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Viceroy Park A&B Tower ALM Committee
Contact Person: Ms. Khatri, coordinator of the ALM
Address: 15 D, Tower B, Viceroy Park ,
Thakur Village , Kandivalli (E)
Tel: 9892201623
Ward: R South
Concerned BMC officials: Mr. Vasekar, Mr. Jagtap  

The ALM had been formed in June 2004 under the guidance and initiation of Ms. Seema Redekar (ALM officer for the western suburbs). It covers an area of two buildings. Ms. Khatri and her husband are the two coordinators for the ALM. Meetings take place as per the need and requirement.  


The two coordinators bear the primary responsibility of activities carried out by the ALM.  The coordinators took the initiative of calling up the offices of companies that dug the roads for putting underground cables. They even wrote letters and followed up with the concerned officials until the company resurfaced the road. Soon they came into an informal agreement with all the companies (Tata, Reliance, MTNL etc.) that required digging up of roads quite often. As per the agreement, the company was to resurface the area once their work was over and put back the creepers on the soil.

Various activities taken up by the ALM are:

  • Resurfacing of the roads.
  • Segregation of the waste at its source and composting of the wet waste

Two composting pits have been built in the premises of the society where the wet waste collected from all the houses gets decomposed. The pits are made of bricks, which are placed in an interlocking manner so as to allow aerobic decomposition of the waste. The segregated dry waste is given to the rag pickers identified by the ALM (they have been given identity cards by the ALM). The wet waste is put in one of the pits by the sweeper (trained in handling dry and wet waste) on a daily basis. On top of every layer of wet waste, a layer of cow-dung slurry is put. When the pit gets completely filled, garden waste is spread over it and the waste is left to get decomposed with the help of air, moisture and heat. Till the second pit gets filled with waste, compost/manure in the first pit gets ready.

  • Tree plantation and beautification of the by-lanes.
  • Drainage related repair work.
  • Reduction in infiltration by hawkers and vendors- the ALM members approached hawkers in a group and also took help from BMC.
  • Disallowing and discouraging people as well as companies (and other bodies) from putting up hoardings and banners on the walls, trees etc.

Good Practices:

  • The coordinators put in extra efforts to encourage more and more people of their locality to participate in the functioning of the ALM. They employ various means towards achieving this end, for example- giving recognition to others for their support and participation, informal talks with regard to problems, maintenance and cleanliness of their area, involving them in decision-making etc.
  • Unique way to generate resources- shops and companies (like- Pizza Hut, D Mart) in the neighbourhood area were approached and requested to sponsor tree guards for the pavements. These tree guards served dual purpose. On one hand, they beautified the area and on the other advertised their sponsors. The shop owners were also asked to place dustbins in front of their shops and help in keeping the area clean and green. Two or more shop owners (Pizza Hut and Café Coffee Day) had also hired a sweeper for keeping the roads in their area clean. The ALM had tried their level best to negotiate with nearby cinema halls and other showrooms in keeping the area clean and had been successful to a large extent in securing cooperation and support from them.
  • Planting creepers (a fast growing grass) on the roadside. After completing digging work, the companies had to just put back the soil and plant creepers on it that had earlier been there. On one hand, such a step ensured beautification of the road and the area and on the other hand made the task of resurfacing also easy for the companies taking up digging work in the area.
  • Strict observation of rules and constant follow up with the defaulters.

For example- a rule prohibiting spitting was made. A list of prospective people (house maids, security guards, gardeners, sweepers etc.) who chew tobacco or paan was prepared and asked not to spit in the society premises. It was the duty of guards to keep a vigil and report back the names of the defaulters to the coordinators. The defaulters were given warnings every time they repeated the offence. Slowly and slowly most of them stopped spitting. It was found that one of the housemaids was a troublemaker and did not abstain from spitting on the ground. Her employer finally threw her out of her job. Such a strict action forced people to observe other rules as well. At times even children residing in the society were asked to pick up the garbage thrown by them in open area and use the dustbins that had been placed in and around the society area.

  • The ALM is able to secure a 100% waste segregation.
  • The coordinators have prepared a file with complete details about different trees i.e. their uses, life span etc. This had helped them in planting trees with differing uses and medicinal value. The ALM got the saplings free of cost from ‘ Mahim Nature Park ’. A nominal amount of money from each resident family was taken for bearing other costs involved in planting of trees.
  • The ALM brought out a concept of ‘adopt a tree’. Residents of the locality were encouraged to take responsibility of any one tree in the locality, which included watering it on a daily basis. This also helped in securing more participation from the local residents.
  • The ALM does not collect a monthly sum from its resident families. The administrative and other costs incurred by the ALM are met through the Housing Society’s Funds (maintenance charges collected from the residents). Thus, ALM works in close coordination with the core committee of the housing society. 

Problems faced:

  • The ALM expects some more help and support from BMC.
  • The members faced lot of harassment while dealing with rickshaw pullers and hawkers. 


  • ALMs should cover a small number of housing societies. This would help in effective implementation of activities vis-à-vis better coordination.
  • Housewives should be encouraged more to take part in ALM activities, as they would be able to make a better use of their time.

Impression about the ALM

The ALM appeared to work in an efficient manner. The surroundings were kept clean and green to a large extent. The ALM had evolved new, creative and innovative ways to carry out their activities. Dedication and devotion on part of the coordinators and wholehearted participation from other members seemed to be the driving force behind all the achievements of the ALM. 

by Snigdha Jain, TISS Student, interning with

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