:

    Technology in disaster management:
An article on "technology planning for Civil emergencies'  
     - Various Modes of Communication used in Amateur Radio 
     - Information on Disaster management techniques and Steps involved in rescue, Rebuild India 
     - Maharashtra Communication Network for Disaster Management (VSAT) 
     - India Disaster resource network (IDRN) (pdf)
     - ICT for disaster risk reduction, Indian experience, a document by GoI-UNDP (pdf) 
     - An overview of use of GIS related technologies in disaster management by V K Sharma  
     - Concept note on Role of internet-based GIS in effective natural disaster management by Naresh Raheja, Noida  
     - Coping Study on Technology for Disaster reduction, United Nations University (pdf) 
     - A paper on Technological challenges of the disaster management plan for state of Maharashtra by K S Vatsa, USA (pdf)  
     - A paper on GIS technology for disaster and emergency management by Russ Johnson, USA 2000 (pdf) 
     - A paper on GIS technology in natural disaster management, ESRI, US (pdf)  
    Self Help:
     - Fire Safety guides and manuals 
     - Evacuation Suggestions for People with Disabilities from Helpu US (pdf)
     - Rescue and emergency management Kits to Sustain Everyday Life in the event of a disaster by sristi 
         - Prof. Ravi Sinha, IIT (Mumbai)
         - Greater Mumbai Disaster Management Plan Volume II- Inventory of Resources (pdf)  
         - World resources for Emergency Management on the Internet form Staffordshire Raynet 

Rescue Teams:
         - International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) 

         Training Institutions:
          - List of Disaster Management Authorities & Institutions in India 


          Mumbai Organizations:
          - Center for Education and Documentation, Mumbai
          - Times Foundation, Mumbai 
          - Mumbai Amateur Radio Society
          - Proposal for ProVention- Disaster Management Cell of NMIMS 

Non-Mumbai Organisations:
          - Sankalp, Bangalore 
          - Oxfam India 
          - UNDP, India 
          - All India Disaster Mitigation Institute  
          - National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad  
          - National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering, Kanpur
          International Organizations working in India: 
          - List of international Organizations working for disaster relief in India 
          Relevant Government Departments:
          - Mumbai Regional Meteorological Centre  
          - Centre For Disaster Management (CDM), YASHADA  

  Recovery and Rehabilitation
- Disaster recovery business tips for survival - Information Center Guide, May 2003 by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (pdf) 

  Good Practices / Case Studies: 
     - Examples of Good practices in Disaster management documented by World Bank  
     - List of Some concrete ideas of how societies challenge hazards compiled by ISDR 
  Workshops / Conferences: 
     - 16th World Conference on Disaster Management to be held on Jun 16, 2006 in Toronto  
     - A Report on Disaster Management Workshop organised by Times Foundation, Dec 22, 2005 
     - REL announces Rs 100-cr disaster management plan to restore supply within 24 hours, The Hindu, 3 Aug 05 
- Earthquake safety procedures  
Dos and Don'ts of Earthquake  (pdf) 
     - Priorities for Mental Health Sector Development in Gujarat (The Mission Report 2003)  
     - An earthquake preparedness guide (pdf) 
     - Earthquake Design And Construction by IIT Kanpur 
     - Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project, Govt of India (2002-07) (pdf) 
     - National Programme for Capacity Building of Architects in Earthquake Risk Management, GoI (pdf) 
     - National Programme for Capacity Building of Engineers in Earthquake Risk Management (pdf) 
     - Seismic zoning in India a map by Regional Meterological Center, Colaba 
     - Maharashtra Emergency Earthquake Rehabilitation Programme 
     - Guidelines for improving earthquake resistance of housing, BMTPC (pdf) 

  Industrial Accidents:
     - A document on risk management for chemical industries by Cholamandalam risk services 
     - An Overview of  the Emergency Response Plans in the  Department of Atomic Energy 
     - Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster (Processing of cliams) Act, 1985 

    Laws / Acts / Bills
     - Section 146 IPC on riots  
     - The CRPF Act (pdf)

    Mumbai Police
     - Telephone No.s of Police officers and police stations, Mumbai  
     - Organizational structure of Mumbai Police and information on riot control Police  
     - Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) 

     - A Memorandum submitted by ICPI, Aligarh on riot free India, Milli Gazette Online, Nov 27 2005  

     - Why do riots Occur? A review on a book "Riots and Pogroms", Frontline sept 1997 

Flooding in Mumbai 

People Involved
- NGO Council Community Group Members - Join
    - Meetings / Agenda / Minutes 
     -  January meetings schedule with BMC 
Meeting on Disaster Prevention & Management on Jan 12 
          - Minutes of Meeting on Disaster Management held on 12th Jan 2006 ( 25 Jan 06)
          - BMC - NGO Disaster Mgt - next steps after Jan 12 mtg 
     - Notes of Meeting on Feb 6 reg. Disaster Management -- next steps BMC - NGO Council  

- NGO Council Working Group - Join 

- NGO Council Core Group 

- BMC Officials


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