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Sun, 11 Dec: Site Visit to Model ALM at Kandivli E
The Viceroy Park ALM in Kandivali East, covers 300 families in Towers A and B, of Viceroy Park, and includes the building and the road outside.The Contact person is Mrs.Khatri.
The ALM has taken an active role in monitoring the digging up of the roads outside by utility companies like Reliance, MTNL, etc. A seperate bed has been created on the road, with loose earth, below which the utility functions run, and are thus easily accessed. This bed is beautified with creepers, etc, and the building security monitors and ensures that all utility companies, replace the earth and creepers after completing their work.
A Tata Transmission Tower in the neighbourhood, had a garbage dump at the bottom. 4 trucks of garbage were removed, the base was concretised, and barbed wire enclosing was done, to ensure that no more garbage is dumped there.
All families segrgeate garbage - 100 % segregation is achieved, the building undertakes vermi-composting, and 60 kg of compost is created every day. This has been on for over 1 year.
The ALM has managed to make this activity financially sustainable, by using their own existing building staff to do this work.
The ALM has had excellent relations with the local MCGM staff, and is happy to work with them, and has received co-operation from them in this work.
The ALM has also undertaken to ensure that their building is a pan free/spitting zone, and also no garbage bins/bags are stored in the common areas of the building. No clothes are dried in visible parts of the building, thus leading to an overall visually clean and pleasant environment.
Mrs. Khatri says that the MCGM staff is amazing and very helpful - they are only looking for "aware" citizens to come forward and work with them.
She and her ALM have invited citizens, NGOs, and the media to come and visit their building, so that others may see and replicate this example.
Contact Details: Mrs. Khatri, Viceroy Park, Tower B, Thakur Village, Kandivli E, Mumbai 400001. Tel: 28878481 / 98922-01623
Please inform Mrs. Khatri if you will visit so that proper arrangements for the tour and snacks can be made.
1. A list of 600+ ALMs in Mumbai is in the Cleanliness Section in . Do ask your ALM members to visit.
2. Are you willing to file a daily / weekly report of the Cleanliness situation in your area? See the simple form in the website.

Dec 6, 2005

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