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The Orchid is committed for the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Re-cycle.

In Back of the House areas and kitchens we have a 4 bin segregation system which is playing a vital role in waste management where we segregate our all waste products based on the nature of the article which can be summarized as follows:

Black bin -- food waste (wet garbage) 
White bin
-- plastic, bottles, cans
Red bin
-- non-recycle material (cigarette buds, oily paper, broken glass)
Green bin
-- recycling material (paper, card board)  

Garbage is again segregated in the garbage room (secondary segregation). Wet garbage is kept in walk-n-cooler at 9-10 degree celcius. Dry garbage i.e. Bottles, papers, cans, burnt oil is kept in dry garbage area.

The wet garbage is screened & processed through a pulvarizer (food crusher) machine. This machine reduced the volume of wet garbage by making it into a thick paste and removing the water and oil from it. Burnt oil & fats is given to scrap vendor along with dry garbage for recycling. (burnt oil used for making of grease & soap)  


Size of pits:               l-3’, w-3.5’, h-5’
River Sand
Sugarcane Bagasse
Cow Dung

Each pit will have 7 layers of beds which are as follows  

1) layer of pebbles

To keep the earthworms cool as in a riverbed.  

2) layer of river sand

This retains the moisture & slow evaporation results in cooling.  

3) layer of washed and sun dried sugarcane bagasse

To absorb the extra moisture & release it slowly resulting in evaporation & cooling to give the earthworms an ideal environment to live & thrive.  

4) processed cow dung mixed with vermicastings

The processed cowdung is conducive to the breeding of micro organisms, which along with the earthworms decompose organic wastes. Also this cowdung greatly favours the growth of earthworms. It has an antiseptic effect which repels the rats & insects.  

5) another layer of washed & sun dried sugarcane bagasse  

6) processed soil which contains live earthworms & vermicastings (earthworm eggs) over the layer of sugarcane baggase  

7) vermiculture soil containing hundreds of live earthworms  

The above beds are structured for the proper facilitating of vermiculture process.  

Wet garbage is washed & rinsed properly with water so that oil is washed out from food waste. It is then processed through the pulvarizer machine & minced. This minced food waste is then mixed with cow dung & dry leaves and put evenly into all pits.

The layer is turned upside down every alternate day in order to aerate the entire pit. Once a week the manure, which is forms at the top, is removed. This manure is strained through a strainer, to ensure that the earthworms are returned to vermipits. This also ensures that the earthworms do not die in the process.  

The above measures helps us to achieve our aim of being a successful "ZERO GARBAGE" HOTEL.  

The Orchid is a “zero-garbage” Hotel. We have adopted a Vermiculture program for which we have 9 pits onsite.  To speed up this process we have also invested in a compactor-cum-crusher which minces all food waste including bones so as to facilitate faster composting. The below gives an estimation of our garbage and their end results. which can be summarized as follows:  

Definition                              Estimation                Destination

Total food waste generated 389 kgs per day        108 kgs for Vermiculture & 
         the rest goes to the piggary
Tins generated:                       11 kgs per day        Recycling Vendor
Cans generated:                     1 kg per day            Recycling Vendor
Bottles generated:                   5.5 kgs per day      Recycling Vendor
Paper & cardboard                  20 kgs per day       Recycling Vendor  

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner